How to defend efficiently if pitbull jumps on you?

I heard best option is to try and gouge its eyes out as fast as you can

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carry a gun, retard. multipurpose

Shove your arm down its throat and suffocate it. Hard to bite down if the jaw's forced wide.

What if he jumps on you and you drop the gun? Fucking retard.

Naw you dead nigga, you get ragdolled.

I'm sure they would tear off your hand before you could get to their eyes. I don't think there's a way, other than maybe shooting them with a tazer.

Lie down and pray. Dont expose your face or front of neck. Or individual fingers

They will keep biting and tearing even if you cause them pain. You really need to make its pain unbearable. Like OP said, try and make it bite your arm, press against him to put him on ground so he becomes still(well as much as possible cause taming dog in pure fury is extreme) and just try to crush its neck or gouge eye and don't stop. He needs to die. And if owner is some psycho martial artist, soldier, cop, gangster (which chances are huge) you gonna get beat up or killed by him so might at least kill his dog.

If a pitbull wants you dead, you'll come out of the situation either dead or maimed for life. Just leave your neck exposed and hope it kills you quickly.

do you think you just literally carry guns in your hands 24/7? or maybe a string around your neck? it's much more likely you'll be able to either pull it out and shoot it literally anywhere on its body as the dog lunges or even if it gets close, as it bites one of your non-vital body parts (like one of your arms), rather than trying to fucking gouge its eyes out. the only time this would fail is if you were retarded enough to literally present your neck to the dog.

Triangle choke with arms or legs

Thankfully the chances are near zero that this will ever happen to us. Seems like it would be difficult to crush its neck, unless you have great forearm strength.

I would never trust a pitbull owner. They all either psychopaths, like you've said, or they feel very weak and insecure in real life and subconsciously bought one to deter threats.

still, your logic is "don't try and learn ways to improvise. just accept it, if you don't have a gun, you can die." you don't offer solutions for those who don't have ability to carry a gun.

your advantage is range
soccer kick it in the head till it's stunned then stomp it till it's dead

Eyes is good, get a solid thumb in one and dig. ideally your buddy is there and has a belt and can tie it around the dogs neck to suffocate it. dog will very likely attack your arm

if it does get on your arm grab it by the balls and rip them off if possible, that will at least get it off you and start if bleeding out if you can detatch them.

According to their dumbshit owners who insist on how nice they are you can just cuddle them to death

Simply squeeze them, like Hulk tier hard. That will do it.

Pepper spray would work, hopefully....

excellent strategy! especially if its a bitch pitbull.

basically this pitbulls won't let go even if you kill them
you have to prevent the bite to survive it

I refuse to believe that, if it truely will never let go, sacrifice an arm and bite it's fucking neck out.

If its dead, you just break its jaw so teeth get out of bite. You won't die if it just fucked up your arm and you receive medical help in less than half an hour.

A 70yr old indian man killed a tiger by ripping its tounge out. Lockjaw or no lockjaw i dont think any animals alive will want to bite down while getting their throats fisted

They do let go, but it's very hard to get the do so once they attack, it will probably stick it out for at least 30 seconds which can feel like 10 minutes. Kicking them isn't going to do shit. Also making sure the owner sticks around because you get a decent paycheck when you sue them for emotional trauma and medical bills.

Do some research. If you are bit by a pitbull, you're fucked 90% of the time. They literally will not let go even if you horribly hurt them.

Pretty sure owner will beat you up and haunt you himself with his other buddies since the mindset is such. All pitbull owners are some alpha chads who would rather make everyone's life miserable than feel shame. That's why they buy this breed, to have protection of their pride and ego.

A tiger is big enough that you can stuff your head inside its mouth. Pitbulls are quite small, if it's already chewing down on one of your arms or your leg you're not likely to stick your pinky finger in its jaw let alone your whole hand to try and rip its tongue out.

>All pitbull owners are some alpha chads

Chads have poodles and shit because they don't over-compensate through their dog. Everyone who I have ever seen, met, heard about or read about who had a pitbull or was pro-pitbull was typically a tiny woman or a very frail man who couldn't handle a golden retriever with two hands, let alone their choice of dog.

