A really cute girl did a little cute awkward smile and a wave to me at uni today and my autistic ass just stood there...

A really cute girl did a little cute awkward smile and a wave to me at uni today and my autistic ass just stood there processing what's happening while she passed.
She ignored me for the whole day afterwards.

How to fix without initiating verbal contact with her.

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Wave and smile at her next time you see her

I don't know how to I'll look creepy.

Practice in the mirror

I know that feel.
Same thing happened to me the first 20 times.
I just stood there dumbfounded thinking "wtf did just happen", and after 10 seconds which took several hours in my head my brain decided that it must have been an accident and I should just ignore it.

I think they *might* have been flirting with me (why would anyone do this is beyond me).

And the 21st time hasn't happened yet.

What if she completely ignores me tomorrow / when I do it?
Can a woman push aside her feelings and get mad that fast?
Oof brother, I hope we make it


You won't know until you try, and if she does, then forget about it, dont overthink it. If she gets mad that fast then she's a child and you dodged a bullet.

I mean if it were me and I did some cringey awkward shit to a girl I like and she just starred at me for solid 10 seconds I'd ignore her and realize the fact that I fucked this one up and that I should move on.

Dude just do it, she probably ignored you because she felt rejected. Do it and if she does nothing, just ignore her

I will spend the whole night learning how first.

Practice with your mother
You have nothing to loose, if she ignores you, just move on. Believe me, you'll feel bad for 30 minutes.

If I was the girl and ignored you all day, it's probably because I was embarassed that you didn't respond. Just say that your mind was somewhere else and you forgot to react

>Practice with your mother
Not doing that, I live far away from home.

I don't want to "say" anything yet, I said non verbally in the OP.
I'll try smiling to her

Ok, then as user said, practice in the mirror, or with strangers, like a clerk or the girl at the register in the supermarket.
Look, just smile normal, don't show teeth, wave your hand at her while smiling and clenching your eyes a little bit. It's not that hard.
Watch Atypical in netflix, chapter 1 or 2 from season 1

If you ever strike up a conversation, even a short one, admitting that you can be a bit awkward/ nervous may maje her underatand more. Heck some girls love that shit

Thank you for the info I'm gonna start practicing right now.
Don't know much about her but what I do know is that she's even more awkward/shy/nervous/introverted than me.
That's why I was really surprised today and couldn't say anything

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Bumping last time. How do I smile at her tomorrow without being a creep?

Don't worry lads. You'll never be as bad as me. At least you've never gotten a girl all the way into bed with her taking most of her clothes off, and still dismissed it as "just a coincidence" and so never made even the slightest move.

I dont know what guys like us are supposed to do. Personally I dont think I could ever believe that a girl was really into me unless she walked right up to my face, said "I think you're hot" and raped my face.

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Stare at her tits.

She'll think it's funny.

Quick glance with a quick smile, no teeth, make sure your eyes squint naturally so you dont look like a psycho

Wait what
I'm not attractive enough for that.

oh man i know this shit. its like people of our kind have a 10 seconds lag. and while a total non-issue in all aspecta of life, it is a fatal flaw in flirting because there you have maybe one or two seconds to react correctly. for that we have to increase our speed fivefold. unfair!

Ay boss, what's the next step after exchanging smiles? Can't just talk to her because we're both with our friends at the time.
Stalking her home is obviously not an option

Omg just talk to her no reason to be scared she probably likes you!

I feel really bad for her, she seems really shy and introverted and she kinda stopped on her path awkwardly turned while trying to keep the momentum jumped a bit waved and smiled.
Looked like an anime scene.

Leave it at smiling for a couple days, then ask her if she wants to study together sometime

did you check that you weren't between her and a good looking guy?

I was late to class, she was going to the toilet. Only person near me was here.

Will do that, the thing is I don't see her every day and if she's now ignoring me it'll be even harder.

I don't want to talk to her yet sorry, and I really can't get it to be 1 on 1

out of curiosity let me know how this goes user

she probably thought you didnt like her so next time try to greet her first but dont assume shes into you. She could just be being friendly just feel it out.