How can a NEET like me start a White Christian family?

How can a NEET like me start a White Christian family?

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Why does your race matter? Obviously bait.

Oh boy
It's either Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, or that treacherous pedo. pick one
So, you want to create a hard working traditionalist family and you don't even work? nice to know you follow your values

disgusting. do you people have any self awareness?

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Can he not have a preference for starting a family with a member of his own race?

How comes you know how to use a computer to start with you fucking nigger?

work out, study, eat healthy, move to Utah, and hook up with the Mormons

You don't.

reported for bait

Thank you for being sane. If this is not bait, honestly how many people have such deluded, high expectations while being such low value themselves?

Start by getting a job.
How fucking stupid are you to think race doesn't matter?

Get a job and start going to church or move to a smaller town/rural area.


oh hey its this thread for the nth fucking time.

Be careful what you wish for.
Some of you guys are alright,
Don’t follow the link.

i suppose the infant is also 18?

user posts this thread every so often. Gonna copy/paste your post every time I see it.

Stop fucking posting this shitty bait. What do you even stand to gain posting this over and over again.

You niggers misunderstand me. Everyone has the right to their own preference, it's just baity behavior for that to be the ONLY parameter of selection you mention in the first post.

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Okay, I would have said the NEETdom is a bigger red flag though.

This is literally pedophilia, what the hell is wrong with you OP. You can see the panties of the child, as if shown seductively. Mods, get in here and arrest this man for defiling our eyes covertly.

Is there a version of this pic where the little girl is covered more?