BF not supportive in anything

>BF and I just bought a house together, together 3 years
>he was really supportive in the beginning, encouraging me to finish my bachelor's
>finished bachelor's; good job making decent money in a call-center
>recently decided I wanted to write another book - i've written small things before, never figured to try to get published
>told him about my plan, he bragged to his friends at our dinner date about it, seemed happy for my plans
>was encouraged by all my friends and co-workers, and they think it is a great idea
>tonight, try to talk to my BF about my book idea - names and plot ,etc...
>he told me that he didn't care and if I'm going to write it, then just do it and that he didn't want to hear about it
>instantly crushed by his attitude...over last year or so, he has been less and less supportive about almost everything in my life
>working out; finishing video games; going back to school my master's; getting promotions at work, and now this book - less supportive about it all
>he doesn't seem interested in talking about anything anymore.

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You’re being reckless with your own creative process. Stop bothering him with the fucking details. Habd him the finished book when it gets published.

Just because youe head is filled with nonsense doesnt mean that he eants his head filled with trash too.

You’re being selfish.

When was the last time you asked about his life and he talked about his plans and thoughts? I bet you find his interests boring and stupid and gloss over so you can tell him about how you want to pretend to have a grasp on the English language.

Hows your sex life, you keeping his balls empty? Have you gained weight? Did you recently get an ugly hair cut like going short or something?

Ignore that first reply because wow that's shit advice.

Have you talked to him about it? My boyfriend has gone through phases of seeming not supportive, and the only way it got fixed was me telling him extremely calmly about it. Just exactly what happened, and how he reacted, and how I needed support from my significant other, otherwise it makes me not want to even bother.
Tell him exactly how you feel, and how he used to be supportive. Maybe he's trying to encourage you to buckle down and do it, but doesn't realize that it's hurtful for you. Id tell him how you feel, and ask him why he said what he said, and tell him what you need from him in the future.

This except also ask him if there's anything you can do to help him, too.

Forgot to mention that. My boyfriend and I figured out that he needs to be directly prompted for those kinds of things. For me to ask in a straight forward, non attitude way "hey, I'm looking for encouragement here." Or "could you please expand more on how you think it's worth it or that I can do it? Because I'm feeling discouraged right now" and he's been happy to respond to that. But my boyfriend is particularly bad at guessing when he needs to do those things.

you are a woman so daaaaaa bad thing. scgshhhhhhh gnagnagnagna

Never listen to a woman when you want a man’s advice. Bitches me delusional thinking that they understand.


>woman is unhappy
>some dude thinks the thing to do is just shut up about it
>same guy will post in a thread "waaaahhh why are women so passive agressive"
>same guy will post about how you're such a bitch for leaving him even though you were silently unhappy
Hahahahahshaha. Fuck off, high schoolers with no relationship advice.

How much have you had to drink tonight?

I've tried to do this repeatedly, have a calm coversation but it always spirals into a full fledged argument. He isn't willing to admit any fault, and I'm not willing to let it go.

He has now left me in bed by myself to play Sea of Thieves with his friends. I know that he doesn't care to resolve anything because he has no issue disregarding everything and playing games. He told them about it and thought he was being quiet, but I heard him saying that he doesn't give a shit about my book and justifying it to them... But he won't justify his comments to me?

I think he changed his tune a bit when you started asking for opinons for every little thing. Next thing he knew was he was co-writing a book. I can get tired of being asked for opinions after awhile. Soon you suggest what it seems you want to hear.

I was not asking for opinions. I was more just trying to have a conversation because he never starts any.

Sounds like you've stopped fucking him good recently and he's being sulky because of it.

Women like to pull the sex away and wonder stupidly why the man is sick of their shit and checking out fresh pieces of ass at work.

They forget we’re only addicts to the pussy, not them as a person.

Woah there, bucko, calm down a little bit. I fucking love my gf to bits, I think she's an amazing person.
I'm just saying that if she gets busy or sick or something and I go a few days without getting some then I'm gonna get a bit grouchy.

I stopped putting out a bit BECAUSE he was sulky and shitty to me. We tried having sex after months to try to repair things a bit and he made me do all the work, eventually came from shitty handjob. Now he refuses even BJs. Explain that. Cheated? I'm not ugly or fat.

He sounds depressed. He's probably frustrated about something in his life such as his career or self-esteem.

Give him a break. There's a point where he can't add anything valuable. It's just wasted energy for him to try and listen and go hmmm ahh coool when you could just be writing the book. I have a friend like you, he's always talking about cool games he makes. I always ignore him and he still hasn't made anything.

Well, its over then. His passion for you has died and its time to go separate ways.