Help me fit

Help me fit

Im getting tired of my gf. She is constantly nagging on me, trying to control how much weed I smoke etc, even though I workout 4 times a week, hold down a 20 hour a week office job meanwhile attending college for a good degree.

I have my life in order and the last thing I want when I get home is my gf telling me what I can or cant do. I also geniuinely feel sad or down for no reason whatsoever often lately, and I suspect its because all of her bullshit.

She gets upset really easy, and her behavior has just straight up killed my sex drive. I cant really feel anything anymore. Weve been together for a year.

Is it time to end it?

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stop being a pussy

Great advice user

Mate stop smoking weed you degenerate

same with me OP, started great, been together for 3 years

think 2019 is the year its all over

>woman makes me sad
>not even married

just tell her to fuck off. apparently you're too big a bitch to talk to her about your problems, so dump her and grow up.



Have belts in your bed one night

Bro why are you keeping her are you retarded my ex used to bitch about my smoking (cigs) too and I hated that tell her this who you are and she can leave if she doesn’t like it the next time she opens her whore mouth

She even locks my weed in her basement and only allows me to smoke during weekends


Shes cheating. Leave her or demand more oral sex to have more peace and quiet.

If this is real 1 she is insane 2 you are a pussy and 3 you should leave her ass now but make sure you have no weed in your place for a while since this behavior suggests she might call the police on you if she is this crazy

maybe you should talk with her about your problems instead of posting on a anonymous depression and body issues coping board

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>I also geniuinely feel sad or down for no reason whatsoever often lately, and I suspect its because all of her bullshit
It could be your gf nagging but it could also be the weed.

Weed is what is making you depressed, killing your sex drive and stopping you feeling anything? Isn't it obvious?

Just do coke like a normal adult.

Been there done that, im trough with that shit. Weed helps me calm down after stressful days and I need that shit.

Might be the weed bro. Best friend stopped smoking because he was a sad shit for a while. Picked himself up and got his shit together and is happier for it.


I too smoke a lot of weed but I quit for a week sometimes because I notice I get droggy and tired and low-tempered if I smoke continuously.

Coke is a lot better.

Also OP my gf annoys me too but she at least smokes with me, your gf sounds boring and cancerous. Btw telling a girl she's boring makes her insecure and she will not mention it but she will try to do better because you called her boring. Tried and tested. Sometimes she may rebel and try to call you boring but as a man, we don't care!

>mfw I avoided a relationship with staunchly anti-weed girl
>mfw I still get to hook up with her anyway because she secretly digs that I won't give in to her bullshit
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Find a better gf

its not weed, I can manage. Its the constant stress from being in a toxic relationship while having 60 hour work week.

>She is constantly nagging on me
this is what woman do my dude, welcome to reality. you will have to make the decision wether the trouble is worth the vagina
>trying to control how much weed I smoke
you shouldnt smoke weed at all, shes right on that
if you have your life in order than just ignore her moaning. if she has an actual issue then she will end it herself.
One last thing, you can not allow her to get away with locking your stuff, this emasculates you completely. if someone touched my shit there would be a serious issue since its highly disrespectful.
you dont have to leave her, just learn how to handle femal bullshit appropriately

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It was like this in the beginning but I gradually turned into a cuck, i dunno how but i feel shame heavier than the weight of the average american

>She gets upset really easy, and her behavior has just straight up killed my sex drive.
of course its time, are you dumb?

>you dont have to leave her

You sure? Last night she became almost furious after I rejected going with her parents to watch some game that would take literally 13 hours of my day just to do. I have a bros night with my friends and she asked why I couldnt just cancel it, because it wasnt "anything special". It is to me I told her, but she was too worried about what her parents might think of me not wanting to go with them..

Bretty shocked desu

>how much weed I smoke
>I also geniuinely feel sad or down for no reason whatsoever often lately,

Stop smoking weed you moron

see the problem here seems to be that for whatever reason, based on what you posted, she doesnt respect you at all.
the fact that she as an adult still cares more about what her parents say, then what others say.
If she is disagreeable, which seems to be the case, i would suggest to never give her a 'no', but a 'not now' instead. your gf appears to be quite immature, treat her with caution, like a little kid, not like an adult and you will do much better.
stay safe opie

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Okay, druggie.

its very simple, you as a grown adult can do what you want and if she tries to tell you otherwise her opinion comes second.
You want to go out with bros? do it, even if she complains
You want to smoke? i would not recommend you to do so, but if you want
The safest bet for you will be not to grow too emotionally attached, and especcially not emotional involved in arguing with her. this will make her lose even more respect to you. explain her position to you when shes upset, never give in to her bs. she will have to learn to accept your opinion. In an arguement i can give you the tip of emotionally distancing yourself, use phrases like 'i think', 'i feel like ...', especcially the latter one is very difficult to argue againgst.
when staying with her you will have to learn to get rethorically dominant to successfully repel female bs. she will then also respect you more.

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send her my way so she doesn’t have to deal with such a fucking loser

1. Tell her that's your shit and she can fuck off.
2. Tell her you'll smoke weed when you want.
3. Tell her you've decided that clearly the weed is a contentious point in the relationship so you will cut back on the weekends because you're willing to make it work.
4. Tell her if she ever pulls that bullshit again she can pound sand.
5. Bring the weed out, put in a high-vis area and don't touch it until the weekends because you have will power and are willing to compromise but you won't be treated like a dog who gets his treats locked away.
5. Start to cut back anyway. Weed once in a while is fine but honestly if you have to have it locked away so you don't smoke it you probably need a t-break anyway.

You're probably treating her badly. When was the last time you did something nice for her without being prompted?

Huge red flag, time to give her the boot.

She only cares about herself and how she looks.
She doesn't care about your opinion. She thinks your plans don't matter, and that you should live how she sees fit.
Two options buddeh
>tell her to stop that bullshit and respect you
>dump her

You're gonna make it brah
But you gotta tell her enough is enough if she's doing crazy shit like that
Time to uncuck

you should end it, but make sure you accept that as a female she could very well end up dating a new guy in just a month's time.

You're one step away from getting literally cucked. Like actually cucked, meaning your gf is gonna bring some big black dude home and get rawdogged and creampied in your bed, while you have to sleep on the couch.

This is patrician level advice

I dated a girl who acted similar to that. I had to drop anything, other friends, hobbies, lifting, basically anything I enjoyed, because she wanted to do something and if I said no she threw a tantrum if I said no. Leave her, I’m warning you it only gets worse

literally stop being a bitch. i dated a control freak like that and i cut contact with her and never looked back.