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Merry Christmas!

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I dont know how to live in Seoul and flirt with Korean girls and it bothers me so much when I see couples literally everywhere
6'3 23 years old Turkish normiefag here.

I would never let you know how difficult this is and continues to be. I will never give you the satisfaction knowing how much is a struggle it is. I will use this to keep my guard up, claws and fangs drawn if you ever try to make an appearance in our lives again

i was so close to telling you. I may have accidentally shown it on my face. And you smiled at me. It was an odd smile. And I blushed again you fuck. Stop it. You don’t know you’re doing it but stop. Stop being so beautiful, and stop being the type of person I could see myself growing with. It’s making me uneasy.
Funny story. I know you’ll like this one;
I’m falling in love with you, you beautiful fucking person. Merry Christmas. I hope you have a great day with your girlfriend.

I should be talking to you instead of seeking compliments from this stunning woman.


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One of my best friends I thought I knew very well decided to pack his bags and completely dissapear a week ago. No contact or trace of him since then. I'm incredibly mad at him for not saying actually coming to his senses. He's a down to earth kinda guy and has a good head on his shoulders. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm mad because it's Christmas day and he's still not home. I'm mad that he didn't say goodbye in anyway or came to us for help. He just packed a bag and hit the big reset button. All I want for Christmas is one of my best friends back, or at least some answers...

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I'm so lonely right now I just want someone to talk to.

>Don't know how I deleted my first post.

I think I'm too aloof to form friends or find romantic partners. I take interest in people and ask them appropriate questions and listen to what they want to talk about and of course offer topics of my own while I try to learn or understand their perspective or view and such without pressuring them to talk to me or being excessively interested creep - well I believe I do or at least intend to do that. People usually say that I'm quite interesting and have unique and some insightful viewpoints so I believe I'm not droll as fuck.

Right now I feel I'm just missing the mark when I'm talking to people. I get this feeling that people think I'm distant and emotionally unavailable. I don't believe I am but I could very well be wrong for as far as I know. I think this rather than considering that I'm just obnoxious because I dislike those people, too, but I dislike being one even more. People don't like that bullshit.

Oddly I get people telling me they're surprised I don't have a significant other or spouse - not because I am attractive (and I am) but because of my demeanor... and that's why I feel like I'm too aloof overall. I don't think I could become more engaged without being excessive; however, a part of me feels I am also not capable to do more, as well.

I just wish I could understand. I'd die peacefully alone if I could just now even if it would be impossible to rectify it. I feel like Meno without a predicate to save me here lol

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If he's so lovely is his gf lovely also?

I wish I could tell you that I like you a lot, I wish to be brave enough to tell you even knowing that you don't feel the same, I need to tell you because this is hurting too much. B-baka!

You're the baka here - tell them.

I still see your post so I'll post this anyway because I wrote it for you. You might get an answer someday. That is the only solace you can have right now, chance. Keep up that hope.
Or move on if you have to. Maybe that person actually didn't like you whatsoever but didn't have the heart to admit it. It might be because they were a coward or in some way they thought you needed them more.
It could be any reason including mental illness, but remember that hope - don't beat yourself up over knowing the unknown right now... you can't win that fight right now. Maybe another day if you get a hint of what happened.
But now, just hope for the future and hope for their safety now.

What was the original post about?

Someone's good friend up and left a week ago without even a word or explanation. The poster is under a complicated duress due to the suddenness of the event and that they had no hint or idea it was going to happen. On top of that it being Chistmas just feels like an extra gut punch to add to those already present complicated emotions of anger and desire for answers. Personally I don't blame them.

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I think they double posted and deleted the second one.

I wish hadn't said what I said. I wish I could take it all back. I feel like you're more distant now. It scares me so much. I'm madly in love with you. I wish I had just come on here and wrote what I wanted to say rather than actually tell you. I swear you look at me differently now. I just want us back to how we were

What did you tell them?

Oh damn you're right! lol missed that entirely and somehow noticed the other user's double post lol. Thanks for the clarification I probably woulda missed it entirely.
Too drunk to post now I guess hahaha
Have a good one.

was for you. Drunk user signing off. Be well.

