Is it ok to have first time with prostitute ?

25 years old never had anything with with girl. Its legal in my country and its not expensive. Any advice,thoughts ?

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Yeah, it won't fix anything, you still won't be able to get a girlfriend and you'll still be depressed and anxious all the same, just now you'll have blown money, time and effort on a literal prostitute.


Go for it. It's the best way to demystify sex and get you on a path of getting girls. Think of her as your personal sex trainer. Get a good one, not a cheap one, and tell her you're a virgin beforehand so she will help you out with the nervousness.

I lost it to a stripper at 28. I just wanted to try Sex and get it out of the way.

The other guy is right it won’t get you a gf or fix those issues.

So for me it was worth it and money isn’t an issue I have a good job.

If you have no qualms other than just getting sex 'out of the way' then sure. But a lot of people think losing their virginity will make them less lonely... Maybe not so much??

Don't. Especially since it's legal in your country.
Was in the same situation, now my body craves sex much more than before and I have to get an escort twice a month.

No it won’t fix loneliness or help find a partner. I just did it to try sex that is all. I haven’t been back since and probably won’t.

I have a funny story about that
I recently travelled to amsterdam to visit a friend and one night we went out and got pretty fucking drunk.
naturally, being a virgin, i was tempted to visit the red light district and find myself a prostitute.
i was a bit too impatient and went in with the frist one that looked kind of ok, she was a colombian girl and she turned out to be quite a bitch.
i might have implied that she would steal my wallet and made some pablo escobar jokes so she got pretty upset with me, but still performed the services anyway
she started sucking my dick and then told me to fuck her doggy style
here's the thing, she grabbed my penis and said she would "put it in", but i'm fairly certain she put it between her legs and not in her pussy because i literally didn't feel anything.
i came after a while but was pretty underwhelmed because it felt no different to humping the couch or something.

on one hand, i wasted 50 euros
on the other hand, i get a second shot at losing my virginity

so i guess it's not too bad

Do it OP. Then, when you get a gf with a sexual history you won't feel insecure about it. Believe me, the first time isn't something "magical", don't wait too long.

>Is it ok to have first time with prostitute?
Yes. I can't tell if it will be good or bad, but I assure you it'll lift the weight out of your shoulders. I lost mine last monday and it was boring but I feel like most of my anxiety is gone all of sudden. When I went to work tuesday morning people even complimented me on how calm/peaceful I was.

That said... today I saw a girl that I kissed 6 years ago and my body almost blew up because of the anxiety. Talking to the escort was real fucking easy tho, I didn't stutter a single time.

Like other people have said, it's not going to solve loneliness and it's not going to boost your confidence and you're not going to learn the skills of what it takes to talk to a woman and charm her and have sex with her.

Also down the road when your future gf or just some friends are just casually bringing up what their first time having sex was like, you now have to lie and remember a story that you're bringing to the grave with you.

At least it gets some of that first-time jitters and fuck-ups out of the way probably. It's okay but not really any good.

It does alleviate physical/touch loneliness. Some people just want a hug, others want intimate touch like being cuddling naked in spoon position. MANY people hire escorts just to interact with them.

Yeah that's not a solution though, that's a temporary fix that devolves into an even bigger problem.

As someone who sat on the fence about this for a long time and decided not to: I realized I desired sex because of the deeper intimacy and an implied commitment, even if they aren't guaranteed. Hell, I've rejected a couple offers for hookups with women because of that.

Like others have said, if being a "virgin" is a symptom of something like not having your shit together and not being able to go on dates and form a connection that could lead to sex, a hooker probably won't help you. Even if you get over the hangup of not being in bed with someone, it will not accurately help you learn how to achieve it outside of paying someone to do it, which would never happen in a real long term relationship. Not to mention it can be a huge taboo, and many women would get turned off if they found out you did. It's probably less attractive than staying a virgin before you meet somebody who's right for you, to put it that way.

>gf with sexual history
Realistically speaking, even if you have one partner for a few years and fuck them a few times a week, on average, that's literally hundreds of times having sex compared to the one time you got to stick it in a hooker. If the idea is to "practice sex" and get really good at it, I can almost guarantee a one time fing with a prostitute won't help much.

>that devolves into an even bigger problem
Could you elaborate on that?

