Is being in a LDR for 1 and a half year without meeting once, crazy?

Is being in a LDR for 1 and a half year without meeting once, crazy?

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You're not in a relationship if you haven't met. She's nowhere near your girlfriend if you haven't even kissed her.

Or boyfriend, I guess.

Depends. Probably yes, if you're both motivated enough.

The big question however is why did you decide to do things that would prevent you to see each other for a year and a half.

We kissed trough voice calling
hard to meetup when we're both on the other side of the world

yes it is,

desu I have a friend that i used to have a crush on who's in a LDR with his "fiance" that he's been with for nearly 4 years and they still haven't met... one lives in the UK one lives in the US. They both don't have enough money to see each other. he used to flirt with me and online girls before but I heard he changed his ways after his fiance found out.

me and my friends think he should try dating someone closer since he craves that physical interaction.

>kissed through voice calling
This is the cringiest thing I have ever read.

Yeah it can work if you guys are serious about it I been in a ldr for 3 years now although I met him in my 8 month but before that he didn’t knew how I looked like for 6 months of our relationship since I was too shy
We visit eachother every 5-7 months it’s not really easy but we manage

We're already planning to meet up, but my girlfriend has to save up around 5k first if she wants to get a visa, so just waiting for her to save up enough money now.
I know what she looks like already, I'm just worried about how to get together permanently and live together.

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Have you both finished studying or have an idea where to work at? I’d love to move in with my bf but i still have responsibilities in my country and need to finish my university if I wanted to move
I assume you live in the USA so moving without money saved up for rent is kinda dumb
Also how long have you guys dated beforehand? I don’t know what’s the standard but I wouldn’t move in with someone unless I had been dating more than 2 years since around that time a couple would have already had a mayor argument or disagreement and will know the goods and bad of a person having the idea of moving in while still being in the honeymoon period is cute but unrealistic

You obviously have done zero effort at looking into this. If you really want to meet you could arrange it somehow.

This even worse. 4 years? Traveling between UK and US is a cakewalk.

I didn't finish my study yet, she did.
Don't live in the US but in EU, that's why she needs to have at least 5k to visit.
Didn't date with her before, but when she comes here we're planning on traveling together for a month or longer.
>You obviously have done zero effort at looking into this. If you really want to meet you could arrange it somehow.
she looked into that, and said that was best way, otherwise she'd have to go by a tourist company and be stuck to that, and also can't do it by letter of invite because we'd need to have a pic of us together.
But I could go to meet her, but then I'd have to fly to her country instead, but I don't want to do that.

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>We kissed trough voice calling
You know damn well that doesn't count. Phone sex is not sex. Kissing through voice calling is not kissing. If there is no physical bond between you two, you are not in a relationship.

Why does it have to be physical, we already connect on a mental level

She is clueless then. Want actual advice on traveling and meeting up? I know a few things.

Without knowing your exact locations it's easiest you meet halfway in a place easily accessible. Such as London. Or Iceland. She does not need 5k, where did that come from?



Ldr user again here 5k is a lot and this only counting the trip if the relationship ever turns sour all that money will be gone and will be a bitter reminder for her also you’re not splitting up the pay ? Sure she’s the one coming to your house but would you pay 5k to visit her ? Pay up half of her trip it’s kinda unfair she’s the one spending money to visit you imo
Also one month for the first visit is a little bit too much but it will be a good time to know if you guys click irl since there’s an actual difference
About the one year gap try it out for a bit don’t spend anything till 6+months by then your honeymoon phase will be fading please remind yourself you’re loving the idea of this person and you only know what they want you to know about

Because she's from china and apparently it's a requirement to have some proof of money to get a EU visa if you don't work nor study, I think it's the same thing if I want to visit china and can't get a specific document from my Uni or work.

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She doesn't need to spend the 5k, she just needs proof of it.

i know right user! my friend even had the chance to even be in the US during their first year of their relationship but he never once went to see her... apparently she's thinking about moving to the UK to be with my friend but i'm still not sure if its gonna happen.


Oh, China. That changes things, but still not hard. Countries where she can get into easily that are feasible to reach for you both:

>Bosnia and Herzegovina
>Egypt (visa on arrival)
>Thailand (visa on arrival)

Just a quick list of many possibilities. Stop being so helpless and start planning the meetup.

Oh sorry my mistake well I just hope you’re cautious about this for the sake of both of you

But I don't wanna go to those countries
And why is it a problem when she can save up enough within the next 5 months.
What wrong with china?

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You're such a huge pussy. If you can't even go to those countries how can you travel with her for an entire month?

I can go to those countries, but I've been travelling way too much already in the past 2 years, and prefer to travel in europa this time.

my boyfriend's ex girlfriend is from china, she was his only good ex out of all the exes he has had. she was living the UK and the only reason they broke up was because she had to go back to China....

my question is how does her family feel about you? do they even know about you? does she come from a strict family?

>been traveling a lot the last 2 years
>never thought to arrange your travels to meet her

Did try to arrange it once, but lost my passport in Japan just a week before I was going to fly to HK.
That was 7 months ago.

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