Basically how much it bothered me that she talks to her ex. And I may have implied that she was weak and let's him walk all over her for continuing to talk to him despite his cheating and other bullshit. I said some other things about how at different times I had thought about breaking up with her and stupid things like that. She used to look at me like I'm perfect. And I used to be able to turn her on just by kissing her. Now she feels more distant. I really, really hate it

I'm not sure how far to keep pushing for us to stay connected. For the last 6 months we've been trapped in this loop of us being in constant contact for a month, then you ghost me for weeks, only to suddenly want to talk to me constantly again. You keep avoiding any talks of us becoming more than a fling. You tell me about all your abuse as a kid and how your last bf passed away. It is obviously going to create intimacy issues in anyone. But I can't help you if you run away everytime you get scared. I want to help but I have needs and feelings too. I can't handle being left alone with no warning. I can't handle being told one week we have no connection then the next week you don't want to let me go.

You look so sad whenever I see you with friends in public but you never stop smiling when you talk to me. I'm fine with a rough path but I just need some I input from you too. It breaks me to just endlessly wait for when you're randomly feeling less scared of having someone close to you.

You're not going to be hurt with me. I wish you'd give me some proper time to show you.

After all the shit I said and did to you, you waltzed up to me twice, and bluntly said hi to me.
Why do you do this to me?

I thought I was back to you for a long time now. I was a pariah because of how bad I was towards you. Yet you still keep trying to get close.

My family is actually so right wing and we're actually so religious. I'm just a bad egg.

I've been dealing with a severe circadian rhythm problem my whole life and every day is more difficult than the last. I'm so frustrated because nobody understands how bad it is besides my therapist but she is pretty powerless to help. Things don't look good and it seems like I'm on track to be homeless/dead in a year or two. Knowing this is making it so hard to be happy, I can't talk to friends without faking it and am not attracted to people or activities anymore. I have a potentially successful business but it won't take off for another 5 years, holding out hope for this or some government solution is the only thing keeping me from killing myself.

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leave Korea.
girls who date foreigners are always really fucking weird because there's only weird fucking foreigners there. they wouldn't have dates without each other.

Last night, I had dinner with my fiancée, and I assume some coworker saw us together. Today, I got a lot of comments that sum up to "I could do better". I tried to appear unbothered, but some people kept insisting I don't know how much better women are out there.
Like, sure thing Steve, you are single in your early 40s, you sure are a quality person to enter my private affairs.

Went out to the park - only men and very old people. Lonely fucks (me included, minus the old people).

Some sun has got to rise.

I just want a normal life like everyone else. Example have a girlfriend, get married, no psychological issues, and a good job. Sadly each day it seems impossible

I'm not good at initiating conversations online or irl. I would rather go the way of the samurai and stab myself with a sword. I dont know how to make idle chit chat and when I do try to say something insightful, it comes out of my mouth so wrong and usually in a fucked up way. So when I do try to make friends and ultimately fail it hits so much harder than it should. I pretty much know why I am like this but I am still working on how to fix it. Most people probably see me as empty or shallow because thats the easiest thing I can muster up. I silently just wished someone would talk to me first but why would they? I've given no reason for them to. I even hide behind a name I borrowed from a movie.

You seem to have no problem talking to anyone. Fuck you for being so damned interesting and funny. There have been countless beliefs I've held that I've changed because I read something you said that made me rethink my stance, and research new anwsers and ideas. You may not think you have an impact on the world, but you really do. I'm sure I'm not the only person that's happened to.

Anyway, that is my Christmas present to you. To tell you you're more awesome than you think. Unfortunately this thread is as close as I can get to telling you and I seriously doubt someone like you would be in a place like this.
I will thank you one day, I just need to do some more work on myself before I can.
>inb4 oneitits
Meh, it's more like frienditis. I am THAT awkward.

I wish natural disaster would wipe out half the world.

I'm so tired of people.
It should be random.
But include Hollywood, US and Chinese government, and poor areas.

You will find me if you change your age settings on Tinder, I don’t think you realize how much older I am than you are.

How much older are you? And what if they don't use Tinder?