I'm 29 and recently lost my v-card to an escort. I didn't really really mean to lose it this time. I went there because I wanted to see what a tantric massage was like, but got frustrated that I didn't really feel any of the advertised stuff so when the girl asked if I wanted a "happy ending" I just said yes in an attempt to salvage the night.

I haven't kissed a girl since 2012 and haven't had a relationship since 2008 - I had only one and it lasted 2 months. Last three times I tried to ask a girl out I had panic attacks. I've only kissed 3 girls in my life - I didn't kiss the escort tho.

I can interact professionally/casually with women with little to no issues, as long as there is no intimacy involved. If I perceive single bit of intimacy my engine blows up.

I did 5 years of therapy - gave up in 2017 as I didn't seem to get any progress in my life.

Why would you demean a prostitute before fucking her? You literally put your dick in her mouth. She could bite it off if she wants.

If you'd spend the money improving yourself, acting classes, gym, dancing lessons you wouldn't need to spend the money elsewhere.

It's hard and easy to get out of the comfort zone

Nothing personal, but some people do get escorts to fuck or just hang out with and they get hooked on them to the point where they're unable to socialize with or be intimate with regular women because they've completely forgotten hat normal human interactions are like since they spend their time and money on escorts.

If it's a one-time thing to try and get your virginity out of the way, or maybe you're not a virgin it's just been way too long since you had sex and shit with work or school or your home life or whatever just isn't helping your cause, maybe it's an ironic joke where your friends bought you an escort for your birthday haha, etc. That's all fine.

The problem is relying on them.

You see it in Japan, with men and women. They do have proper escorts but they have an even bigger business which is totally open and shameless and that's the Host/Hostess Bars. Young men, and women, are paid by older people to just hang out and drink with them and listen to them talk about their day at the office and all that. No sex or physical intimacy they're only there to be their platonic bf/gf for an hour or two depending what the rates are like. It's a thriving mainstream business. You also have services where you can hire a fake family for up to like 4 years.

Loneliness isn't something you can buy your way out of.

Do it! It's just sex. At least you will know how it feels. You can also cuddle, caress her, etc. Girls are very soft and nice to touch.

CHOOSE A GOOD ONE. If your country has review sites, look her up.

I've lost my virginity to a prostitute and fucked 23 more. If you have any questions.

>I've lost my virginity to a prostitute and fucked 23 more. If you have any questions.

Have you ever been with a woman that wasn't a prostitute? You sound like you have a problem like described here

Getting a handjob isn’t losing your v-card fren

Not the guy you were asking, but I'm in a very similar situation. Lost my virginity to a prostitute and been with many escorts since.
I've never been with a woman I haven't paid. And I don't expect I ever will, I missed the train on getting social and romantic experience.

>I missed the train on getting social and romantic experience.

Bullshit, the train's still waiting for you on the station you just choose to never get on it.

The happy ending included both a BJ and fucking. Yeah, I found out it wasn't a real tantric massage parlor way too late - definitely should have done a bit of research up front.

(cont) I found a place that looks legit - seems to be a franchise - and will schedule a massage as soon as I get paid.

Fuck off, I really tried, I stopped being a shut-in, got my license, shaved the neckbeard, went back into uni.
I dress well, make sure I'm always clean and try to socialise and hide how much of lonely loser I am, but normies can smell these things and never hang out with me.

Some advices.
Use a condom all the time.
Don't do bj with no condom.
Don't lick her pussy even if you want to.
Careful where you bring her or you go to, you might get beat and robbed.

Lost my virginity to a prostitute when I was 19, I'm 27 now and have only fucked hookers even though I became Jow Forums and have since fucked 172

IF virginity is making you sad that much then do it, just remember every word out of her is a lie and she is paid to fake it. Unless she is willing to do it for free then she is lying.

If you don't care that much about being a virgin though, then save it for someone special.

Don't try to hang out with """normies""" then, hang out with other anime weirdos there's always plenty of them.

I'm 32 years old and I go LARPing on weekends. Don't tell me about missed opportunities to socialize.

172 different whores? Do you rarely repeat?
I often repeat when I find a really good one.

There's no anime weirdos in my uni, none that I know of. If there are, they're hiding their powerlevel.
There are no such activities available in my area, my country even.
I even tried finding old friends from highschool and miltary service, some of them said they wanna hang out but they never actually invited me.

>There are no such activities available in my area, my country even.

what ex-soviet satellite state do you live

It's not ex-soviet but I rather not say. It's an EU country and while I assume there must be some anime and vidya communities, I don't know how to find them.