That, and uh "urban" fellas

One of the dumbest posts I've read all day.

Here in Eastern Europe, pit bull owners are always some mafia guys or guys who are into bodybuilding, military etc. basically high testosterone stuff. Violent breeds ordinary people get here are belgian shepherd or doberman.

>One of the dumbest posts I've read all day.
He's right. Actual chads don't own a pitbull because they realize most women are afraid of pitbulls and instead will buy a toy dog, a funny looking breed, or a golden retriever as a conversation starter when they're out and about. What woman is going to go "cute dog" to a pitbull owner?

Maybe don't spend your days reading Jow Forums and don't get upset so easily. All I said was my own experience regarding pitbulls and who typically owned them. it was always people who were insecure or mentally deranged who were unfit to keep a pitbull. It was never a muscular Chad, the Chads I know literally had small dogs or friendly breeds like Huskys and Golden Retrievers. Never pitbulls.

Same with the horror stories of pitbulls running accross the street to try and eat the kids on the playground or eating the kids in their own appartment. It was always some grandma or like a 45 year old single lady living in a shitty appartment.

Well it's Eastern Europe, so

Guess it's cultural difference then. Cause survival of the fittest is still mentality widely spread through former eastern bloc and being as dangerous as you can in society is preferred way to climb in society here, not trying to get high education.

Basically guy who didn't finish high school and made money by doing sports or criminal activity will get better welcome by avg citizen than someone who finished 2 faculties. Educated ones are considered retards and weaklings who picked path of less resistance instead of gaining name on streets.

It's not the dog's fault you savage!
It's all because socioeconomic background and other social factors

Get a defense Toadline to SMASH and SLAM any who oppose you be it a pitbull or a killer whale

Uh, i see these shitty nigger animals everywhere where i live here in small town america everyone from brown illegals, to elderly white dudes, to women shaped like the penguin own them.

Eh, I'm sure the same thing applies in an American ghetto. I was born in Eastern Europe, two months after communism fell, but moved to the US, and I never seen a pitbull as a kid.

Holy shit this whole thread is full of retards. Have any of you actually been around a dog? I train dogs for a living and have been doing so for 13 years. I have pit bulls that would outperform and behave better than most of the dogs in your neighborhood.

Also take five seconds to Google the breeds with the highest number of bite incidents. It's the little yappy shits like chihuahas and Jack Russel terriers. Stop listening to your single mom gossip groups and leave your basements.

>Also take five seconds to Google the breeds with the highest number of bite incidents.
Here comes the pitbull defense force. Shame those statistics don't show that when a chihuaha bites you, it's a small injury, while when a pitbull bites you, you lose your arm. Cats also bite more often than dogs. Are cats more dangerous than pitbulls? Pitbull owning retard.

>Google the breeds with the highest number of bite incidents.
It's pitbulls. You're fucking stupid.

>plebbit spacing
Nice try, now fuck off.

Yeah, totally. Chads have poodles.

Hungary's first gangster rapper in pic related. It's Eastern Europe even. What kind of dog is that?

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They are fast, powerful and their jaws are like steel. And they shake their head back and forth once they get onto something.

I would say kick so they go for your legs first. If they do get a hold of a leg then gouge one or both eyes as hard as you can with your fingers.

I knew a guy that did door to door sales. he said a pitfall lunged after him once and he kicked the dog as hard as he could in the head. He said the dog yelped and then walked away.

When I was a kid, I lived in the legit ghetto. My family's pet was a pit bull. My dad chose a pit bull because all of the black people in the neighborhood were afraid of it, and so they avoided our house. Sometimes, threats can be useful, and not a reflection on their owners.