A heart that's full up like a landfill
A job that slowly kills you
Bruises that won't heal
No alarms and no surprises

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My mother married some guy two weeks ago for the money and I heavily suspect she stole money from my study room to finance the documents for her wedding. She also chooses to avoid everyone during the holidays and her cellphone is turned off. I am seriously considering not letting her be present at my wedding (coming february). Which is fitting, considering that I do not want my deadbeat father (haven't seen him in 14 years) to be present as well.

I miss you so much and the fact that you just disappeared makes if even worse. I still message you every now and then hoping you log in or reply. I know I'm wasting my time and I should just delete it all, but I loved you too much. Merry Christmas sweetie

I wish I would have told you how I honestly felt instead of always passing it off as a joke because I was too much of a pussy to take a chance that you might leave.

I’m nearly 22 years old. I have autism. I am anxious all the time. I feel trapped. I have no friends or contacts. I am scared of the future. I still live with my parents and I think I’m going to be dead before I’m 30. What’s stopping me from suicide is knowing that I’ll only disappoint my parents and my last thought being that I’m essentially telling that they’ve failed, even though it was my own fault.
Why the fuck was I dealt the shittiest hand? And why don’t I want to change? Have I accepted that I’ve truly failed the one chance at life that I had? I could have overcome everything and inspired other autists.
My suicide note should say something like this: I’m sorry this happened. I want you to know that you had nothing to do with this. Nobody did. It’s all me. I know you tried your hardest to help me. There are some problems that can be fixed, and then there’s me. Please give my money away to charity and hold a simple funeral. Be happy knowing that I am now truly at peace and I’ll be waiting. Nothing is your fault.

Damn ninjas i shouldnt fuck the first girl that spreads her legs and finds me attractive when i got more options

I will never troon out or become a tranny. Cutting your dick or taking hormones doesn't make you a woman.

But dam I wish I was a sexy woman

I want to fuck my biology and history teacher. They're so fucking hot I can't focus, but they are both married so I can only dream. If this keeps up I might not pass

Just tell them you don’t mind them seeing other people.

Who doesn’t?
PS love the pic.

I don't understand.
It's more like they're married, so they won't agree to anything.

We are not “One World”. We are not all “the same”. We are not all brothers and sisters. There are those who live life to the max. Then there are those who are content to cruise along on autopilot, putting in the bare minimum, if even. Folks like that tend to rely on ideologies like racism and religion to give their lives a false sense of superiority and meaning. Oh, and they do their best to sabotage those of us who are actually trying to evolve. Illusions such as wealth, DNA, and status (including “relationship status”) have nothing to do with WHO YOU ARE.
This awareness, and the permission to embrace it, are my gifts to you.
Merry Christmas.

I've lost any attraction to you
You are a selfish liar
And a coward
I have no respect left to deal with you
So if you keep acting like watching me is out of good nature and not out of guilt swear I will end everything

Leave me the fuck alone already

Talk them into it. Start by flirting. People cheat all the time.

It’s not your fault either. Stop playing the Blame Game. I made it through some serious shit too. The only way out is through. Find a reason to live.

I think im done with women...current gf only uses me for money (she bought everyone a christmas present and didnt get me anything)...and every girl i had interest in puts me in the friend zone. I think its time i just use my time and money on making myself worth something other then a money bag maybe then i can be happy.

The new Magnum P.I. - BEST SHOW EVER !!!
(Mondays at 9)

Good thinking. Spread the word!

Maybe we're just never meant to be.

I'm done with men. I can't change ny entire life for them and I can't deal with their selfishness and insecurities and insincerity. I think I've been too betrayed by them to be hopeful about it anymore.

I think when I am middle aged I will adopt a child and give them the best life I can. They won't have financial trouble, they'll have every opportunity to socialize and be themselves and find passions in life. And I will raise them in clean safe countries with outdoors to play in. I'll let them have a pet when they are old enough.

But men.. I just can't anymore.