>implying if I fucked a prostitute I'd be ashamed of it and not tell my friends

>implying that because I don't fit in with normies I must watch anime and fit in with Nerds

I don't fit in with ANYONE. I am a literal autistic loser. I don't watch anime. Who is my group supposed to be? Who the fuck am I supposed to relate to?

My guess is this guy is from a med country or a scandi country

Get some hobbies then, jesus, it's not my problem

What is the best way to get a hooker in the US? I don't have the slightest idea

A couple of friends told me the same. After masturbating for years and years, first time pussy is less satisfying. You feel less because you 're used to fuck your hand. Maybe your Colombian prostitute let you fuck her leg like a dog, but you probably had sex. Actually.
Enjoy yourself

I’m the 28 who said I banged stripper. I felt very little too but I stuck it inside her myself. Not sure if she was lose or death grip jerking off issue. She said I was rock hard inside her and I was.

>I felt very little
Then it was probably death grip. Maybe bad condom and too much lube as well.

I stopped doing the death grip since the first time I've heard of it, fortunately.

>Is it ok to have first time with prostitute
I'ts fine but don't expect it to fix anything, see:However if your goal is just to fuck a hot chick and you actually find one it can be a rewarding experience that would otherwise be closed to you.

t. guy that has only ever dated 2-6/10's but enjoys fucking 9/10 prostitutes

I lost my virginity to a hooker in Amsterdam. The only other girl I've come close to fucking was a French girl I met online and sexted for a year and a half. I eventually went to meet her and couldn't get an erection - she friend zoned me the next day. Just want a gf lads

What was the french girls name?
I fucked a french girl once and I made her beg for my cock.
Would be a funny coincidence.
Funny to me, that is.

Fucking faggot I've got a lot of beta rage in me, poke fun all you want but I'll smash your fucking face in you cunt

Thinking of doing it too, I am 27 already. Yeah there is the danger of getting addicted to hookers and that you will never be able to court a girl again. Well jokes on you, life, I was never able to do it anyways kek.

No seriously, what's her name?

I want to know it too. *grabs popcorn*

why wouldn't it be okay? Who cares it's just sex

22m Canada, I’ve bought escorts but to only try out fetishes I was emberassed about, was well worth it.

fpbp do it if you just want sex. But if you're looking to fill a gaping absence in your life it's a waste of money and you'll be miserable for it.

Lost my virginity to a prostitute(?) at 22. Its regrettable a bit, but atleast I got sex out of the way. It can teach you good things but only if you're willing, otherwise it's just meaningless sex.

Also, dont tell anyone. Say it was a ONS, people will judge, women will hate you for it. They just cant grasp the fact that some men had serious anxiety issues and never developed socially right.

>After masturbating for years and years, first time pussy is less satisfying.
What to do about it? Nofap then try sex again?

I'm gonna play devils advocate and say do it and that I do think it may help you get a girlfriend down the road. If your hangup on getting a girlfriend is lack of sexual experience or lack of confidence because of that, I think practicing on a whore who has no expectations will give you more confidence in your abilities. That way when you do fuck a girl you actually care about you'll have the knowledge and confidence in yourself to keep her around.

You could also just lie to your friends that you're still a virgin.
In the end, sex is just sex, and everybody has the ability to do so.

>i'm fairly certain she put it between her legs and not in her pussy
Lol... You should be able to feel the difference between a pussy and her legs. If you're having sex with a condom but you aren't feeling anything, it's usually because of 1 of 2 things:

>The inside of your condom is dry.
I don't know why people never mention this when it comes to putting on condoms. But always lube up the head of your penis or atleast spit on it a couple of times before putting on the condom. Putting on a condom on your dry penis-head is like fucking a plastic bag.

>you're nervous/anxious
Being nervous or anxious can kill the pleasure you should get from sex.

>fucked 172 hookers
Lmao. Just lmao.

Fap less frequently and hold it as lightly as possible.

Careful. Hooker adiction is a very real thing. You may get too used to have fucks on demand.

I haven't had sex in 1 year.
Should I drop 60€ on a hoe or RDR2?

pic related,have been thinking about for 2 months,dunno

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60 is a good price

Where are you from? I'm thinking about it too, but the one I wanna visit charges 100 euros for 30 mins. Others are old or fatties.

post pics of old fatties

The thought that it's just a 30min fancy nut keeps me from it desu.

