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GIOYC - Get It Off Your Chest: The too short, too long, and too emotional for a thread general.
BTW, you really shouldn't use this thread to vent rage or reinforce negativity, but its still good for when you need to get something into words or for sadness or whatever. I wonder if the purpose of GIOYC should be more fleshed out and restated each thread, because there is both some psychological and quality issues to consider... I realize you don't want to diminish the "just say it" encouragement premise, but I think you can do that and still have a little bit of guidelines.
Take it, leave it, make some kind of wiki page I don't know.
But then that's just my opinion and I'm probably just being autistic so feel free to just ignore everything I'm saying.
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Alright deal

It's good that Jow Forums has a general thread

At first I was terribly depressed that you left, then I remembered how you went on a date with another guy when we were together just to make me mad. Hope you and your new long distance boyfriend do well together.

The only thing I have on my my chest is that I have nothing on my chest. I'll have nothing on my chest after I post this.

>Trying to be attractive to a gay friend
I hate the cuck meme, but I'd guess 11.
That said I'm baffled. How the fuck did you even end up in this situation?


So earlier I got rejected, said I was interesting and wanted to be just friends. I'm sad and I can't sleep

Cream my cervix you sexy kike

that's just warm chocolate milk

I dont really like uni. but I dont like the alternative either

before coming to uni I worked in a factory, and before that I was a NEET. my life was going nowhere fast and I had no freinds. the friends part was the main reason I came here desu, but Ive been here over a year and dont have any friends. I dont really enjoy the course either, but Im decently good at it and its the only thing I have to further myself in life

I dont want to be here, but I dont want to give up my only chance at having a good life

I’m glad you’re okay. I mean, I hope you are

My hair is peak bed-head. Should I get a haircut right now before my """""date""""" or should I just not?

I'm in my last year of high school and I still haven't made any new friends. Everyone else is having fun, making memories and going out together while I sit in hallways, eat alone during lunch and go straight home with a bus after school. I'm miserable and only just now started to realize how lonely and sad I actually am after denying it unconsciously for years. I spend all my summers and holidays alone, maybe go somewhere once every two months with my old "friends". I feel like dead weight around them. I feel like they don't even care about me I'm just someone to bring along in emergencies, just to have more people and noise and nothing more. I'm not included in any activities or group chats with my class no one gives a shit. They made their own groups in the beginning and I'm the weird kid. On top of being detached from everyone I'm also failing school hard and can't bring myself to care anymore. Every day is a fucking bore only thing I have in life is gym and few solitary hobbies to fill out the day but it doesn't work anymore. I don't remember the last time I had a genuine conversation. I have no one to talk to. I don't even have a social outlet I just lurk Jow Forums and watch Youtube and Netflix just to hear someone talk. I've been like this for 4 years maybe I don't even remember when I started doing it it's all a blur.

Might as well not.
It's what I did because it wasn't a date.
It was a joke.
Just like every other thing I witness.

I hate my mother and stepfather for being selfish pricks and drinking and fighting and screaming at each other in the middle of the night every fucking week never letting me sleep making me have panic attacks and insomnia and I hate myself for wasting my youth rotting away. On the positive note I'm moving out so at least I can be alone in silence and focus for once.
I hate my father for being such a fucking autist and forcing me to come visit him every second weekend in that stupid fucking forest where literally no one else lives. Making me stay there for weeks in summer not even having me do anything just stare at the walls and take walks in forest. Do you have any idea what that does to a kid??? Sometimes it feels like they set me up to fail.

theres your wall of text

The long and emotional version

In a dark room where I'm left alone, I ponder on what could have been. Was my efforts really just until the point of "interesting"? Yes we connected with so many things, we shared the same sentiment on different ideas and both of us can't swim. Was there a disconnect somewhere? Were we too similar that there was really nothing there for mutual connection? What were you really after then?

Every moment I spent with you was genuinely me being the happiest person ever. Suddenly there was this person that gets me, that I can bounce ideas from, and have long conversations about anything not realizing its 3am in the morning. Where did it all go wrong?

Is it my genes if its not my character? Well yes I have gained a few pounds but you never struck me as a shallow person. Was everything a facade then?

I've been questioning my sanity for the past 3 hours now and damn. I'm so confused at what is and what is not this thing called love.

I hate this feeling and goddamn me for falling and for trying to reach some magical place of happiness that you've utterly shown glimpses of. Thank you for letting me know I'm not the intended one that magical place is for.

You made last minute plans with "friends" after our first night together. Your reasons for doing this were pathetic/lies. Why did you stay and have dinner after making these last minute plans? Why didn't you just tell me how you felt after our first night? Were you not ready? It was your idea to spend 2 nights over at my place.
I blatantly ignored you at work the next day However, next time I see at work, I will tell you that it will be 100% professional going forward.

How can someone be so callous and disrespectful /GIOYC?

When you called and said the guy you broke up with me for broke your heart and I hung up on you without saying a word, that felt so good. I'm glad you get to feel the hurt I am feeling.

Give up on the program and save your $40 a session group money.
The court won't come after you for not completing it and neither will I. I never want you to darken our doorway again. I never want you to come back into his life. Just save time and money. He's better off without you. You are beyond hopeless and cannot be reformed.

it gets better. soon you will start to feel comfortable and know some of the people from school or your program or city more at least, even if you're not friends. I suggest just chill, take a walk, listen to music, explore, get some really hot chocolate.
take your mind off of that and relax, instead of giving up, you shouldn't give up man. it's your decision tho.