I wish I could go back to that night I walked away from you. In retrospect, I believe you got scared and that you really needed was a silent rock, and not to be abandoned. On the same token I promised myself I'd never stay where I wasn't wanted ever again. Confused feelings. I miss you bad and I wish we could rewind to better times but we can't.. I'm yearning for you Sara. I miss you from my very soul

If we could be friends again, that would be great. But I know it won't happen, at least not today. I don't wish that you would forgive me. I know you deserve better.
But still, I miss you.

It's hard to balance changing for someone and changing them. I'm not implying anything is your fault but sometimes you have to do a little retrospection and find if you push them too hard. If your requests were reasonable.

It's not talked about a lot around here but men are far more insecure than we present ourselves. This goes for all people but since men don't really have a support structure for these problems they just feedback into themselves.

I hope you find someone that you can confide in.

A girl I was seeing once drunkenly told me, "When things are going good you always find a way to fuck it up" I hated her for saying that but she was right

I never wanted to hate anyone. But I don't know, maybe my disappointment made me become this way. I really thought that I would get there at last, turned out I expected too much.

Will we ever reconcile? Only time can tell.

I told mine. She loved hearing it. Didn't change the outcome of what we had going, but it actually went OK! I felt better for her knowing.

How do normal people hook up? I wanna hook up with a girl but like normally (im a virgin).I don't have a group of male friends I can really ask about this. I used to but I ghosted everyone. I don't wanna just fuck some uggo for the fuck of it and I don't want fuck a hooker. I think I'll have to just take whatever I can get, which is a shame. It didn't have to be like this.

I want to get my career back on track and end up somewhere with non hostile co workers.

I still think about you. I miss you. I hope we'll reconnect in the future. There was nothing bad between us, we were happy one minute and you were gone the next. We were growing closer each day we spent together. I still don't know why or what changed. I'm not waiting for you, but I'll always be here for you. Fate crossed our paths once, why not again.

Really? You bitches got men to behave the way you all wanted to through years of feminism and changing laws. Hope you get raped and killed, dumb fucking cunt.

I wish she treated him better

You're a dummy face

Considering quitting work and suicide, what's new?
I feel completely empty inside and I'd rather not keep on living like this.
Best methods of suicide would be appreciated

When I was in kindergarten I used to be called smiles since I'd smile all the time. An open friendly kid is a nice target though. My whole life since I've been holding back and sabotaging myself to find safety and comfort in the middle of the bell curve. No matter what though I couldn't pop all the bubbles before they hit the surface, and people notice what I hide. Even in my disjointed whirlwind of life from acting like this I still get told I do everything well or that I'm knowledgeable or that I take care of an area the best in the 10 years they've been there. I want to let myself out. Staying like this is a waste, Break free and thrive. I am worth it.

I wonder how many anons on this board I have killed by things I've said. I don't think I want to do this anymore.

Please continue

christmas sucks


It doesn't have to if you don't let it.

I love you... so much. I wish you were okay with that. I wish you felt the same.

What an evil bitch. She deserves to spend at least a few years alone.

Must be nice to have had a friend like you who actually noticed they were gone. Text them and tell them you'll always be there for them even if they're gone. Do it while you still can.

Nobody knows that I'm gone, too. Nobody noticed. Nobody. Because I actually didn't have any friends. Everybody had already moved on to other things in life and I understandably was forgotten, or replaced with something superior or whatever and who could blame anyone for that.
Just tell your friend something via text or what not if you can before they believe they actually have or had no friends. Try is all you can do now, but don't allow them to go down my path if its not actually true. Please try, for both your sakes - and if you failed, well, you didn't sit and do nothing - if you don't do that, then you aren't actually their friend at all.

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>and if you failed, well, you didn't sit and do nothing - if you don't do that, then you aren't actually their friend at all.

no no that's not right. So tired and confused atm.
I mean if you failed at least you didn't do nothing because if you do nothing then you aren't their friend at all.
Good luck.

spending xmas alone, no one invited me not even my family. i am not going to pity myself over this, christmas is just a day. but it's quite awful for a 21 year old to be spending christmas sleeping. the only productive thing i did was making a wishlists for stuff i want/need that I'm going to buy these days. i mean, what can i do if no one invites me or wants my presence? i don't see why i should insist for the sake of celebrating.