Portugal,this one is also 30min.1hr is 100.

Native Portuguese are usually more expensive,Brazilian girls tend to be cheaper, but not too much,pic related

where are you from btw? post the hoe

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It is infinitely better than masturbating. Just make sure you're loaded and ready to pound the fuck out of her for that half an hour

I rarely repeat, generally I'll find a regular and get bored of her after a while and switch to someone new. Sometimes, though rarely, they start to get clingy and I have to ditch them.

I'd say half of that number are the Chinese at my local massage shop as they switch girls pretty often.

Very well. I haven't touched my dick since I fucked her earlier this week. I'm used to only masturbate 3-4 times a week, but I guess I'll do a two week nofap and try again.

I wanna try real tantric massage before trying sex again though because I feel like it can help me somehow.

By the way, if I didn't feel a thing, should I give the same escort another try? I'm assuming that masturbating for so many years as a virgin has fucked my sensitivity up.

The trick to using a prostitute effectively is to incorporate it as one of many things you're doing to improve with women. You should be reading self help shit, talking to women irl whenever you can, asking cute girls out, reading relationship advice, etc, AND if you're too afraid to make physical advances on women, go for a few prostitutes to get over that hump.

That's what I did. Ended up with a GF fairly quickly and my confidence is pretty okay right now. I nut too fast with prostitutes, though, so I have to get 2 hours and make sure they're okay with 2 nuts, plus I only like prostitutes that allow me to make out with them because my ex told me I'm a bad kisser lol.

I also fucked a fat chick and made out with her. Girls tend to like me and I'm getting pretty good with them. I only fucked like 5 or 6 prostitutes and it was all in the same 2 week spam when visiting Amsterdam. They weren't the street ones though, they were ones I found online and went to their hotel room. One of them I think drugged my drink, but I tasted something so didn't drink it. Still got pretty weirdly tired after it. Fucking bizarre. Fucked the shit out of her for 2 hours though so w/e.

I didn't have any trouble talking to the prostitute though. It was like asking for directions on the street. I just talked about random shit and didn't really mind it.

>After masturbating for years and years, first time pussy is less satisfying. You feel less because you 're used to fuck your hand.

What funny bullshit bizarro universe do you lin where rubbing one out is more satisfying than pussy

Pay 1 hour. I'm from Huezil. She looks about the same tier as the ones I fuck here. I pay 180 BRL per hour at the brothel.

This one is a little too dark.

Gross. Where are you from?

This is difficult to answer. Was she hot? Did you like her? If you have any doubt, choose someone else.

Try doing the death grip often.

>This is difficult to answer. Was she hot? Did you like her? If you have any doubt, choose someone else.
Huh... I guess? I didn't get a instant boner when I saw her though... Pic related.

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I haven't gotten an "instant boner" since I was in middle school that's not really a good indicator lol

Well I supposed I would get an instant boner when seeing a girl I was about to fuck. I am also a HUE btw, but I live in the North.

I'm in the same boat honestly, death grip means that I pretty much last for 1-2 hours without being able to cum. I sometimes come bareback within 20 minutes, but only if I haven't jacked it for a while.

Nothing wrong with going back to the same escort if you enjoyed the first time. Just make sure you're getting your money's worth and she's playing her part well.

The Chinese are honestly very eager to please, plus they're almost always hairy down below which is my fetish. It's also very easy to bareback them as opposed to paying a lot more or going for a cheap Romanian who is fucking 20+ guys a day. It's all legal in the UK

Do not do it

I love escorts and I have fucked 20 of them. But dont let your first time be with one. You want it to be meaningful

>tfw first girl I ever had sex with was my 17 yr old gf and we were both virgins
>only fucked one other girl without paying
>not mad

And besides if u ever get married you get God tier feelsex if it's your first time

Not a great idea.
If you want to blow money, go ahead but it won't fix you.

Same guy, right? Well, do you get boners when seeing random hot girls in the streets? If yes, I think you should try someone else.
That girl has a good body, but she seems darker than I would like. But that's just my preference.

I still get instant boners.

Must be nice. Sometimes I lose my erection inbetween a blowjob and sticking it in her pussy. I really need to stop masturbating but it's hard to sleep :/

>do you get boners when seeing random hot girls in the streets?
Sometimes I get a boner and sometimes I get hyped. I didn't get any of those.

>she seems darker than I would like
It's the photo. She isn't white but her skin is way lighter than that.