You need to practice on a dog you know. You can punish a dog that's just talking shit, but if a dog wants to hurt you, you cannot inflict enough pain to make it stop. Dogs can't keep up with abrupt changes in your direction because they rely on momentum. Get that fucker where you want it. Although jaws close powerfully, it is not hard to keep there mouth closed by hand. You need to get it before it gets you. Use the other hand to pickup by neck. If you can get the dog on its back, and put pressure on the stomach, you may be able to talk sense into them. Hopefully owner will show up and take control. You can get a dog down by reaching over the back and lifting legs on the opposite side. If you can't be meaner than doggo, you're fucked. If you have a fear of dogs: A little squirt gun with ammonia may comfort you. A poodle is also quite dangerous.

bear spray is a reasonable precaution, pit bulls are a very dangerous animal

Unless you're a child or an elderly person, fucking beat it to death. My pitt is 40 pounds, and most American Pitbull Terriers are. Maybe the biggest one youll see is 60 pounds.. So even if you're a manlet, you should have 100 pounds on the thing. If you cant defend yourself, you deserve to be removed from the gene pool (kids and elderly excluded)

These posts are correct.

I am an anime watching, skinny, weaboo with no gf

I have a pitbull

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How in the fuck has no one given the best advice here? Carry a baby or toddler to throw in its way and it'll lose interest in you.

Carry doggy biscuits and throw it when it comes near you.

That's ok for tigers, but dogs are specific about who they want to kill.

You may be on to somthing. I wanted to get free parts from the junkyard when I was a kid and befriended the mean ass dog with hotdogs for a few nights until he let me pet him. It took a while to build a relationship. But maybe a good distraction to give you the upper hand. I got the idea from an Eddie Murphy movie.

I've been attacked by a pit bull. It wasn't like the one in OP's pic. He was a big motherfucker.

Here's the thing you guys really don't understand, when a dog bites, they can do 10 bites easily in the blink of an eye. This fucker grabbed onto my left arm and just held there. Then he looked me in the eye and started thrashing like he was playing with a tug toy. In the moment I fought back the first way I could think of and started bashing him on the head. And before I even knew it he was on my other arm. He bit up and down my entire right arm and then I instinctively tried to move my arm out of the way (far too late) and he ripped open my arm leaving fucking guts all over me. I don't remember much after that but I know after that I ended up on the ground and he went after my face. Because my memory is hazy, I don't quite remember if he only got a glancing blow on my face, or if people ended up grabbing the dog at the right time. If those people hadn't have grabbed him, I'd have probably died or been unrecognizable at the least.

Looking back, maybe I could have done something more when he first grabbed onto me. It was weird, I was right next to a dog park and the dog had a harness on, no leash.

Without a weapon or very, very quick actions I don't think it's possible to subdue one of those things completely.

How is your arms today? Do you have permanent damages?

I recommend always having a strong pepper spray and a very sharp knife with you. The pepper spray is your weapon when the dog is still in long range. Aim for its nose/eyes and get ready to run away. If he really comes close and attacks you, Depending on the situation and your confidence, either ram the knife into its forehead with all your power and pray you penetrate the skull and split its brain. Alternatively, if he bites and locks into one of your limbs, cut its throat until massive amounts of blood gush out, then pull out the knife and stab its body rapidly. A pitbull doesn't know pain and once enraged, it will attack until you're dead, so your only chance is to switch off its brain or make him bleed out. Best advice though: Prevention! If you see a pitbull from afar, at least change road sides or even better go a different way even if it takes more time to get to your destination. Pitbull owners are without exception weaklings and mentally challenged people. They are dangerous and dogs reflect their owners. Pitbuls and other aggressive dog breeds should be extinct, but they will continue to exist because of said people. Be careful.

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>ghetto family
no I think its a pretty accurate reflection thus far.

If it bites down on your arm try to stick your thumb in its asshole and it will let you go

I want to jerk off to this set. Do you know sauce?

I got medical treatment right away. The doc said I was really lucky because none of the bites got past any muscle and there was no nerve damage. I have full movement still. I have scars all over the places he bit me. The largest are on my right forearm. The one closest to my elbow you can still run your finger over and feel the hole because there's nothing there between the skin and the muscle.

I'm not disfigured in any way, you wouldn't really know anything happened to me with a quick glance. The scar on my face is really small, so you can only see it under a certain light. Again, very lucky given the circumstances.

I got you mah boi. That's Alyson Hannigan, from Buffy era. This particular set was from FHM magazine in 2001. There are a few off-shoot images from that day around, but she's old and greasy now, so be careful not to destroy your fap fantasy when searching.

Good to hear. I know I'm just a stranger on the internet, but I'm glad you got out of this like that. I've witnessed people not being so lucky.