I am the one that brought you food while in hospital. The staff told me you enjoyed it, so at least I have that :)

I haven’t masturbated in a week and I feel like I’m going to explode.

>stuck with relatives at Christmas party
>Relying on dad to even out the attention and shit
>He leaves the party early so he can smoke pot with his friends

Thanks Dad, I would've loved to have spend the holiday with him but he's such a pothead I guess i won't. Funny part: he tries to keep it a secret from me even after I told him I knew and even after it was legalized

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God I hate virtuous people. You can't be around them. fookin normos
I'm always either in danger of being punched or being ostracized. Normie should be thorwn in their own corner of the world to suck each other off

I don't want to be bothered anymore. I want to take what money I have, fly to the middle of fucking nowhere, and die in a ditch.

I don’t care about a gift. Talking to you everyday... I’m so lucky. You give me so much, I wish you understood that. Maybe you do. I love you so much. I only want you, always. You’re mine.

Is it odd that the older I get, the more I like dumb, cheesy stuff like "Power Rangers"? it feels so genuine and in good fun, I mean, just listen to 0:28 onwards , it's so corny but I can't help but feel a child-like hype with it.

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This used to be my favorite holiday, because it was the one day things could feel okay. Now I’m laying here crying trying to convince myself it’s still worth trying to live. I can’t take this shit anymore. Maybe my Christmas gift this year can be to finally stop hurting so much..

What happened? If you don't want to explain it's okay too, hope you feel better though man.

Nope. The heart wants what the heart wants. Hell the theme from the first series still gives me that hype feel. Super Sentai is petty fun - explosions, giant monsters fighting giant robots or ultraman or kamen rider. I hardly watch it but it still makes me feel that hype, too. If you like somethin' you like it no harm in that.

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Don't worry, be happy.

i spent the entire 24th with my ex at her place and the 2 days before that
we had sex like 4,5 times
and i have the feeling she is hooked on me
telling me stuff like "you're different, you kiss way more self confident" and other stuff

trying not to let my feels shine through

>tfw she kisses you goodbye when she wakes up at 5 am to go to work
>tfw she tells you "see you soon"
>tfw she texts you first

i have a feeling my ex is now more invested in me than i am

texted a bit today too


I just realized I'm not going to get a day off until mother dies again (long story) and I spread her ashes.
But I feel compulsed to help her preserve her sense of liberty and happiness. How can I ever say I value those things if I didn't help preserve and maintain those things on someone I am able to. If I didn't I wouldn't feel shame as a family member; feel shame as a human being in general.
I'm the only one that can help her. I'm all she has. I doubt anyone will do that for me when I need it but that's irrelevant. I just wish I could do even more. It's just so sad and wrong.

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I can't ask my coworker out
I'm too scared

It's an interesting feeling when you realize that you probably don't actually like a person and instead just lied to yourself that you liked them out of loneliness.

I feel like the damage done after years of social isolation is so extensive that I literally will not be able to sincerely enjoy anyone's company and be interested in someone's life ever. I want a social life and affection but at the same time I don't and would prefer to just not get entangled in other people's bullshit.

Same! Holy shit I adore cheesy stuff now. It’s gotta do with letting go of human bias and being able to get joy from anything. It’s pure and happy unlike the grueling ordeals of adulthood. People seem to equate grim bleakness with maturity.
It’s also been happening with girly stuff too, like wanting to crossdress and owning dolls...
None of this is sexual. I just like comfy soft stuff and frilly dresses. (Not that I wouldn’t fuck someone while in cosplay)
And I have no romantic interest in men, so fuck my life.

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Me and my mom are more serious and less funny than my sister and my dad.

I couldn’t be more grateful for all I’ve been given in life and yet I’m still sad because I have no one to share it with.

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Fuck christmas man. Getting evicted and cant see my family, mean while my bitch of a land lady has her family over while i try to sleep and get ready for my night job. Fuck this christmas.

I feel angry at her just reading your post. I’m sorry user. Don’t think about the time of year. Just be happy that life goes on. Life can be shitty but small moments make it worthwhile.