What is nightlife like?

What is nightlife like?

t. incel loser who barely leaves his home

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pretty much everyone has fun and dances and talks and drinks
it's alright, better with drugs
also can get very expensive

Everyone's extremely loud and drunk and just stumbles around to music while awkwardly interacting with other drunks.

It's expensive and boring

I was a bartender for quite a few years, I now avoid downtown cores like the plague

Yeah. But what about sex?

most people don't end up having sex after clubbing
drunk sex is very sloppy

So if you're not chad it's not worth it?

for me nightlife is going to a nice techno gig on my own, drinking one beer and dancing all night, coming home in the early morning and being sore for two days. maybe bum a few cigarettes and talk to a few people here and there.

meh, I honestly never went for pussy
just to dance like

>work sucks
>neighbors suck
>I hate this dj
average club conversations

and the 15 year old kids who snuck in
>school sucks
>I hate my math teacher

Best with a wee eccie and a group of mates.

But what about cabaret, pubs and bars?

you must be hanging in depressing clubs

Went a few times with friends during parties, never quite got it. Dancing isn't great and you can't really manage to start a conversation with anyone since the music is so goddamn loud. I imagine it'd be incredible on ecstasy.

tl;dr: Parties with friends are better, you're not missing out on much. Clubs are a big fuckin' hassle and are only fun if you drink enough to regret it the next day.

No such thing as a chad but you have to be deceng looking I'd say. From personal experience it's easy to find girls to make out with but when you try to bring them home you'll usually get an excuse for why they can't.

In this social climate, I wouldn't touch anyone who has even a drop of alcohol in their system. Regardless of if you knew them, agreed upon it pre- drink or if they consent when they're drunk. Just don't do it man.

Also, drunk sex with some random you brought home from the bar is awkward and sloppy. Chances are you won't even remember it and wonder who the fuck this person covered in vomit is in your bed.

Clubs amount to paying a premium for the privilege to pay way too much for cheap beer and listen to terrible music loud enough to cause hearing damage while everyone pretends to dance.

They're not exactly great is what I'm saying.

ever tried going to one that plays your kind of music, genius?

>Clubs that play anything but shitty dance music

Those don't really exist, well not in North America anyways.

I usually just go to parties which got the music I'm into myself and then enhance the experience a bit further with whatever drugs I got on me, or I just get a few drinks instead throughout the night. Being surrounded by people I can easily vibe with as they all share pretty much the same interests makes for a much more enjoyable night to me as opposed to spending my time in a shitty nightclub with bad music and the occasional annoying drunk retard bumping into everyone around him while looking at you as if you spit in his drink. Fuck that shit

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that sucks, glad i'm not north american
this is proper clubbing
girls are just a bonus

Imagine a kids birthday party.
Then imagine everyone is an adult.
It is like that, plus loud music.

Extremely loud music that makes talking impossible
People dancing like apes
People being drunk and doped
Everything is clumsy and stupid
No real human contact
Impossible to really hook up with a girl unless you're a massive Chad and she's drunk

It's shit

I enjoy small house parties with molly over going out on town. Far more enjoyable. Also just drinking with friends at a house party- far more enjoyable.

It depends.

>Good looking and charismatic
Your experience will be fun. People will respond positively to you even doing things that would normally be questioned. You can dance up on women and not get called gross or a creep. You can get drunk and be a douchebag but everyone will be ok with it. Dance, have fun, drink, talk to girls, go wild.

>Average to below average looking and/or reserved and/or awkward
Your time will be much lesser than what you want. You'll be ignored or actively avoided by women in general. You can still dance and have fun that way but your attempts to engage women will have much lower rates of success.

>Ugly or fat or weird
Go if you want but you will be ignored completely or avoided. Don't even bother hitting on or trying to dance with the women there. It won't work. You're mostly just going to be in the way watching everyone else have fun. Maybe you can have a good time "with the boiz" if they're willing to include you but as soon as women are involved you'll be spending the rest of the night alone.

reeeeeee normies places are the worsttt

Ya but with molly it's great.

there are plenty of night clubs chokefull of weirdos and outcasts
go out more

>goth chad

I genuinely don't enjoy it, I keep trying to like it and I feel like I'm missing something I bring my friends they're good yet I always end up depressed or angry by the end of the night.
Might try festival's however I think I might just have the same reaction plus I'm getting old soon turning 20 (feel 60) and all feel like I'd be out of place

festivals suck ass it's just more expensive just find your local quality underground techno venue, bring earplugs and close your eyes. when the set is good and you get into it it's a special kind of feeling.

>underground techno venue, bring earplugs
lol fuck off

you hear the same sound and you get to keep your hearing long term, there's no headache and you get to stay in for longer. what's the downside?

>you get to keep your hearing long term, there's no headache
how old are you, man?
i've been going to techno/house parties for about a decade and my hearing is fine, not a single headache

I had a lot of fun in my early 20s going to warehosue raves and burner parties. Warehouse raves are dope, burner parties are like warehouse raves but for people over 30 lol. Went clubbing a few times, it has hotter girls but shittier music. Went to goth clubs many times, I enjoy the music and the edginess a lot more, but less attractive people.

Like most people said, I got laid a few times from clubs, but usually you'd meet people, grab their number, and meet up later for dating/sex.

21. been going for a few years only. maybe it's just in my region that people don't know how to setup the PA then.. i don't know... but the earplugs work for me and it's something i would personally reccomend

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wow holy shit sounds boring as fuck. watching intellectual debates with two college professors with jewfros on jewtube is more fun than this shit

>soon turning 20 (feel 60)
lol imagine having your head so far up your ass

you know you're not supposed to stand right next to the speakers right?
nah i'm jk, i'd probably lol irl if i saw someone with earplugs at the club but you do you
what's the screenshot from btw? normie teens reviewing patrician albums?

One word: overrated
Might just be my perception but very few people truly have fun

it was two girls crying over some k pop shit and someone shopped the cover. that would be some shit if it was real

and yeah you can laugh i had people ask me about it before, i am not really bothered, i think it's funny too. but i also produce and play music so i really want to take good care of my hearing i figure if i start with protecting it early on i'll be alright
also i really don't like the ringing in my ears when i go to fall asleep after a club night and the ear plugs eliminate it

It really depends on the club or kind of house or warehouse part you're going to. I've been to everything from industrial goth to reggaeton clubs and underground raves and local punk shows.

It's really great, you feel ecstatic after a night of dancing of drinking and sweating and maybe whatever drugs or maybe no drugs at all too. Of course you can hook up and take a girl home/go to her place or just randomly make out in the club or whatever.

The one thing I don't like is just that I live in the suburbs and all the better clubs are downtown so I gotta ride a couple of buses to get there and back.

Don't listen to those negative nancys, although it sounds like you already had your mind made up.

fair enough
can confirm the ringing after

A pain in the ass. Normie small there here and there. shitty music going all night, drunk annoyings fuckers left and right. everything seems awkwar and drinks are too expensive. But hey, gotta go out sometimes to maintain relations.


Desu I peaked in UK college got a brain injury soon after and lost all my gains I feel frail and retarded as someone in their 60s on most days