>Sometimes I lose my erection inbetween a blowjob and sticking it in her pussy
Don't you have anxiety as well? I sometimes lose my erection because of anxiety.

>I didn't get any of those
Then I'd recommend to try another one. Sometimes the girl may be hot, but the chemistry just doesn't happen.

Yeah it might be mostly the anxiety, I have no idea. But I have less issues when I don't jerk off. I still cum too fast though. Worst of both worlds. I have pills that help with that though, so as long as I can keep it up I'm good.

im 23 and I just lost it to a girl at the bunny ranch down in nevada recently. Before I was super anxious and would barely talk to women, let alone look them in the face when I was.

I chose who I thought was one of the pretty ones, luckily she was also good at taking care of virgins. It was a good chunk of money but having not had a girlfriend ever I was kinda rolling in it.

She was super gentle and when I climaxed we cuddled for a bit as I descended back down from space. I felt changed.

That was a week ago and now I've already gone on a few tinder dates stress free, it was a total game changer. Sex wasn't the only thing on my mind, it used to be all I was thinking about to the point I was too scared to respond to a woman's texts.

I'd say go for it but don't rely on it. My girl was super clinical about it and I knew coming in that it wasn't love but rather an 'adjustment'.


You'll wind up like Chris Chan.

No, it is a temporary satiation of thirst that will come right back in the next week or two. It's only a quick fix.

>Could you elaborate on that?
Prostitutes are an easy way to get the comfort of sex without the baggage or stress of a relationship. It's extremely easy to become addicted to that kind of thing, and that can ruin any sort of attempt at having a normal sex life in the future.

It's a lot like porn addiction. The ease of access + high quality content will easily outshine anything you can find in real life, which can diminish sexual gratification with normal people.

By the by, being a virgin isn't all that bad compared to sleeping with a hooker. Bumping uglies with a sex worker is tantamount to fucking every other partner that person fucked. It's really gross and a huge turn off.

also 29 and have been to therapy w/ basically no progress.

Check out the channel called Meta Intent on YouTube. It's kind of a blessing in disguise, because now I know how one could get laid easily, but it's a level of depravity I'm not willing to sink to if you catch my drift

I've watched the first (chronologically) three videos and all I can say is that I am both intrigued and confused at the same time.

Here is my story user. I suggest do it, but do it proper with a nice escort and not some streetwalker or a cheap one. Arrange at least 2 hours too, in case you come too soon or dont at all. Find somebody who is fine with virgins and will show youthe ropes.

Dont hide you are virgin from her, she will find out anyway. Try not to jerk off for several days beforehand, i fucked by jerking off when i was high the night before, admitted was a good nut but still.

One more important thing, if you think it is not too late for you dont do it. I felt it was too late for me essentially and it occupied too much of my time, so i needed to get it off..

my chest.

Oh also have fun, relax and have fun

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OP I think in this context it is a positive thing. You have, through your own set of circumstances, missed the boat on losing your virginity at a young-ish age. At this point I would pay for the experience so you can lose your V-Plates and move on to bigger and better things. It isn't ideal, but not having the virginity anxiety hanging over your head in future relationships will make the transition into normie-hood much easier.

Bump, fellow johns.

Thanks, I thought I was the only soul in this world who had a thing for unshaven pussy.

The chaddest chads in my school, who I thought could have any girl of their choosing, all lost their virginity to a prostitute.
To be fair I personally like being a virgin because going by my own standards, deep down, I think "well at least I didn't lose it to a prostitute". But at the same time I'm ashamed of saying I'm a virgin. But I'd probably be even more ashamed if I had to tell someone I lost it to a prostitute. So I lie either way.
My dad told me that he lost his virginity to a prostitute.

I lost mine to a prostitute and I completely understand how you feel. I felt like having my first time be with a prostitute was pretty much admitting that I was a biological failure.
That said, after I lost my virginity with one I didn't feel guilty afterwards and although the sex wasn't even good at least I no longer have to carry in my shoulders the anxiety of being a 28 year old virgin.
I see now that I gained additional benefit of not having to lie or omit myself when talking to sexually active people - lieing is bad for everybody in most situation.
I have decided that I will tell the truth if anybody ever asks me who I lost my virginity to and bear the consequences of doing so.

Losing it to a prostitute is more of a desperate measure nowadays. If you feel like you still have time then just try to lose it to a regular girl instead.