Idea for suicide

Ok, I am done with life. I live near sea and I don't want to bother people who woul take my body after suicide. So I have an idea:

>buy a small boat, shotgun and flammable liquid
>go far away from the shore
>pour liquid on myself and my boat
>start fire
>shoot myself in the head

Plan seems legit?

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So instead of leaving a bloated corpse, you want to leave a half-burned corpse with a hole in the head and cooked brain matter all over a boat.

Stop it. It gets better. It just takes time. Sometimes a long time, sometimes something happens that turns your entire life around.

Should I also make explosion? So boat would sink, I didn't think about it desu

Not OP.
The only reason why men dont opt out of society is because they have gfs, the only girl who "flirt" with me has a boyfriend. She is probably just friendly, but it doesnt stop my autistic self from falling in love with her

Killing youself painless with gas is way superiour.

Before you attempt to kill yourself I want you to rethink the action for a month. If you then still want to kill yourself it seems legit to me.

>buy boat
>buy cheapest mosin nagant rifle you can find
>buy as much tannerite as you can afford
>fill boat with tannerite
>take boat out to sea
>shoot tannerite
There will be very little left.

At least make your death useful.
>Join ISIS
>volunteer to be suicide bomber
>set off vest immediately while ISIS members are still near you

This is the real play

don’t do it dum dum

society is a social construct. do whatever the fuck you want you have nothing to lose

Big brain play desu. This would also work, these goatfuckers are desperate.

I am ugly ethnic dude in white majority country. I live shitty life you don't know what is it like for me

You think I'll be able to tell this to my landlord when the rent is due?

The boat and your body will wash ashore in like a day and the police will have to investigate and somebody will do an autopsy

get yourself a block of concrete and put a chain on your feet, which is connected to it.
set boat on fire and shoot yourself in the head. The small boat will burn down and lose it's stability and your corpse will be pulled down to the ground of the lake

My sides.

no more like retarded.
>get small boat
>make small box
>attach anchor to box
>take box with boat away from shore
>place anchor at the side of the boat
>place box at side of boat
>go in box
>lock it from tje inside
>proceed to move against box and anchor until they fall in
>blindfold and bind your hands before doing so to prevent your retarded self from opening the lock
good luck op

Drowning has got to be one of the more painful/uncomfortable ways of dying

well that's fair, take the shotgun with you in the box and shoot yourself as your falling through the water. just make sure you don't aim at the lock

travel the country in a van or some shit

fuck you faggots, i am doing this

post vid user? would love to see some inspiration for myself.
there's this girl who hanged herself and posted it online, it's hours long and amazing to see
good luck user, you're making the right decision (well except not ruining other people's lives, you could just aswell kill some other people for shits and giggles)

dude i am taking boat in the middle of nowhere, then i shoot myself and sink the boat, how the fuck i am supposed to upload this?

I don't know
even the open waters got satellites right
use those
jesus have some balls before you die and figure it out
livestream it
someone will definitely record it

If I was going to commit soduku I’d at least look into the most dangerous but profitable businesses out there first.

This. Breaking bad style. You’d literally have nothing to lose which would unironically make you more money than anyone else in whatever industry you choose.

Wood boat, for those playing along at home. Don't pull this fiberglass canoe shit that will hardly scorch.

I mostly agree but don't just tell him "things will get better" like happiness is just gonna suddenly fall in his lap one day. He's gotta work for it.

irony is i have plenty of money, my life sucks that much that money doesnt help


Only reason I didn’t commit suicide is because I was not certain about the consequences. Afterlife, reincarnation, failed attempt, etc. You’re gonna die one day. You will get your wish. You’ve suffered before, you can suffer some more.

Read Pascal. It cured my depression and I became Christian

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Terrible advice, wanted to kill myself for over a year but want to live now

>implying both of those posts weren't mine
>implying that wasn't genuine advicr
why are you not helping op? are you some sort of moral-faggot?

Wrong! Money DOES help, but it doesnt outright solve your problems for you. You still have to do everything yourself its just a very nice bonus that helps.

I'm also done with my life. Last year I'm planning to kill myself painless. I actually bought many sleeping pills. When I'm about to take it, I remembered my past when I was a child, how my parents love me and how happy I was when I played with my friends. So I kept my self alive for a while and see if I'm gonna change my negative lonely life to happy life again.
PS. I live alone with New apartment and I don't have any friends here and My online gaming friends are too busy now in their life. I lost my interest in everything, I don't know what to do.

How can you say so....!!!

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I assume you're American if you're able to get access to a shotgun.

I have a question for everyone ITT - for people in countries where guns are illegal, what's the best method of getting one?

This is for the purpose of suicide by the way, not for anything malicious.

There must be some sort of social gathering place. Weather its a bar, pub, library, political club, some activist stuff. You can do it. Jut dont go to feminist or woman right or any of those SJWs clubs... they are very cancerous and you wont find what youre looking for. I tried that when i was in your situation it went south fast.

Any way my point is that even online there are local communities on discord etc where you can find people from your local are to hang around.

Easiest way to make new friends is to go to pub on Friday when every one is drunk and then find the "friendly type person" every group has at least one. And they will do the job for you, they will introduce you to others and make sure youre okay. Just remember not to drink much and if they are forcing you then 1) Abandon that group; or 2) Say you have medical condition or your under medication and cant drink much.

Remember to play along and what ever interests they have, act as you have the same.

Hey! I would strongly advice against this. I know that things may seem hopeless and dark, and while i don´t know anything about you i do know that their is help to get. Try to reach out to someone in your life, be it your parents, a friend or a sibling. Your life have value. I have gone through a lot of rough patches and things do get better.

There are more painless and more easier ways to go. Why the fuck you want to risk shootin ya face off and stay alive? Havent you seen vids with that happening? Its not worth the risk.

Also why are you choosing the easy way ? Are you such a pussy that cant get ya shit together at least for people around you if not for yourself? Its the most egoistical and pathetic thing to do. Unless you have serious painful disease that makes your life a living hell it, then you have NO right to do it. You are in self pitty mode and you have to snap out of it. Dont be a little bitch, man up and face your problems. Enjoy the pain, dont fear it, cause it makes you stronger.

As the poster above me stated its possible to make new friends. You said that you liked Video games, maybe check around your area if their is any kind of LAN events or meet ups? Go volounteer or join some kind of social club! Don't listen to people posting shit on the internet. You have value, try reaching out to people in your suroundings, be it at work or whatever your occupation is!
I moved to a new city as well, ended up alone and was feeling really down. But i found this club that has political discusions a few times a month and i was able to make some friends there. What i am trying to say is that their is people out there with similair hobbys as you out there!