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Get it off your chest. Late night edition.

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>like girl who is coworker
>go on date with girl
>get dinner, get to know each other better
>hoping to plan for a 2nd

Haven’t kissed her yet but I want to buy her flowers and chocolates, take her to nice dinners and things like that, I do feel that I didn’t show her enough romantic affection. I’m anxious about this because I only recently started learning how to love myself, and realizing I have alot of love to give. I’m not planning our future, but I see some semblance of, and I like to nurture things that make me happy(in this case, the girl)

And I wonder, as long as I’m not being creepy, wouldn’t the above just be my way of showing her that I’m attracted? I dont often feel on this deep of an emotional level for people so I must say I’m taken by surprise. that’s what I felt when I saw her eyes

This is all new to you but you gotta play it cool. Pace yourself. She will judge you based on how easily you give your heart away to those you don't really know, including herself. If you weren't going through some shit and could actually pick a date, how careful would you be?

I wish I had a lot of money. I know that isn't original but I'm so tired of being a useless NEET. Gigs have dried up and I wonder where to go from here.

Solid. Never thought from that perspective. I really only give my heart to those that I trust. Oddly enough it’s almost always instant and I’m still friends with most of those people, but I realize, through what you said, she doesn’t know that and could be put off. Interesting!

What do you mean by that last sentence?

My gf told me it would be okay for me to sleep with other women. The only thing she wants is that she gets to be my number one. That she gets to be my focus over anyone else that I would take.

It's kinda weird, I might want to take her up on that, but it seems wrong.

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I love Tears for Fears. Also I want to have sex with a middle age family friend.

>Dating a coworker
You're committing a stupid.
She will talk about you to the rest of the crowd. Including orbiters.
I hope you plan on leaving soon, because you're playing with fire.

baka i just want a girlfriend literally to enjoy another persons presence and for her to enjoy mine, i just wanna be around someone who will always want to see me. i dont care about sex or anything like that, i literally want someone who wants me for me and can share shitty memes to eachother

That's called having a bff.
Pretty sure you can get those anywhere.

Bad taste.

I miss you
I'm finding a productive hobby that isn't me taking suicide walks.
I wish I was better before I met you so perhaps I could mean something.
I'm rooting for you.

>secretly dating co-worker
>been out a few times
>starting to grow feelings even though its meant to be casual
>other co worker throws party on the weekend, i dont attend
>other co worker confides in me she flirted with guy im secretly dating "but nothing happened lol"
>now im paranoid as fuck they too could be secretly dating even though i have no basis for these fears
>feel like im being too psycho if i ask him about it, or potentially pushing him towards her if he had no idea she was flirting

Feels fucking bad, man. My mind is racing about the possibilities over something that's meant to be strictly casual and I know it shouldn't. I'm in for a rough night ahead.

Why? Milfs are great.

Chasing family friends? That's just fucking disgusting.

Not chasing or acting on my impulses, just want to. I know better lol. It'll pass.

Better be. You'll just ruin the whole dynamic between the family and her.

when I was younger I used to always think that maybe at one point in my life time at night everyome in the world would be asleep at the same time since I have so many days in a lifetime to live so the chances of that happening must be pretty good, there must be one day out.of my lifetime that would happen.
then i got an overnight warehouse job and now in the middle of the night it makes me feel.jmeasy to know how many people are also still awake.

Glad we got that cleared up, I almost thought you were talking shit about Tears for Fears.

What if she wanted to hookup in the first place?
It's what happened to me and now I have a fuck buddy once a month to run to. Sometimes twice.

It helps me a lot.

Doens't matter who hook up first. It's just a slap in the face for your parents and honest to God, you are sleeping with someone that fucks their friend's kids. Don't you see how fucked up that is?

Even if I'm overwhelmed and not ready..I still want to spend xmas with least see you...or hear your voice...

