What do I do if im literally always sick?

what do I do if im literally always sick?

no matter what I do I need to go to sleep. I get so tired it feels so stressful and I cant even sleep so I sip soda so I feel less tired so I can sleep because im so tired without it I feel stressed out as fuck

im always sick looking. im completely flushed pale and white. my hair is unhealthy as fuck. I get fucking bags under my eyes that go down to cheeks and they're literally completely black. my eyes are always blood shot and im tired as fuck and people ask me if im sick

no matter how much I sleep I still feel tired but I feel so sick and stressed out I cant sleep. on top of that I cant sleep I need cbd or kratom or something just to go to bed at the end of the night or I feel like garbage.

I think my house might have mold in it or something but there's nothing I can do. im thinking I might be anemic but been too sad to take my iron pills

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>I think my house might have mold in it or something but there's nothing I can do.
I think you posted this thread like a week ago, when I told you you might have mold in your AC vents. Why isn't there something you can do?

I live in the middle of nowhere with poor dumb parents. its not an AC there's no AC out here its the coldest climate in the world

im pretty sure my closet has mold in it but I dont know if its toxic. literally the entire ceiling leaks when it rains and my parents wont fix it because it costs money and for some reason they had kids with no money or jobs

Get a mold sampling kit and get it tested for $50, instead of spending it on kratom. Alternatively move out because if it is black mold, you will feel much worse within a few years. You will have all sorts of brain problems, memory fog, and so forth, which will make it very hard for you to hold a job.

I think I already have that shit now. I dont really want to move out to the local area bull shit because I hate rural areas but every time I find a way out I get trapped here

ATTENTION: This is a Two DUI Guy thread. Please do not make eye contact, do not engage.

>I dont really want to move out to the local area bull shit because I hate rural areas
Doesn't sound like you care that much about your health conditions then. If you have money for rent, you could literally hop on a train and go anywhere in the US for $100.

thats not how my life works. my life is really fucking dark and evil I had my freedom ripped away

>Gets two DUIs entirely because of his own stupid actions that he chose to make
>"guhhhh why they take muh freedomes it must be cus im balck"

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I got a dui over a hit of fucking weed dude. i've talked to my white friends they all got pulled over smoking weed or drinking and the cop just says get home and dont do it again

its literally just me

Lots of excuses, not much moving forward towards solutions.

tell me how I can possibly overcome this and I would do it

Not that guy but what is wrong with you? You just can not smoke weed or not have it in your car. My brother did the same thing and he has a dui. He's white. He's retarded. You're retarded. Your point?

1. Black mold inspector for $50 instead of spending it on weed.
2. Take a train trip or bus trip for $100 and see if you feel better by the end of it.
3. Go out camping for 3-4 days for a cheaper option.
4. If you feel better in step 2 or 3, move out.

I went to jail for 4 days and I still felt kinda sleepy and my nose getting really stuffy while I slept

I think thats hurting me my nose gets stuffy as fuck when I sleep and I cant breathe and I always wake up with a dry as fuck mouth and sore throat and I chug so much water I have to piss almost constantly

That sounds like a heavy deviated septum and you're not getting enough oxygen. Just drink less water then.

Get a sleep lab done. You might have Narcolepsy/Hypersomnia.

Caffeine does not help if you take it regularly - it's only any good if your body isn't used to it. If you are, you wind up needing caffeine just to function at all and taking more just makes you jittery rather than energized.

Processed sugars like in soda also contribute to lethargy over time. Switch to diet if you want pop.

No more soda
Drink a gallon of water a day
Eat cooked and raw vegetables twoce a day
No cheese or dairy
No sauce of gravy
No butter
Only olive oil

Walk 10-20 minutes a day.

ive done all of that except for the strict as fuck diet shit but when I eat nothing but vegetables I feel like fucking garbage like 100x worse

none of my friends have to diet like this to not feel like shit. its seriously something fucked. I think its mental and physical

What's your normal diet? Probably unhealthy as fuck, right? You're probably a dopamine addict from all the sugar.

Certain types of probiotics can reduce the duration and severity of infections.