I want to spank girls...

I want to spank girls, when I'm 'doing stuff' with a girl how do I smoothly transition to spanking if we haven't talked about it already? I don't just mean a few ass slaps, I want to get her in position and go to town.

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If she likes you more than you like her that gives you the confidence to try little things like that. Then you usually get a good idea whether or not she likes that kind of thing. You could also just ask her.

>I don't just mean a few ass slaps, I want to get her in position and go to town.

What do you mean do you want to slap them until they cry like you're their new daddy or something cause good luck with that

Just spank her and play around. Sex is about trying new things and seeing what your partner likes. If she reacts negatively just don’t do it. Chances are she’ll love it. Just ease into it. Won’t be long til you go from love taps to leaving a hand print cause you slap her so hard.

Ideally with a belt, yes.

Start with light spanking and then talk about progressing into heavier stuff. I seriously doubt sneaking in a belt and going to town on her will work out well for you.

I have this girl who has dropped some hints about wanting to be tied up in bed, how should I go about that when I get the chance?

You have to just communicate.

I think part of the point of being tied up is just letting the other person do what they're going to do

When fucking her, just give her a slap on the ass and see how she reacts.
If she likes it, give her a few more and see how that goes.
As soon as she tells you to stop or seems uncomfortable, you obviously stop, but this kind of thing can be established pretty much without a single word of you want.
Just escalate as far as you are both comfortable.
If that point is that you bend her over your knee and spank her until she is red, then that's how far you take it.

Yeah, but in this kind of thing you have to lay down some ground rules before hand, otherwise it can get awkward or even ugly.
Talk first, then go to town.

Start playful choking at first.

then progress to strangling her to death.
tell the police it was an accident.
find a cellmate who likes spanking.
problem solved.

Also if anyone has spanking tips in general that's cool

Just ask her? With your words? Jesus Christ
Don't escalate, don't "ease into it", just use your mouth. Yeah it can be a bit embarassing but it's not worth breaking boundaries
Why are men so complicated
Absolutely don't do this

>just tell her
>why are men so complicated

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>if we haven't talked about it already?

Pain play, power play, and BDSM in general needs to be talked about. You can't spring it on her out of the blue.

Most girls are into most kinds of abuse if youre man enough about it.

The thing is there are two scenarios:

scenario a) strong willed chad grabs girlfriend by the neck and slaps her ass without asking permission like a boss, without giving it a second thought showing that hes dominant from within.

b)retarded beta cuck spends 5 months thinking if its ok to lightly slap her girlfriend. Consults an internet forum then shily asks then finally does maybe even a bit then asks her to fill out a consent form to make sure she wasnt harmed.

Scenario a) is fucking hot for a girl

Scenario b) is fucking pathetic

be assertive and dont think about it, even hardcore feminists are into being dominated

Don't fucking hit anybody without talking with them first you doofus.

Don't do that, this is why women (and men) are having less sex than ever before. Dudes think that like anal and choking and facials and other degenerate fetishes is like the normal way of having sex because they've watched too much porn, and then it turns girls off from ever fucking anyone else.


I can tell you have a lot of experience with sex, given how you use r9k NPC dialogue lines.

he is right though.
I fuck rough and dominant, I don't ask permissions, only if the girl tells me to stop (which rarely happens) will I not do something I want to do.
I slap them on the ass, I pound them hard, put my hand around their throat, use them like a toy even.
Without exception, every girl I have been with loves that shit.
But you have to be true to it, you can't fake it.
Give in to your raw desire and really take her.
That's what turns women on the most, to be truly desired where the man can barely control himself in a fit of animalistic urges.
Sure, there is a place for slow, emotional sex and all that, but like I said, I have yet to meet a woman who did not enjoy getting dominated and railed hard and thoroughly.
Of course you need a certain amount of physical fitness and prowess to accomplish that.
Other than that, just channel your instincts and go to town on her.

lol sorry, weak people exist, strong people exist, and girls who self label as feminist exist. Im sorry if you dont know reality. Dont worry, youll get to touch a girl someday if you realize were trying to help pathetic persons like you

Kek you’re literally a fedora warrior

Just straight up tell her

Spanking is about domination in the end, so be dominant and tell her it's what you want to do and see if she's into it

Don't start out with a belt if she's just curious / new to it. You might turn her off going too hard the first time

note that this is just theorycrafting since im in the same position as you, but i told my girl (and after 1 slight otk spanking she wants me to use a belt already)