I was angry, now I’ve cooled off a bit.
A coworker may be starting a business, both of us have been reading financial books/audiobooks and I understand the risks of a ipo, especially from someone so young (we’re both 21) but I want to invest in their business.
I told this to my mother and it starts off with her loudly saying “NO”, I didn’t even say how much I was planning on investing and before you know it both my parents who are pretty bad with finances are telling me I should never invest in a startup and another person’s business because my dad did and got burnt once. I’m young and my dad thinks I shouldn’t be taking risks when I’m young. When the hell should I be taking risks? When I’m fourty five with kids??
I after saying “ok fine” a couple times they still persisted, with me angry at the situation I left and went to my room. And then my dad follows me and I can’t get any goddamn peace.
Then after my dad continues to go on and on about how I shouldn’t invest like that but I should buy more stocks and I should buy lottery tickets?!? After he finally leaves I saw the time, got work tomorrow and go back to brush my teeth. My mom tried to continue this goddamn argument and I say “don’t talk to me, I’m angry” because I’m angry and don’t want to make things worse.
And ofcourse she calls me I think an asshole of some sort I forget, and despite me saying I don’t want to talk because I’m angry and that’ll make things worse, she continues the arguement and makes things worse.

And I top of all that, my father thinks just because I went to tradeschool and college for a trade means I should stay with that decision my entire life even though now I see I don’t want to spend my life doing that. Ffs Ii just want to live a happy life, and not follow the mistakes my parents did that ended us up in a 3/4 finished house with bills we can barely afford because of their shit financial planning.



After a shower and some thinking, I've come to the conclusion I need to let go. Not just of my paranoia, but of him.

I'm in too deep. I'm harbouring feelings and I shouldn't be. It's going to be harder than I'd like, but it needs to be done.

Already feeling loads better!

I DON’T CARE!!!!!!


If there's ever a time to get serious it's right now. The hard part is staying serious and focused on the right things. Idk how people do it.

I really wish I could bash her skull in.. fucking stupid bitch did the depression drama and convinced me that she was a victim while fucking around guys behind me back

And now she dares to cancel my phone calls. Fuck this stupid cunt and fuck me for helping her through her depression and being there for her when she needed it the most.

fucking piece of shit smelly, fat trash

I hope she dies in a house fire or become a vegetable for the rest of her life


Went out with some friends and as we're talking about random shit one of them decides to take every opportunity possible to take a fucking jab at me. The topic of money comes up briefly unprompted by me and he complains at me sarcastically that it's boring him. I ask him a question about something else later on and he asks if he has to tell me everything. On and on. I've put up with his shit for too long and I'm sick and tired of the bullshit that spills out of his smug fat little fucking cakehole.
Fast forward to today where I find out that who was probably my best actual friend has fucked off overseas recently out of the blue and decided not to fucking tell anyone, never mind cancel the plans we made two weeks ago. I had shit at his house that he's probably taken with him too, not that that really compares to the overall conscious act he's made in not telling anyone where he's pissed off to without notice.

I thought I'd finally managed to get it together in the past few months and suddenly I'm hit with a stack of fucking bricks the moment I have a shred of clarity in life. It's surely only through the grace of God that I haven't completely lost the fucking plot by now. I've been simmering for the past day now and it's too late at night to vent at anyone or anything besides strangers on a Bengalese sliding door sales website.

>I don't care is an opinion


Wishful fucking thinking right there

You know she's probably telling you that because she wants to sleep with someone else right

There's this girl I met on tinder, we've been fucking like crazed people nonstop for 2 weeks, we've even had some intimate just-chilling moments, had to cut it a bit not to get too stressed by it.
We're both on the NO about relationships and such, we're clear about it.
Its hard for me cause i've only been 'continuous with girls' in the context of proper relationships. Im caring, empathic and dont feel bothered with being intimate, but it triggers some muscle memory in me. I find myself sometimes with gut feelings about her, even though on reread I know I dont feel that way. Its just what I've been used to feel when knowing a girl and such.
Anyway, just yesterday she confessed to me she is not working as a physiotherapist, but shes actually working as an escort and erotic massagist(?) and I really dont know how to feel about this whole thing.
Not because I'm judging her, but because I'm getting mixed feelings on all this. I know we're not a thing, I wouldnt want to be, but I care about her, shes a nice girl and I cant feel but sad about all this. Its getting too convulsed and I dont know how to proceed.

