What is the absolute best thing a girlfriend/wife can give you/do for you?

What is the absolute best thing a girlfriend/wife can give you/do for you?

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Exist maybe?

Not leave you on Christmas day like my ex did

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Belief in your ability to function and succeed in life. There is nothing that feels better than your girlfriend/wife looking at you and saying she trusts in you and your ability to succeed. In fact, anyone saying they believe in you is a blessing in life.

>I was bedridden for 5 years
>Fight tooth and nail to get normal health
>Get into dream university
>Working my ass off. Get a 4.0 GPA
>Not a single "good job; I'm proud of you" from my mom/dad/sister.
>Girlfriend's mom is ecstatic for me. Brags about being proud of me. Girlfriend does same. Fuck my family I am now part of hers.

Pretty subjective, but order goes:
>use her rank/social standing to my advantage

Yeah I'm going with 'exist'


Say the n word

nothing i cant do better by myself

For me, it'd be coming up with a great vacation together or something. Maybe not outright buying the tickets for a specific weekend (I hate that with non-refundable shit), but like a gift card and hotel idea and such.

Or a blowjob, if we're staying simple.

Bear some red headed children for me.

Girlfriends family loves me and it feels nice

not having sex with me for 2days then commanding me to drink morning coffe in bed, then she starts sucking my dick and riding me.

When my caffeine starts kicking in i start doggying her and then she asks me to come in her mouth (which i know she doesnt really like) and i come and she licks my penis clean and im like wtf just happened

Imagine you come home at 7 P.M. after a very long work day + loads of traffic. You enter home, dogs salutes you, your wife has your undies and a towell prepare, yo take a quick shower. dry yourself and sit on the couch on your underwears.
Then, your gf/wife comes, gets on her knees, takes your underwear and starts to suck your dick without a single world, you nut in her mouth, she stands, wash her mouth, tells you dinner is ready and then, only then, she ask you about your day and you tell her while she smiles at you.

Women will never understand how easy is to make us happy

get/stay in shape
cook good food
refrain from being an asshole

I wish! My husband doesn't like to lose his semen, as he has a very demanding job, and it makes him tired and run down. I would do this every day, but he won't let me. Any other tips besides blow jobs and cooking if he doesn't want daily blowies? I feed him and clean his house and give him the undies and towel like clockwork desu senpai, what do?


I already did that, I mean, there will be more in the future. Give me insider tips, you guys. This is all it takes?

In the case of you not being ironic or anything, check what are his intimate goals and think what steps you can do to ease his work.
>My husband doesn't like to lose his semen
Is this an American/Protestan thing? sounds really weird

Provide me with children

You asked for the absolute best thing.

If he's that overstressed, oil massage, maybe with a late afternoon cup of coffee. Between the caffeine and the massage, that might get him to pound you and leave him feeling energized instead of tired.

I love when she sits next to me and puts her head on my shoulder. Without a single word or a sound. It's so underrated just sitting and being quiet.

wuv you to the point when she's the one proposing to you.

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Convince you that you can trust her.


God you "everything about the 50s traditional household was perfect" people are just the absolute worst.

Blowjob I can support though.

Wait, actually, the worst ones are the ones all excited about children. Either way.

She could stop belittling me and ridiculing me every day she didn't used to be this way. I miss the old her, bit can't leave. Too much time invested in this shitty relationship and I'm dependent on her in many ways

"Traditional" couples in the 50s would often go their entire marriages without seeing each other naked, let alone performing fellatio in the goddamn tv room. It was missionary sex with the lights out.
Oh good. I was worried that your disdain for functional social organization had surpassed your fear of responsibility.

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youre still not over that?

It's more just the "not wanting your wife to talk to you until she's sucked your dick," and the "she smiles" while you talk at her kind of thing. Plus the excitement over having dinner totally ready on the table when you get home. Like, why not talk, get a blowjob, figure out what you're gonna eat together... nothing too far off, but not just expecting your wife to suck your dick, make you dinner, and not be allowed to say a word until you've eaten and busted a nut.

As far as kids, I don't hate them, but acting like a chick having a baby that you then have to clean up after, provide for, have sleepless nights, etc. is some kind of wonderful reward is fucking silly. Having kids is a good thing, but it's a lot of work, not something to brighten up the day on a whim.

Also, before I get accused of it, not a roastie.

mmm if my bf actually worked more than 20 hrs a week and 5hrs a day. Here I am working 60hrs and 12hrs a day, suck my clit boy.

>>Girlfriend's mom is ecstatic for me. Brags about being proud of me. Girlfriend does same.
That's adorable.

RIP same user however, we went from relationship to fwb overnight without me knowing. Why am I still here? I get to pound her. Maybe we’ll fall back in together but at least we boning rn

Came here looking for this post and I wasnt disappointed

Niger? Oh!

