I'm planning on abandoning the black community and starting a mixed race society

I'm planning on abandoning the black community and starting a mixed race society

Is there anywhere in the US where I can pull this off with minimal interference from black women, white men, and black male simps?

I'm thinking somewhere in the south or just leaving the US all together

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>somewhere in the south

KKK Kountry

Whites outnumber blacks almost everywhere in the country except for the south though

>leaving the US
Good idea in principle but after the US, Britbongia and parts of Canada, people tend to be a bit wary about cult shit and are less easily cloyed into a group of pay-happy or impressionable morons.

So take that as you will.

>parts of Canada

This might be the answer. UK seems like a sinking ship

Midwest or northeast

It's not 1950 anymore, blacks and whites get along just fine down here.

>just leaving the US
best option
americans care way too much about race


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also this

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and this

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Start with Vancouver, full of impressionable idiots looking for someone with capacities for critical thinking to do all the talking and arguing for them
You might afterward have luck in Calgary, and possibly Toronto. Stay outta Quebec though, they're fucked in the head

and this. you could become a pillar of the black community instead of deserting it. have you given that any thought?

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imagine actually saving these
lol the state of white cuckoldry

Blacks don't even get along with other blacks let alone white people.

>saving these
I fail to see your point

oh i've got all kinds of shit saved m8. you want more that are pertinent to your interests, you just say the word. quite happy to oblige.

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lol haven't people tried that already? MLK, Nelson Mandela.. it only got them killed or jailed

Black community is beyond saving. The "black community" was artificially kept alive by segregation and anti-miscegenafion laws. It needs to die and be reborn.

A thriving black community will absolutely never be allowed to exist by any race.

Let it die.

>Nelson Mandela
You mean the terrorist?
I never understood why a man most famous for bombing civilians and leading a racist uprising has any clout at all

Whites who want to self segregate are entitled to their own ethnostate.

That alone should make you happy. The paint memes are like from 2004 this shit gets old real quick friendo

>It needs to die and be reborn in Africa.



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Be careful what you wish for

I'll trade every black in this country for a handful of Rhodesians any day.

>Whites who want to self segregate are entitled to their own ethnostate.
According to whom?
>That should make you happy
What should?

right so op and others like him should just give up then, yes? that's your solution?

well mixing it out of existence will take care of the first half of that plan but you're gonna be kinda SOL regarding part two

the race baiting divide and conquer bullshit is like from 1964 that shit got old real quick too schlomo and yet still it persists. here, have another fun paint meme that's totally old news and tiresome to keep repeating since everybody clearly already knows all about this

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If it's reborn as a mixed community or a somewhat offshoot of a white community I don't really care

And I don't care about your Jewish redirection memes. You're actually just whipping your dick out and waving it in a circle exposing yourself and I don't even think you know why

Misguiding the talented tenth into "go be a good black husband black women need you see how they're whining go save them" is getting old.

Come up with something else. Or better yet worry about the Muslims invading your homeland, more damage is being to whites there

OP you don't need anyone's permission to do anything. Doesn't matter where you live. The only difference location will make is the numbers of members withing driving distance of your club.

The black separatist movements are generally based down there and it's where the largest african community is.

fair enough. head for Toronto then. Vancouver is fast on its way to becoming little more than a Chinese colony. you'll be able to do as you please in Toronto, they give no fucks as long as you toe the libshit line which you seem more or less fine with doing. the dick i haven't got is being helicopter'd because anuddah shoah is exceedingly overdue. "go find some whiny bitchy hoodrat and let her use you as a meal ticket and make your life miserable" is not at all what i'm saying. an assumption was made that you'd be suitably discriminating in choosing a mate for yourself; didn't think that part needed to be stated outright. coming up with something else is your prerogative, not mine. like you say, we've got far more pressing concerns of our own to focus on. anyway. i can't say i hope you succeed in this particular endeavour but good luck to you all the same.

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