Ah lost the plot - you're Australian!

I'm sorry to hear of the difficult time you're having. I don't have any advice other than try to make new friends and don't give up.

I got fucked in the ass when I was 8 by a priest with a tiny dick. I'm going to hell for sodomy and I ain't giving no shits nigga.

My master plan backfired because I didn't pull through, now I just gotta let it go and focus on beating myself rather than beating anyone else, it's too late for that. I might not have made it anyway.

>have 19yo sadboy friend who checks everything in the sadboy starterpack template: be tall and lanky, be pale, look like a bottom, have artsy minimalistic """meaningful""" tattoo on arm, wear flannels and black jeans, be depressed (he said), etc.
>claims to be """depressed""" and wants to die
>attempted suicide 4 times, backed out everytime because of reasons
>sports shallow cut marks on his left wrist.
>he has no savings in the bank, works a shitty job with low pay, cannot do simple budgeting and buys useless things before the necessary ones
>claims to be smart and wants someone also smart as a lover, but eventhough he is quick to understand/digest information, all he really knows are foreign words for cusswords and random trivias like Dyatlov pass, spongebob memes, etc.
>wont stop saying he's so ugly when he really is just OK
>thinks a lot of other people are stupid, but he himself does a lot of bad choices like using up all his salary on computer cafes and shopping because "YOLO" and "we'll all die anyway", but he always chickens out on dying and asks other people for money when his budgets reaches zero and he ends up starving
>if he spends money on clothes or not worth it things like an expensive shitty video game DLC, he also wants me to do the same. ("user, so what if you're a NEET? atleast you still have money in the bank! Look at me, I don't even have savings and I'm a runaway, but I'll still buy it! Let's buy it together!")
>often tries to get free food or free whatever
>says he is sometimes friends with people so he can use them, but although he is friends with me he said he is not using me

I am really tempted to end this friendship. I feel like he is just going to pull me down with him. Why do I even stay. He jokes that I'm retarded and I tell him that he's smart, but I secretly think that he is more retarded than me.

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I've got this burning sensation in my heart for adventure. My last year of High School I read Into the Wild and ever since I've been itching to go out and explore America the way he did. Living the way I want to without a care in the world, meeting new people and seeing new sights. Experiencing things only a transient would experience. I work Fast Food and feel like I'm going nowhere in my life, and I feel like I'm always living just to not look bad to my very successful family. I hate how life is, how I've been forced to live in a commercialised society. I've made all my preparations and have a map charting my grand adventure, I am still missing some supplies. I have nothing to lose but so much more to gain. A chance at the perfect life I can have in this universe. I just can't muster the courage to go through with it though...

I just want to break free. I want to make my own destiny. I want salvation.

Cheers, really even a simple comment like that makes me feel a bit better on top of typing all that garbage out myself. Not used to venting online much, I'm looking back at my post now and hell the overuse of swears makes me feel a bit dumb but in a way I'm glad I got it out. Thanks honestly, a little goes a long way.

Waaahhhhh! I had white homeless men. They have no right to beg. They're white so automatically have advantages I don't have because I'm not white!
Nevermind and don't look at my arrest record that lists me as Caucasian. I'm from Southern America so I can't be white.
I'm so disadvantaged and POOR and its unfair and all the evil white men fault.
WAAAHHHHHH And I can't be bothered with working full-time because when else am I supposed to suck on mommy titty???
I should be handed everything in life and if I don't get it, I'll through a temper tantrum. I'll abuse my women like I have a right to and it's THEIR stupid crazy bitch fault for making me do so!
I'll knock that cunt up and she can raise the kid on her own with NO SUPPORT from me and I'll blame the cunt for stealing the child away because she, THE CRAZY BITCH WHO IS ABLE TO RAISE THE CHILD AND SUPPORT HIM ON HER OWN, tells me I'M UNSTABLE and tried to interfere with my mommy and me!

ah jesus christ another day of failure?

