What does it mean when a girl has "daddy issues"? What specific quirks, preferences, and fears do they have have?

What does it mean when a girl has "daddy issues"? What specific quirks, preferences, and fears do they have have?

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It means you stay the hell away from them.


Means she was mistreated by her father. Women with these problems tend to be irretrievably crazy, but they often fuck like a million bucks.


They fuck 50 yo’s like Me.

Crazy how? They hear voices? They quickly resort to violence?


They are unstable.

They grew up without a father, or a really shitty one.
They date older guys in attempt to get the fatherly affection they always wanted.

Not just older guys but more of the "dominant" type of guy. The one that knows what he wants in life or is more assertive. They need a confident man they can rely on, someone that will protect them. It's all about feeling safe and "like a real woman". Oh and they do fuck really well because they'll want to keep you satisfied at all times (this is the problem, her dad left/never cared about her so they're going to be incredibly scared of that, thus many self-esteem problems, jealousy and trust issues).

As small girls their daddies did think you don't do to people you love. This sets up a conflict where their self-image as loveable is disconnected from the reality of being treated as someone unworthy of love.

As a result, they loose there sense of self. There is no identity apart from how others react to them. If someone loves them, they are loveable. If someone smacks them, they are shit. They have no grounding and depend entirely on others to form their sense of self.

In adulthood this continues. They learn tricks to turn people into the mirrors that reflect an image they want to see. e.g, acting slutty makes men desire them so they are desirable. Acting like a bitch makes people break up with them so they are the poor, abandoned victim etc.

As someone that lived with a daddy-issue, PTSD wife for 20 years, listen to me, run.

*daddies did things


Having daddy issues means everything and nothing. She could either hate her father to the point where she'll have sex with you to make him upset or she'll like him waaay too the much where she'll date a guy like you who is him like 20 years younger.

If you're gay maybe lol

Interesting answers. So if one finds himself in such a relationship, what are some do's and don'ts?

Also, how does one recognize such a girl to begin with?

Best sex of your life. Worst decision of your life. She'll worm her way into your head and you'll realise it's a mistake, but you'll make that mistake over and over again. Next thing you know you're fucking someone you love and hate at the same time and you won't be able to make a clear headed decision about what to do. She'll destroy a part of you and you'll love her for it. She'll cheat on you so you'll cheat too and then you'll break up but you'll still fuck anytime you're in the same town. It's 100% a mistake but one that you love to make. Just roll with it dude, let her pussy destroy your ability to have a healthy relationship.

Do: leave
Don't: stay

Does it make sense to date a women with tattoos and piercings if you don't have any yourself?

A lot of women I've come in contact lately are like this, and they seem to like me, but I don't look anything like the guys I'd imagine they would date.

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>let her pussy destroy your ability to have a healthy relationship
Words to live by

What do you mean "fuck like a million bucks"?

What if there's a girl like this that fits all the categories except being slutty?
She claims to not be into hookups and sent me a screen shot one saturday night about some recipe she was looking up and how everyone else is partying. So I believe it.

It means you can fuck her in the ass and treat her like a sexual toy but she will never be wife material. Comes with too many problems. The moment you take her seriously she unravels all the crazy inside of her.

How do you know she's not slutty? She's probably just playing a role that you like her in. Look up how girls decide on how to act with certain guys instead of revealing their true self.

>How do you know she's not slutty?
Well I don't know her that well or her past. I bet if dominant chad came along she could be coerced into it. On the other hand she's 21 and stayed in on saturday night so I really don't think there's a double personality.

>She's probably just playing a role that you like her in
Maybe I can see this. I'm not that dominant or assertive so perhaps she created some persona to match. I was at least assertive enough to say a specific plan, time, date, whatever.

Idk man I'm overthinking this now. Am I stupid for trying to get involved with her? She's literally more fun than any of my male friends who don't do shit but sit around and play vidya.


everyone says stay the hell away, but why exactly? What will they do to ruin your life?

And if they're so easy to sleep with, how do you exploit/use them to get sex without your life getting ruined? because it seems they're easy

just pump and dump them.
girls with daddy issues arent big deal. unless you're trying to fuck them long term. if they have sex with you. enjoy the moment and dont expect to hear from her again

>craves attention, via sluttyness often
>poor emotional intelligence and control
>bonding issues especially with men, older ones
>emotionally unstable

They don't suck dick, they swallow it.
Like being spanked, choked, tied up, generally submissive.

On the bad side, depressed, anxious, talking to them is like walking on minefield and generally make you feel shitty and depressed.

Not worth it.

>everyone says stay the hell away, but why exactly?

because they're gay retards on the internet who found out about Jordan Peterson or whatever like last week and now they want to pretend that they're traditional or conservative and sex before marriage is bad

It's all fun and games until she shoots morphine up your veins and you question your life choices.

The sex was good tho. Not on morphine tho because shit doesn't work then.

He means they fuck like a fighter jet.

they're more inclined to do weird shit like suck toes, choking, daddy roleplay, spanking, etc

>Like being spanked, choked, tied up, generally submissive

All women like this numbnuts

Oh yeah! Daddy, fuck me harder! Cum in me, daddy! Oh yes! OH!

You mean they go zoom very loudly?

Then you haven't felt this sort of sickly sweet pain before. Fuck her, date her, follow the rabbit hole until it hurts too much. Just do it dude. Don't sit around worry about fucking because she's crazy. Fuck her, let her ruin you, learn the lesson.
Your life isn't going to be some story book bullshit collection of idealistic lies. Gotta experience what you don't want to work out what you do want. Might as well fuck while learning.

This exactly, just go for it

Means she wants to be bossed around and condescended to like a child.

Girl with daddy issues here.
It basically means you had a fucked up relationship with your father, but that can mean a lot of different things to different women.
For me it means extreme overcompensation in academics and athletics, because excelling at those things is the only time I ever got any real affection from my father.
With lots of men and women I've dated, I've always tried to overcompensate and impress them, and if I exposed any sort of weakness or failure to them I would shut down completely and reject all affection from them. I have a hard time believing anyone who has seen me fail at something could ever truly love me, but I think I'm getting better at this as I become more aware of it.

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Catch all term invented by numales for girls you want to have sex with you but you can't commit to having a serious relationship with because there's something about them you don't like.

>how do you exploit/use them
Spoken like a real loser. If you don't like someone, why do you want so badly to use them as an onahole? This is hypocrisy.

they hate men

If a girl is a child of a man-whore who abandoned his family when she was little, but she had a step-father almost her entire childhood that cared about her, would that count as a girl with daddy issues?

Girls with daddy issues live JBP tho, that’s something for you to bond over.

What does fucking like a fighter jet mean, why a fighter jet?

You either have issues or you don’t, some girls have horrible fathers and never get them, while others have seemingly normal upbringings but still prefer guys 15 years older who choke them

she believes in free-love. is may not be an issue, I can be ok with an open relationship. but is that a red flag for a girl with daddy issues? also I am her fling

>ok with open relationships
Only if you are in it for sex, a woman will not want to fuck other men if she’s seriously interested. You’re just not good enough for her, and she wants to keep all doors open while getting gf benefits from you

I am in just for the sex, yes. She has a boyfriend so no deal. Thanks for the advice.