I doubt you'll do much but a dog's instincts are to hunt so if you run and struggle they get excited and continue the hunt. gotta act like a predator instead of the prey. the instant you turn your back to run you signal to the dog it's open season and they will hunt you down until something stops them (i.e. their owner dropping them or your death)

other than that protect your face and neck but if he's got you pinned game over.

Look at how small its legs are, with enough force you could break one.

Hit it in the throat as hard as possible, this pretty much downs anythingn with a throat and lungs because it will feel like it can’t breathe for like 30 seconds and when its stunned take your opportunity and curb stomp its neck/kick its neck as hard as possible. I’ve thought about this before.

this too, it only takes 25 lbs of pressure to crush a human trachea (the same amount of force to crush a popcan) I would imagine a dog's is a bit weaker

Do. Not. Let. It. Get. To. Your. Throat.

If that happens you're a goner. Aside form that, knife the shit out of that thing. If you wear a thick sweater or jacket let it bite your arm and grab your knife with your off-dog-hand. If it's more than 1 pitbulls (as is usually the case), you'll need luck too though.

Stick a digit up its arse

I don't understand how people can defend these shitty creatures.

Wrestle with it until daybreak and then refuse to let it go unless it blesses you.

>There are a few off-shoot images from that day around, but she's old and greasy now,

Bro she was already like 30 years old back then and she look fine now for like a 45 year old.

Okay so I speak from experience what you want to do is as they will jump for you push their head down and when they fall down put all your weight on one knee and fall on them. This will break their ribs and impale their heart.


One of Latvia's first rappers is pic related, Eastern Europe is a big place I guess.

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You're one of those retards who bought the "pitbulls are all naturally vicious and will go for your throat if you let your guard down for even a second!" meme, aren't you.

Not OP but pitbulls are pretty much proven to have a higher potential for aggression than other breeds. They were specifically bred for one purpose: fight to the death. Their jaws are a lot stronger than other dogs too. That being said, I know a dog is a mere reflection of its owner, but considering 90% of these digs are owned by human scum like this fact can be neglected.

Its actually not quite as simple as you think to draw a gun. Once you've got it aimed and everything, sure; you're set. But you have to properly draw the gun first and if you're surprised by some pitbull suddenly jumping on you, you probably will have to resort to melee.

For humans, guns usually beat melee, but that's because they know how ridiculously deadly a gun is and its less easy to stop than a bladed weapon.

t. JK I'm making guesses based off some Half in the Bag episode where they discuss information gleaned from a police training video on bladed weapons and combining that with stuff I vaguely know about guns.

I agree, it's so hard to hit a target that is on top of you. If only you could press the barrel of the gun against it.

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kick to face
shouldn't be too hard, pitbulls are small
Kickig a dog is evil though so only do it if you're a pussy

>Kickig a dog is evil though so only do it if you're a pussy
What if it's chewing your arm off?

If you're a big powerful looking man, chances are a pitbull won't attempt to attack unprovoked, pitbulls are stupid but they're not stupid enough to pick a fight with a larger stronger individual, so start bulking OP

Kind of off topic but still on pitbulls, I need some advice on how to convince my girlfriend not to get a pitbull, she's becoming obsessed with getting one and talking about it constantly and everytime I tell her about how they're disproportionately more likely to be involved in a mauling or deadly attack she gives me the bullshit "it's how they're raised" or "pitbulls were called the nanny dog" I don't want one of those things in my house, I've tried to level with her and say we can go look at breeders of any other dog you want but she is deadset on getting one of those monsters.

at that point youre stupid/infirm for letting an angry dog get close
>coulda kicked it in the face when you had a chance

If you ever want to have kids together, you can play up the angle that you're disappointed in her that she would want such an unpredictable dog around your baby. Prioritizing her feelings over the safety of the child. Show her statistics of the number of pitbulls that killed a child vs a golden retriever. And how dogs live 15+ years so if she ever wants kids with you, it's not going to be around a pitbull.

Pits can come up on you completely silently.

Just tell her you don't want one, you want a normal dog. honestly they are shit dogs chances are youre not even going to be able to bring it into a dog park or pet store

>being this unaware of your surroundings