Why do I do this to myself

U need help

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Hate white men*
But I love to dominate white women. Can't stand black women and their nasty pussies though but I'll pretend I'm black to play the race card.
I'm the biggest fucking hypocrite. I don't want to work full-time or go to school. My mommy needs me because she pretends she can't do it on her own and needs a man in her life. That bitch took our child to raise. My mommy plays that she's so heartbroken. Nevermind she disrespected and mistreated baby mama. Crazy bitch deserved it. Poor mama. Poor poor mommyyyyyyy

No I don't. That bitch does.


Mommy hoping and praying that bitch get decapitated too. It hasn't happened yet. Nothing bad has happened yet to her like mommy said would.
It can't be that mommy is wrong this time? No. That's impossible. Mommy is never wrong.
We just gotta keep asking Jehovah for a miracle.


Lol, Jehova. Made my day.


As if it matters.


Hoping people would care was a mistake. Terrible mistake.


There are no mistakes. Only failed attempts.

Yeah, and that user failed.

Fuck I've gotten approximately 9 or so hours of sleep over the course of three days and I'm trying to get to sleep but I want to clean because I feel like a piece of shit about myself.

The hoodie i wanted has been out of stock for like 3 years because limited edition and I found one today but when I went to buy it it was sold. :DDDDD

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Man I suck badly at the texting game. Why do I have to be such an idiot?

Ain't that some shit? Why do cool shit have to be in limited edition?

I don’t deny myself love over a job.

Also, this is my 2nd job, one I can live without because my other job pays me much better.

I have a grandparent in hospice care and this week I have my finals at college. For the last few days I’ve been having panic attacks because of everything that’s going on and they’re happening at school and when I’m trying to fall asleep. So far I have been trying to go through my days like normal but the heart racing and headaches come out of nowhere.

I’ve been trying to help it with green tea instead of coffee and distracting myself but I was wondering how anyone else managed to cope with this type of situation. I’m just too nervous to ask anyone irl

Some colleges have destress weeks or something, try going to counseling or just chilling. Stressful situation OP, try to be there as much as possible.
Also coffee is a stimulant which for some people kinda makes them a bit more anxious. more tea, less coffee

Next year is going to be different.

Can you promise that?

Fuck your opinion nigga I be killin

I don’t want you to get disappointed.

I feel like I’m dragging my friend down. He’s supposed to be outgoing and extroverted, but because I’m isolated from other people, he always has to be with me and not with the bros at the office. I think, without me, he’d have grown bigger and better, getting along with the other bros.

I wish it was easier to detach from him so I wouldn’t have to be the root of their problem. I’m fine with being alone, I’m not happy but I’m comfortable.

I think it’s true that the existence of one very shy and socially anxious guy at the office is ruining everyone’s social dynamics.

I might just freelance in the future and live the truly wizard life.

I wish people would stop making camwhoring threads in this board. It's funny that some people actually complained about THIS thread instead.
But nowadays it's like back before /soc/ was made, when this board was all "am I ugly" camwhoring posts fishing for compliments.

How do I know if I'm a worthy human being? Life keeps reminding me that I am not.

No one is worthy, everyone just fakes it until they make it

But other people around me clearly get a ton more validation than I do. I'm just a background character. Other people have people outside there direct family who openly love them and appreciate them. They are apparently more worthy of love and appreciation than I am, but I can't tell why I don't deserve it.

bump for food for thought

You just want people to compliment you? You want people to see you? Pleasing other fakers is what you call "being worthy"?

Follow the path of being an NPC then. Goodbye.

Or you can forge your own path, with your own goals and achievements. Validation comes in many forms, when you have achieved goals, you have validation first from yourself (only you know if you hit your goal) and then from others who will slowly recognise that over time.

