What substances calm anxiety the most?

What substances calm anxiety the most?

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Not fapping, and vitamin b pills


Definitely not for everyone

Cocaine calming anxiety? Ehm, no?
You'll be more confident yes, but still anxious

>Low doses of marijuana or nicotine


You’re 13 years old

confidence or cocain

Pretty sure ash doesn't do shit


Avoid caffiene...

Magnesium, vitamin D and B 12

Does anyone know how to fix a libido disorder caused by nervousness and derealisation?
Is it just a waiting game?

are you for real?


any opiate


marijuana (depending on the person)

sometimes uppers can contain anxiety but usually it ends up worse

anxiolytics are ideal bc u just coast off them

It's really only for people with elevated cortisol so if you don't feel anything your cortisol is probably normal
Yeah I thought he meant social anxiety you're right

You'll be so Calm you'll die because you stopped breathing

Anxiety? Stop being a lazy fuck. Get a nice haircut, shower daily, dont overthink stuff (girls don't look for a boyfriend they can pity, they want a strong man), most importantly learn to be comfortable with yourself, deal with the cards you're dealt with. Anxiety isn't something you hide under brain alerting pills, its a defense mechanism to hide fear, if you aren't scared you aren't anxious. Trust me, substances at best make you look normal, but if you are actually confident and focused it's so much better

Said some guy on Jow Forums

This is partly true, but Anxiety disorders are still a thing and make life harder. You gotta learn how to navigate it yourself. And don't look for "substances" to calm anxiety, look for behaviors and habits, such as what said, even if he is being a bit of an ass. Try meditating.

It's just the advice I would give my past self. I guess it was kind of mean, so I apologize, I've never learned anything from an asshole. Good luck user

What about NAC? Anyone tried it? Side effects?

im doing that too though, its just at times i know i shouldnt feel anxiety at all, i get worked up and i just get in a cycle of unrest when i should be able to relax though.

Whew. Okay. I have pretty severe anxiety (a result of insulin issues) and mild OCD symptoms and have occasional periods of derealisation.

>Coke isn't going to help. If anything, it won't have any effect on you because you're already alert and buzzed from the anxiety.
>Nicotine, despite what most people believe, is actually a stimulant. It makes anxiety worse.
>Anti-depressants like SSRIs often don't work for actual anxiety. People often confuse anxiety symptoms of depression for anxiety disorders.

My number one advice is to do what you can to improve your life circumstances so that you feel comfortable more often. Remove as much stress as possible, because it doesn't help.
Other than that,

Weed has genuinely been the best thing for my anxiety. Not lmao 420 blaze it smoke errday, but maybe a cone after work in the afternoon. Now I can casually clean my house without worrying about it being 'perfect' and I can sit down and enjoy my hobbies without intrusive thoughts.
I understand that it can cause paranoia or increase anxiety in some people, particularly women as it reacts to estrogen, but it's absolutely worth a shot.

None if you're a drug addict like me. Teehee