I'm still obsessing over the smart guy I saw online. Please, for the love of god...

I'm still obsessing over the smart guy I saw online. Please, for the love of god, somebody say some magic words or something that will make me stop obsessing over his posts like he's some God or something. If you need more info, just ask.

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It's a fucking DBZ forum, who cares?

And for those wondering who I'm talking about, his username was rereboy. Frequented reddit and the DBZ forum site Kanzenshuu. He deleted both of those accounts, but you can still see his posts on Kanzenshuu.

Hes not even that smart. Or right.

Have you tried sucking the brain juice out of his balls?

I wish I didnt, but it's like a constant compulsion. I can't stop it, only temporarily simmer it down.

What makes you so sure if that?

Hes a faggot spic on a DBZ forum.

the ultimate samefag

Then you don't actually have a good reason then.

Please help, guys. Even just having someone to talk about it with would help.

>be me
>meet a really smart guy online
>fall in love with him
>he turns out to be a snarky autist
Well user I want to forget my smart guy too but i can't. Sucks to be us huh?

Just answer the question

Please take this seriously.

I will if you answer the damn question.


Just talk to him,user.Is there no other account you can find besides the deleted ones where you could approach him?
Directly enganging with him will cure you one way or another,be it him blocking you and telling you to fuck off or making friends with him.

I've had obsessions with people online too, they faded when I found someone new to obsess over.(The grand solution would be to find a productive obsession that could make you content with yourself,like making something or learning something;an obsession that involves your self betterment; but it's a lot harder to focus solely on yourself)

Ew, i'm also a smart weeb spic don't want you obsessing over me now

Obsessed how? You want to date him?

Obsessed in that his posts keep agging at my mind and I constantly argue with them in my head.

Are you the small brain forum guy who's constantly getting cucked in arguments by that dude with the big girthy brain?


Besides a DBZ forum of no relevance, where has he actually produced an argument, and result, of any meaning to anyone but you?
I implore you: just because you want his dick so bad, doesn't mean we do. He's not that impressive. In fact, he's kind of stock-internet-nerdlinger.

Have you read his posts? He repeatedly blows people out of the water with facts and logic.

>Google rereboy dbz
>First result is some sperglord essay about Broly and Goku

Not sure who's more autistic, this guy or you OP...

I read his posts last thread, and he absolutely does not, he's just a tryhard pseudointellectual. its all an act to appear smarter than others, nothing more, and you bit on that hook, line and sinker bud. I would wager the type of guy to put that much effort in retarded forum arguments is in fact a massive loser in real life. his arguments were dumb as fuck too honestly, especially the ones regarding piracy

He's a 32 year old lawyer, so he's obviously not a loser. And were you the guy saying that accesibility was the reason for piracy? Because rereboy said that too.

Maybe you need to just find him and throat his cock then


Do you just wanna talk to him or what?

He is not particularly smart. We told you this last time when we pointed out where he was wrong. Why are you not listening?

I don't know, but it's not like I can now.

He wasn't wrong, he said accessibility was a reason people pirate.

I can sperg out about kids shows too, OP, if that would help.

Oh my God then go talk to him and not Jow Forums
I'm just going to start reporting these threads as spam. You don't want Jow Forums, you just want a fucking blog and Jow Forums is not it. Please fuck off permanently. Go talk to your precious fucking crush already and just leave. us. the fuck. alone.

And that's wrong.

Like I said, I can't talk to him. He deleted his accounts.

What makes you think he is interested in talking to you?

Then just do the part where you shut the fuck up and leave us alone, please. You are no longer constructive and your threads are no longer constructive and nothing but you sitting here defending an internet rando happens.
I know you're just gonna backslide with an excuse but please, leave and stop making these threads. We have Brandon, we have two DUIs guy, we do not need your godawful non-Jow Forums threads shitting this up because a functioning god damn adult can't get the fuck over themselves.
I just want Jow Forums to stop being a gigantic blog for just a little.

How is that wrong?

He doesn't have to if he doesn't want to, but it might help to humanize him a bit more in my eyes.


Fuck off attention whore

OP, what makes you think you can't find anyone like him again? Try identifying what made him special and see if you can find that trait in other people you know instead.

I think its the fact that seems to be more of a force of knowledge and logic rather than a human being. He's always right about things, he never lets a bias or whatever shroud his judgement, and he always wins arguments with pure reasoning and no insults or jabs. Pretty much everything he says usually makes me go "oh wow, that's a smart way of looking at it" or something along those lines. I've never seen anyone else post like him.

Final bump

Dont look at his posts. Distract yourself with other things and also stop being autistic. What are you an adult baby?

I try not to, but his posts keep replaying themselves in my head until a compulsion to read them props up and makes me feel worse.

He isn't what he seems. How do I know? I went through the same thing and then I got to know the guy I loved. He has done terrible things, he isn't a good nor smart human being.

He said money is the reason people pirate. Which is wrong, people pirate because of the convenience.

Reminder that OP is an autistic gay guy.

I remember him saying that money and accessibility were both reasons. Post what he actually said, if you can. I'd rather not risk obsessively combing through his posts again.

Chill. The fuck. Out.

That is all.

Believe me, I wish I could.

Obsess over me instead. What do you want me to say?

He never once even mentioned anything close to the real reason. Which is that a pirated copy simply is there, convenient, immediately available. He only made long rants about money. Typical of someone who does not know much about a subject but thinks he does.

Why are you so obsessed with this guy who has nothing outstanding about him? He is not dumb but certainly not very intelligent either.

When I re-read his posts earlier today, I know for a fact he mentioned accessibility as a reason. Did you read all of his posts regarding the matter?

If anybody here is willing to hear me out some more, we can exchange emails or something. I'd really appreciate having someone to talk to about this.

Why are you so gay for him?

How do you think this problem could be fixed? What’s a general solution, you think?

Fix obsessing over him? I don't know. Maybe if he actually lost arguments or ever said something stupid, I wouldn't think of him as some untouchable god. Doesn't help that I've never seen anyone else quite on his level.

Fixing whatever core issue I have that's causing the obsession? I dunno. I've been in a few sessions of therapy, but nothing's really happened.

im certain you have posted this before. op, you really need to get a life. Quit facebook, or the whole internet if you have to. get some healthy hobbies in the real world and you will stop reling on him to meet your emotional needs

Become obsessed with something more healthy.

He has lost arguments and been wrong. But when you are as obsessed as OP is you are blind to that.

When had he lost an argument?

reading this thread and how op treats this person makes me so profoundly sad.

Like genuinely tortured over a random guy named “rereboy” arguing in a dbz forum.

Really makes you think and put your own life in perspective, things could always be worse.

I know it sounds pathetic, and I wish I could stop this, but my mind won't let me.

you are retarded, seek help

Just take a breath dude.

Even making these threads are counterproductive to what you’re trying to do. It’s just more ways to think about him.

Delete this crap, go outside, actually do something with your life. Do you have any idea how fucking stupid your going to feel looking back at this in 5 years?

It's already been 2 years, and I still have this problem