Good point. I've actually lost my physical attraction to her though so I have to imagine other girls while in the act

She tells me she’s into me when I know that she’s with other guys. Want her back even though I should drop her and move on

This. Signs of affection go a long way. Besides that just making me feel needed. I want to take care of things for her. Knowing I can help her feels fucking great


Offer her freshly shaved pussy to do whatever I want woth for hours on end.

You're disgusting. Stop using her and let her go. You know how she would feel if she knew that?

Also how did you lose the attraction? Lusting too much after other women hmm? Maybe stop doing that and it will improve things. Otherwise you're stuck in a weird limbo.

You don't know that. If ou really want it to be better you have to put in the effort. Buy her a new dress or jewelry, take her on a dumb date where you dote on her, take her to hang out with your guy friends. Dance with her in the house. Take charge and make it worth her while to stop taking out her unhappiness on you.

A free pass.

For me?


I've been through like 2 relationships now that just went to shit because for whatever reason women hate sex.

Make me feel like I impress her on a regular basis for just being myself. That I don't have to TRY to make her swoon. That it just happens naturally. Felt very fluid and natural.

God I miss her guys.

Her virginity on your wedding night

Gonna have to go with a handy-j on that one.

Exist and love me for who I am

Appreciation. particularly in whatever manner you best receive it.

Women love sex, they just hate sex with you

In my opinion. A girlfriend provides me a person who is always on my side. Yeah she can disagree and shit but in a public setting where I would not care to talk to people I get to talk to them and show my personality. I don't give a shit if people don't like me I just hate being out numbered, so I'd have a person there almost like a variable that never changes who is always on my side.

There are other benefits but that one sticks with me the most. It's been idk about 6 months without a girlfriend now and I've started to notice how little I care about my friends and how I just kind of desire that one person to share the very small things I care about with. I have a friends with benefits thing but that'll probably progress into a relationship it always does.

nah those two actually came to me because I was "so good at it" Then come awhile into the relationship the sex just dies and becomes full of their life drama even thought it was a good pick up in the beginning and they know my expertise. They just get really cold towards it

She could make me feel validated by appreciating who I am and things I do for others and for her.
Honestly, this "validation" is what I lack the most in my life. I've been raised in a good, if troubled family, and it always felt natural for me to help others. I like to make people's days better in what little ways I can, I like to help people around me solve their issues, sometimes to the point where it hurts my own interests, like at my job. I often spend my own free time doing little things that I am never under any obligation to do, that make people's lives a little bit brighter. I know how nice it feels to have someone expend a bit of effort to do something nice for you, and do it often for others because of it. I can't really imagine myself doing thing any other way, harming people for my own advantage and all that is just... Wrong, somehow.
It sometimes feels, like I am basically alone in this sentiment, however. I did it for over 20 years because my parents told me it was nice and I understood it was nice rationally, but never quite understood it emotionally. The only reason I discovered how it actually feels was because of the only gf I ever had calling me out of the blue one evening when she knew I wasn't busy and I thought she was, and talking to me while walking somewhere. Turns out, she was walking to my house, and asked if she could come in over the phone right before ringing the doorbell. I don't know why it is this way, but it's the only time in my life someone went out of their way to do something nice for me not because they were obligated to (like my parents), but because they themselves wanted to. It's exhilarating. It shows me that I do the right thing, and that my principles are worth something to people.
[spoiler]She left me two weeks later because she had no feelings for me, though. I haven't had a relationship before her nor since she broke up. Still waiting for the one, I guess. It's lonely.[/spoiler]

Be 100% submissive and do anything I want sexually with no hesitation or delay.

Her virginity

Just an advice, and im not saying it's your fault.

Women aren't logic beings, whatever you did in the first 3 months of the relationship, you will have to keep doing it until the rest of your active sexual life.

Once you hit the "i wuv u bae" phase, it's going to be downhill from there. It's also super hard to do, because you cannot be 100% with your girl, otherwise she will love you emotionaly, but will take you for granted in the sex department, leading to fights and drama.

It's ironic how everything could be solve with a good fuck or a good suck, women are incapable of thinking that way and makes you wonder if your relationship is worth it because they don't seem to be willing to make an effort.

If you ever find one that does, stick with her. Most likely your values will align if sex is right.

Hmmm what about a quick fuck?
or get a better job

I don't see the problem if my gf wants to be a housewife and i can provide for her (wich is a whole feat of strenght nowadays to be the sole bread winner). Im neither against her working, i would however ask her to stay at home if we have children, at least the first years.

We can have a very old dynamic and have sex like a couple of this century. I don't see whats the issue desu

The best thing?
Why, support and love me unconditionally.

Hey, I could do that.

Cuck with his wasted dubs here