Got asked out a couple days ago by a guy I see every once in a while in class...

Got asked out a couple days ago by a guy I see every once in a while in class, I said yes because he was always really nice to me, we went out and had lunch and he paid the $60 tab (I offered to split but he insisted). Then we just walked around town and hung out a little longer. Then yesterday he asked me out again and I said sure, I'd been lonely, so we went and got burgers and he paid again.

Usually I'd have nothing at all to complain about in this situation but the issue is that we don't really match at all. I find it difficult to talk to him because we have almost no common interests. I like sports and thinks sports are stupid, I'm going to law school in a couple years and he doesn't care about law, he isn't into movies either. I honestly can't tell what exactly he does like, other than PC games, and I don't have a PC. Everything else he talks about is related either to his job, or to the fact that he hates college.

I can tell he has good intentions but I really don't click with him at all, but he's spent $80 on me and I don't want to be the bitch who swindled him out of his money or whatever. What do I do /adv?

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Give him the it's me not you.

Tell all your friends that he raped you and they will do the rest.

Take him on a $40 date, pay for it and then tell him you don't THINK(not feel) that you two don't match.

Or do this.

Thanks for the advice :)
That's probably my best bet yeah. I don't want to get into a serious relationship with this guy but I also don't want to have wasted his money.

No I'm waiting until he gets nominated to Supreme Court

My post was an accidental double negative but I think you got it

Yeah, I did, don't worry

You are a top shelf female continue to do you

Wanna go to the shooting range with me? We can split the tab, and I'll let you shoot my HK91. It's a real fun rifle.

If you tell him you feel, he'll say you might change and if you tell him you think he'll believe he can change your mind so say neither. You tell the truth, you don't want a relationship with anyone and felt bad allowing him to pay twice. You don't answer any of his questions about why because he will pick them apart. Make this the last time the two of you go on a date.

So you knew you didn’t like the guy and still went out for free shit, and now you’ve come here to paint a picture in your mind that favors you and get validation from anons. How’s it feel to be a freeloading thot?

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lol are you for real

I was waiting for one of you to say this. If she had told him no at the start you would still call her a thot and a bitch for not giving him a chance. Bottom line, if a guy sets his eyes on a particular girl its over for her unless the guy moves to another country or gets hit by a bus.

Just tell him you're glad to have him as a friend and that he's a really nice guy. Then start talking about your boyfriend. Then say something about how you're relationship with his is so much like Will and Grace.

>glad to have him as a friend
do not say this, to him it is encouragement

Actually no I wouldn’t because there is nothing wrong with a girl saying no, infact I wish more girls would just flat out say they don’t like a guy then waste his time or say something else that she doesn’t mean.

This. I'm currently a heartbroken wreck because my ex just couldn't tell me the truth that she didn't love me anymore and was chatting up another guy. Have some fucking mercy on a man's heart for gods sake.

There is no way she didn’t know she didn’t like him. She even said she went out with him because “he was always really nice to me”. mistake number one right there. Then when she knows she fucked she came to the internet to help her as if its so sad that she literally created this problem for herself, and wasted this guys time and money. You can’t tell me she’s not a thot.

No it’s not lol, thats the death sentence for any guy who’s interested in a girl.

no its not saying he has a good personality or he carries his weight well or he's like a brother is a death sentence. this early he will think his foot is in the door and if he hangs in there she'll come around.

I wanted to see how it went. I gave him a chance because I genuinely didn't know anything about him. He could've been exactly my type, I didn't know, we'd barely talked. I'm not a victim. I'm not upset that I got free shit. I'm incredibly appreciative to him. I just don't think we should be together.

Also, I'm a virgin, so some fuckin thot I am.

Thot-like behavior is not tied to virginity, but at least you have recognized you are responsible for making this right.

it was 2 dates though, not like they were married for years. how can you accurately judge someone based on a single date? people get nervous, or you get caught up in the activity, or you overthink things, some people take time to open up, etc. a second date at least filters that out mostly. I'd hope I'd get a second chance because I'd probably do all those things

You came to the wrong place to ask for advice user. This place is full or cynical MGTOW-tier man children who are bitter because incel or loved and lost. You'd be better asking somewhere else.

Good, thanks. Just don't call me a thot. Both times I offered to pay.

If they don’t really know eachother that well and he asked her out and now she’s gonna say, “well you’re a good friend” it’s def over.

No promises.

Whatever you say thot.

Honey, let me tell you: Dont EVER let someone pay for you, or else they will brag about it for ever and you will be the one that is going to pay for it even more. You dont pay with money, you pay with actions. My ex gifted me a really expensive bag and later he treated me like a slave because thats the things I would be owing him due to the fact that he paid for me.

Honey dont do this ever again. Go with him on a date again, pay everything, gift him something more and then say you get an mental illness or something and you are not ready for a relationship yet. Dont say its because of him, say its because of you - so you will lower the risk of him going crazy and throwing acid in your face or something like that (I have experienced this type of shit, believe me!)

Okay, how should I have handled the situation then?

This. Guys spend money on you to guilt-coerce you into doing stuff. Next time just throw the shekels on the table and leave if he gets fussy over you paying your part. Will save you the awkward "Sorry not interested" talk, too.

bruh don't get triggered by these faggots

they're gonna tell you you should've said no, who the fuck cares you can't go back and change it

if you feel like doing something nice for someone, I think the best bet is go on one more date, you set it up and pay for it, and then say hey I haven't been feeling the chemistry really, but I want you to know I appreciate the dates you took me out on and cut contact

if not, just say you don't feel like a good match and cut contact you don't owe anything to anyone and I guarantee you these faggots are the first to fuck someone over for their own good

Relax it's just a joke sweetheart. Just upfront with him that you don't wanna date. He'll either take it like a man or like a child. Either way, it's not your problem, it was his choice to pay, and that should not guilt you one single bit.

thanks guys

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can't tell if sarcastic