Got my gf pregnant she wants to keep it and I dunno what the fuuuu

>gf 28
>just moved to a foreign city together
>Turn out she's fucking 8 weeks pregnant
>hormones are in full swing and she didn't want an abortion
>now I'm going to go through a tectonic shift essentially against my will and I dunno how to feel or what to think or what to do

Fucking help me please

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kick that bitch in the stomach as hard as you can

Footnote she only knew for sure same time I did, wasn't paying attention to her cycles or anything because of the move

... Riiight ...

is it yours?
What is the problem?

>8 weeks and didn’t know I was pregnant

Well that’s coniving as fuck OP.

Don't make hem if you can't raise hem.
And user, you're old enough to own up to your mistakes, it's not coercing your girlfriend into undertaking a traumatic procedure that will kill your baby that will fix anything.

Will probably have to move to her home country or something and focus on keeping her and the baby alive for at least a year til she can go back to work. I don't want to be a father. Not now!! I have this shitty job that's out what I want to be doing and I'll have to stay in shit like that like indefinitely and act like I give a shit about it because I'm. Basically going to be a breadwinner or whatever. I want muh freedom to drop shit and move around.

I want to be selfish for a bit longer

This is also a concern, I think she might actually be a crazy bitch

I've only been with this girl for a year,she's my first girlfriend

>I don't want to be a father.
You are going to be a father whether you want to or not.
You will pay for this the next 18 years.
Your options on how to pay is entirely up to you.
You can murder the child (prison for many years, it will fuck up your life more than having a kid)
You can abandon the child (child support for many 18 years)
You can raise the child (actual financial support for the child for at least 18 years, but at least you can decide what to do and when.
Personally, I would go with the last option.
It is the decent thing to do, you have influence on how your money is spent and you get to be part of the childs life.
Might as well embrace your future.

Well, you shoudl have guessed. At 28 she's closing in on the bio clock's final hours, and since you were probably her first BF for some time she just decided it would be you she'd start a family with. Tough luck.

I'm sorry bud, but pregnancy is ALWAYS a possibility, unless one of both of the people involved is infertile. It sucks that you didn't know that before you started fucking her in the pussy, but that's just how it is. Man up and be a good father for your future child, not some spineless pussy who still wants to have carelessness existence at 25.

The main thing that's pissing me off is all the logistics of this fucking thing. I'm going to have to move I'm going to have to fucking change countries again fuuuuck

are you black?

No I'm a salty white boi

try to convince her to kill the baby, if that fails, dont act like a nigger and play with the hand you've been dealt. get at least 5 more kids, be a good husband. When in retirement age billionaires will envy you.
Earth needs more white people.

t. non-white

I'd rather not make my having children a racial thing

Abandon her. She either aborts or you’re gone.

Don't tell me she's black

Should have wrapped it up.

This sort of thing springs on people all over the world, all the time. Suck it up and do what you have to.

Have you considered moving to [insert appropriate non-extradition country here] without telling her?

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you wouldn't necessarily know by 8 weeks if it were your first.
be a good husband is the first step. having a baby isn't that bad, unless you both are literally poverty stricken. can definitely make it on 30-40k/year for the first two years, even if you do it crunchy,

Congrats on fatherhood. You'll soon find that being a dad isn't all that terrible. Have fun my man.

personally I think abortion is murder so suck it up and love your son/daughter

If i were you i would try another few times to convince her to take an abortion, but given her age of 28 i don't think she'll even consider. Like you mentioned yourself, she is at the age where her mind and her body is screaming for a baby. She probably won't take an abortion.

So i guess there is only 1 realistic option you have which is sucking it up and taking care of the child. I understand how fucked up this is but frankly, this is the risk that comes with not using your own birth control (condoms). I assume she wasn't even on birth control herself? And even if she was, trusting your girlfriend with the pill still comes with a decent amount of risk of her screwing it up.

You jizzed in her pussy, she was fertile. Sorry OP but the result is you're fucked and you'll have to deal with the consequences.

>I was having sex with a woman, we don't use protection and never had a conversation about what we will do if she gets pregnant
>help me I don't want this despite having every opportunity to anticipate and prevent it, that's how much I care about having my freedom

Sorry OP you're going to be a daddy. If you want an out you should get a DNA test ASAP and hope she slept around.
Now you have to decide if you want your kid to be raised in a nuclear family and give it the best chance at life or walk out, be forced to forfeit some of your money every month and let your offspring grow up to a single mother who will shit talk you and probably turn the kid into a shit house with a plethora of problems later on.

It’s now time to commit boi
If you were man enough to go to bed with her, you’re man enough to be a dad.
Good luck user, wish you the best!

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Falcon punch. Or do what m Dad did and just randomly walk out and cut off all contact before your kid is born.

Do the black thing and just, you know, leave. Maybe she'll catch you with child support payments, but you can make it hard to collect and just keep moving around, switch employers when you're discovered to evade wage garnishments, and all that shit.

You got this.