I’m so sad. We are just too different. You give my opinions, ideas, music, movies, etc. literally no thought and it hurts me every time. You’re not my lover or my friend, what are you then? I loved you so much.

Stop comparing yourself. You're making you miserable. The only one to validate your worth is you. Do self esteem building excercises and learn to be content alone.
That's when people will start coming into your life.

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Still not asleep but probably soon. I just spent probably 5 hours reading through some threads about a girl. Like 30,000 posts worth. It was like reading a horror novel.
She killed herself at the end of it.
Everything is sad, and now my sleep schedule is ruined.

Sending me a picture of your new boyfriend just to fuck with me was cruel. Any love I still had for you just died and all I feel now is hate and desire for revenge.

Don't waste your energy on shitty whores like that user, it'll only make your life more miserable in the long run as well because you will still be thinking about her degeneracy.

Best part is, she was friendly until she locked the other dude down, and the very moment she did that she was utterly shitty to me, as if she was treating me nicely just in case it didn't work out with her new rebound bf.

I feel so lonely. The longest I've dated a girl was 2 months, and that ended over a year ago now

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Put yourself out there. Go join a martial arts club, set up on a dating site. There are a million ways to find a girl who likes you for how you are right at this moment.

Gotta calm down. Gotta stay focused. Gotta stay in control. This MY life.

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come back n give me ur love. If you're looking for a sign then this is a giant god damn billboard, come back

I have a crush on a girl from school. She has been sending what I seem to misread as mixed signals. I was feeling like I wanted to off myself as the worthless piece of shit I am until today . I don't want to say I'm depressed because I haven't been diagnosed but I certainly felt sad and unfulfilled for at least 3 years. I think I annoy everyone with my very existence still but nothing I can do about that.Back to crush- I have been shot down by her a few times and it seems yesterday I let go. I don't know what to do. Also i have to invite a girl for prom but have 2 choices but I cant decide between the girl who I think likes me or the girl I will not be bored with at it(Not my crush). Also fuck my corrupt almost third world country.

I do try to put myself out there, but I'm o the mend from a fear of intimacy. I meet people who seem to like me, but I can't get close to them

Sweden or Germany? Lmfao.

I completely understand, but you can't whine about being lonely whilst at the same time not letting people near you. It's childish.

Neither lol

My problem is exactly that, though: I have a hard time letting myself get what I want. Not wanting to be lonely and not being able to fix that aren't mutually exclusive

I broke up with my gf of a year because she didn't want to have sex with me, it became extremely painful to be doomed to incelhood in a long-term relationship.
Last night i cried myself to sleep because i can't even jerk off without thinking about her, then i remember that she has been the only person in my life to tell me she loved me and wanted to marry me, but yet vehemently refused sex with me, so i feel worthless and think that if even she didn't want to no one will ever want to have sex with me. Those girls in highschool were right, i'm inadequate and there's something so deeply wrong with me that i will never be able to share an intimate connection with anyone.

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Thx, user. Are you okay?

I've made the mistake of doing things before I was ready too many times plus I need to be a better person in general so it makes perfect sense for me to be hyperdisciplined, at least for a little while, until I get on the right track. Hopefully I can keep it up forever starting next year. Until the new year I'll just be making preparations for my lifestyle.

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It doesn’t work that way. You want it go get it.

My gf might have cancer, will get the biopsy results in a few days.
What do I even say? How can I support her? Anything I can think of seems just stupid, empty, void.

I failed my exam, I'm a fucking loser. I feel so sad, I studied so hard. Fuck my entire life.

my ex decided to fuck with me in the weirdest way possible since things aren't working out with her bf and its driving me nuts
like normally i could just ignore a hoe and move on but im vulnerable and her weird insertion into my life is causing me to go through a whole bunch of shitty emotions i both want to marry her and rip her throat out with my teeth and at the same time neither

fuck my fucked up and emotionally damaged brain and fuck the holidays when youre at a low point i just hope this causes me to grow and not dive further into madness