In my college there's a little program called SAS (School for Advanced Studies) where little fucks from high school...

In my college there's a little program called SAS (School for Advanced Studies) where little fucks from high school spent their last two years at college, they are INSANELY fucking smart and their mostly 3 or more years younger than me, i struggle so fucking much in school my fucking mental health decays but those fuckers look like they aren't breaking a sweat, i hate them so fucking much i swear to god i want to fucking strangle them all... i hate this about i can stop comparing myself to them?

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Theyre probably socially stunted. Remember that doing well in school does not necesarrily equal intelligence. Usually learning is all about what teacher you have. For example, I nearly failed math all throughout high school, and I thought I was retarded, until I got to college and had an awesome math professor, and now I'm in a major that deals mostly with math. Don't get angry at them, it is not worth the energy. I know it's cliche, but the only person you need to compare yourself to is who you were yesterday. Life is not a race, everyone goes at a different pace.

it's a hard pill to swallow
everything you know is wrong user, just get it out of your system and accept reality
do the best you're capable of doing and if it's not great, there's no shame in that

>Life is not a race, everyone goes at a different pace
wise shit, thanks user

Dude, comparison is the death of joy.

Take me, I am currently doing pre-med at my college, and I'm doing good, but there are no shortage of people doing better than me.

Before my last round of finals, I literally met a silver medal winning Olympian with more than a thousand volunteering hours, hundreds of shadowing hours, and a near perfect MCAT score. I would never feel good about myself if I always compared myself to that guy or kids that go to Ivy league schools, just focus on you dude.

Happy to help, friend, there's no "right" way to live, "making it" can mean an infinite number of things to different people

Also, don't try to make yourself feel better by saying shit like, "they're probably socially stunted".

Those kids are probably working really hard, and you shouldn't try to invalidate their work in your eyes to make yourself feel better. Just focus on working on developing yourself in the direction you want to go in

Smart kids in high school are almost always stuck up, that’s my experience with them anyway.

IQ, EQ and Memory all measurable. I have tested above 160 IQ and have a near-eiditic (read something once, remember it for life) memory.

There's a few things you should understand about these kinds of people in order to be successful with them.

First, they are exceedingly rare. I live in a city of around 10 million, and statistically speaking, about 15 people are at my IQ level. 50% of the population with an IQ of 100 are suitable for basic jobs like being a Cashier, Cop, or Mailman. IQ of 110, you're into Trades jobs; electrician, construction, et-cetera. IQ of 120, you're solidly into basic IT work, Accounting, Lawyer, Management. IQ of 130 on up, you're into Doctor, Research Scientist, Rockstart IT, or Actuary territory.

Now, does someone who's a Doctor really want to marry a Cashier? What does that relationship look like? Understand, research scientists explain their problems to me, and I think they are simple. How the hell do I even find enough like-minded people to form social groups? Or get married to have kids?

Then there are smart people problems, someone with great memory, who can place anything in a spot and remember where it is at 30 years later, will generally create and live in a gargantuan disorganized mess and eventually find out, many years later, they're human and forget things.

Another Example. Someone with high IQ can end up constructing elaborate versions of reality which are nearly impossible to deconstruct for any psychologist and become impossible to help. Or your boss may decide, such as in my job, I'm smart, I can go anywhere, so they're going to underpay me no matter what.

>i hate them so fucking much i swear to god
WRONG, make friends with them and get them to help you. This is a bad way of thinking, nobody is the same. They were gifted with intelligence and you can over come or get close to such levels with hard work.

.t brainlet who graduated in top of my class as a computer engineer, there is no one who works harder than me I won't allow it.

There are well documented studies about the differences between gifted and non-gifted people; Putting high IQ Kids, around 140 on up, in public schools is literal child abuse because of the social differences and there are well documented studies about this fact. You do not want someone like that with an uncurable anti-social disorder, and much of the reason silicon valley is so ruthless and self-absorbed with the rest of the public, instead of being benevolent, is due to this fact. They view you as an animal instead of a human being in need of enlightenment.

Often their only recourse is to graduate from high school as early as possible as public school teachers unions don't like the idea of losing any kids to a gifted kids school or private schools because of money. School budgets put money in for retarded kids, but not for gifted kids, which occur at around the same rate, because they figure those kids will "figure it out" which is a load of bullshit.

Personally, I have no friends and little hope of finding friends or a mate, and while I could go almost anywhere and do almost anything if I wanted to do it, what the fuck is the point? My socialization is people are like hamsters to me and I enjoy messing with them in polite ways for our mutual amusement.

I suggest you show up and try to befriend them, and provide them an experimentation ground upon which to build some kind of social ladder to working with normal people. Your reward for this is learning a hell of a lot of cool shit that is useful, and you can be the guy they tutor, and when you enter the workforce, knowing how to work with and motivate those kinds of people are a real asset. Just be prepared for them to be very, very goofy and awkward.

E.G. I just finished training one kid; took him a year to begin speaking normally because he was so creative he couldn't ever figure out what to say, there was too much in his head. He'll make an awesome IT Engineer.

Do you live in Miami?

It isn't exactly the same situation, but I feel I can empathize. I've felt this in some capacity in regards to other people's experiences and my own.

I'll sit here 10 minutes just to write something like this, and no matter how many times it's re-written, it's no less incomplete. There's really just not enough time, and it's frustrating.

That is everything I am in life.
I just want to be normal. It's something so simple, yet inconcievable.

There's always somebody better than you are at what you're good at.

>Remember that doing well in school does not necesarrily equal intelligence
this is true

im fantastic at tests and essays but terrible at research and thinking originally


Stop being so competitive. Just do your thing. You don't worry about not being a billionaire. Why should you worry about not being a super genius? Just keep moving forward.

work harder i guess? you can't really do it, so i guess just accept it. or make friends with them. Also, understand that they're probably studying easier things than you are. or you find something that you are better at than them. they're probably also really hard working so

I did college and ap classes in high school
if it makes you feel any better im a fucking neet loser now

Why is it so hard to accept that about my self?

You're thinking of it wrong I went to that school and no one goes to the college classes thinking they are better also just so you know mdc is full of people who are retarded anyways. Also I haven't done shit with my life either. If you really want to better yourself try the honors program at mdc people do an accelerated associates degree and if they do well can transfer into "top tier" schools. Those people are more impressive then people who go to SAS.

Nigga dont compare urself to other...

Years ago my best friend was like the ppl you describe.kind of a beta fag and I was the complete opposite.( I wasnt even virgin anymore at that time i was 15 maybe 16 . Had gf and shit. )

AND He fucking got 100% in math exams . 100% nigga. It NEVER happened before .
The school even give him a price for that. ( the school was considered as the elite )...
Me ? I got 60% and it was my best. ( plus I cheated a little on him).

Now im 25 . Gf . 2 houses and one that i rent. Got a job since 4 years.

Him ? Dropped polytechnics schools cuz he thought he could make it easyly. Started another thang but failed. And this faggit is still in school ( is 26 in one month).

All the teacher said he would be a big Dr or professor but for now, he aint shit.

Its not the intelligence that make your succesful but how you use it .

We got to use both head and hand to get yo shit done.

Is did this, but it's called PSEO here. Remember, they are in highschool and dont have the responsibilities that you have. That makes it easier for them to do well.