Tfw can't get tax transcript for FAFSA because government shutdown

>tfw can't get tax transcript for FAFSA because government shutdown

wtf do I do guys

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This country's priorities are fucked.

You have til april 15.

semester starts January 22nd

It's way too late for spring semester dude, you should have done this ages ago.

It's from my school's side, I did the FAFSA application in October, it's just now that they're asking me for this shit

I can't get my permanent cerificate from the faa until this ends. What shitty timing.

Write your congressman to build the wall.

be happy, you're bound to pick a horrific major that pays shot and spend the rest of your life in debt anyway. Besides, student loans are gonna go 2008 within the decade. No one paying them and they hand them out to every poor fag in the country.

Winter quarter started this week at my University. You going to JC? JC cheap af my dude.

oh wait, I think you're right, my last application covers the spring semester. I did the math and it checks out
Nope. Getting an associates in science to get that sweet $5,000 bonus in the Navy, then I might do Computer Science

>thinks he actually gets the bonus

Wait don't tell me your girl says she gnna stay with you while deployed too and your recruiter was super honest with you. HAhahahahahahaha 10 dollar bet on Corpsmen. It's like the Marines but 10× more dangerous

no gf lul
and no all recruiters talked a lot of bullshit EXCEPT I will get free citizenship :^)
I don't care about the danger, don't really have a plan for my life anyways. They can't just not give the bonus, how the fuck is that gonna work?

Glad to have reminded you lol.

>oh no i don't get to be a massive fucking leech apologize now drumph >:CCCCCC

if you can't survive without fafsa, consider suicide

> How can they do that
I think you're gnna fit right in :).

Fuck off child rapist. I grew up poor and fafsa got me through college, and atm I could buy and sell your whole family.

Not OP.

Know a guy in marble in tile union, barely does anything. 60 an hour full time.
Challenger Hellcat at 22.
College pointless

>how the fuck is that gonna work?
oh man, you're in for a really interesting experience man, at least it will build some character

>how dare the government use taxes to invest in their working population
Dumbass libertarian

>educating yourself
you realize how retarded that sounds? considering education is free in most other countries, the least the government could do is help students out with the cost. Also I can survive without fafsa, I have a part-time job, I just don't want to suffer just to make some rich asshole richer.
>no bonus
>no join
what are they gonna do, kill you?

Lol let's not tell him anymore he has hope still.

i thought the same thing , if you went last semester u should be fine this spring semester and the money should still come it will be just delayed.
>what u need to do
go to fafsa place and sign up for it for fall semester , that will cover 2019 fall and 2020 spring .
>are u from texas by any chance ?

I mean he's going to make good money anyway, not as much as he thinks in his head. And to be completely honest 5,000$ isn't even that much money anyway, he wont even notice he got it.

I don't think he's gonna get the job he wants, Submarine or Corpsmen eretime!

I know how much I'll be making, I'm not really doing it for the money. Doing it for citizenship, which would take years to get accepted if I just apply as a citizen. $5,000 is not much but it's something.
don't know why you're assuming my intelligence from seemingly out of nowhere but ok
yeah texas

No it's not that you don't deserve, or couldn't do a good Navy Job. Just your expectations and what you wanna do, probably and usually isn't what the service wants you to do.