June needs to hurry up

I did some thinking and I was never in love with you, i was just obsessed with not being lonely. You betraying me helped me clear that in my mind.

Won't make a difference.

But itll be out then and I want it now

It'll be a disappointment

I just feel sick.

>it gets better. soon
this is what I was told after the first month, then semester, then year, now Im half way through my second year and everything is the same. I dont want to give up tho because I know here I have a slight chance atleast. back home I have no chance at all

Stop pretending you don't know it's your fault. Stop trying to put the blame on me. Your shitty behavior has led us to this. Accept the consequences.

What did I do? ;_;

You are not her and you must have serious issues if you think impersonating someone on an anonymous board is a productive way to spend your day.

How was I supposed to know you’re not him?

And what consequences are those?

Because you're here you dumbshit.

This wasn't me, just another impersonator

Kek... this place

I do have serious issues btw


also not that guy or any of the others either

cut all contact and move on

plenty of cunts in the sea


Waiting years we'll be together
I said better late than never
Just don't make me wait forever
Don't make me wait forever..

You were walking behind me while this song played. What did you think of? I just wanted to turn around and tell you everything on my mind. But I couldn't.

I still find myself puzzled as to why things went wrong between us. The more I theorise about it, the angrier I get. You liked me, I liked you, but it was some bad timing. I struggle to forget you, still thinking about you almost everyday. I hope this is merely some young naive fool's bullshit that will fade away eventually. Never thought I'd be so crushed by rejection, and that it would take years to recover.

You just lost the best thing that ever happened to you. There is no way I will give you another chance, I've given you countless chances.

I thought I lost the best thing too, but you turned out to flirt with anyone who was a little nice to you and you made me feel so unwanted. I didn't love you, I was just obsessed. I didn't waste your time, you wasted your own time. Good luck.


It's not them you sperg

It's your fault and you feel so entitled you don't even realize it.

I’m not even the op...

It wasn't for you. He will deeply regret it, he already is.

That wasn't me.

I wanna talk about my sexual experiences from last night with this fat girl who i really really like. But I'd feel cringy about it, also people would probably make fun of me.
In any case, it was the hottest shit I've done yet. I'm very happy.

I think you need to leave me alone so I can try to get over you even though I know I never will. I guess I need to hate you.

Can’t you just stop seeing them or block their number?

I will leave you alone, I have no intention of communicating with you again.

It's your fault, you're responsible for this.

Nah I got over you. Don't flatter yourself sweetheart. There are better women out there.

I can but it’s not that easy to do if you love someone.

Good luck with that bucko ;)

I've already found someone that I'm in love with.

Oh and he is 100x times the man you are.

You're a real POS. I found out you came onto his therapist and she ended up cancelling therapies for him because of what a creep you were!
You were NEVER a "good dad". I thought the shit you did to me in front of him was just out of rage - but you were narcissistic ALL the time. Only cared about your ego and your needs, IN FRONT OF YOUR SON WITH HIS IN-HOME THERAPIST and your son missed out on services because you're a complete douche bag. You're own father didn't stoop that low.
You'll never NEVER be welcomed into his life again. I will ask her to testify if you even try.
There isn't anything good about you. Complete cest pool of ego. No one and nothing is more important than what you want when you want it. It's the porn addiction you've had for over half your life and your mentality. That's why your ex from hs said you raped her. You just think women want you because they'll flirt back. Or you think because you're familiar with the female, she can't say it's rape. You are so fucking clueless. I can wait until this shit catches up with you. You did that with me in the parking lot forcing me to give you a bj that night. I felt forced. When I tried to verbalize my feelings you got PISSED with ME. And you let everyone think I'm just a snowflake and exaggerate your abuse. You beat the fuck out of me and I took it and took it and took it. Bdsm, slaps, restraints...I laugh at that shit. None of that compares to what you did to me. You think because you've got a collection of females who like jelly donuts and being cut, drawing blood and strangled, play raped etc. That secretly ALL females want this? You see video after video of females doing this shit. Mentality you think it's ok.
I hope, OMG I HOPE one day it catches up with you, You do time and are on a sex offender list. Keep going narcissist coward. When you do, I'm going to mail you a letter to prison and all it'll say is "I told you so."

Whatever you say darlin, I wish you both happiness.

Thank you but we don't need your wishes, we already have happiness.

I'm sorry you went through the things that you did, but it's not cool to claim you never had feelings for me and then after 4 months of constant hanging out and building a relationship to the point where everyone was already considering us a couple and sending me mixed signals, you admit you had feelings for me and then two months later you break up with me claiming you never had feelings for me.

It's also not cool that 3 weeks later you and I had a talk about how you wish things were the way they used to be even though we both established boundaries that they couldn't be that way because we both know that if we hang out the way we used to then we'd fall into the same routine and blurred lines of friendship.
I'm glad I called you out on your bullshit and it's probably for the best that we aren't talking right now.

But I miss you.

But if they don’t respect your wishes and don’t leave you, they’re no good... It’s unrequited love, isn’t it. I had one of those as well. You just have to do what’s best for you.

Yes, it is unrequited love. What did you do? I feel like I want to die.

Okay lmao

Stupid, I meant. Thanks for reminding me you're still obsessed with your ex, not to mention a few other women. It would have been just for fun knowing what you're like.

I felt you in me, holding me, carassing me. I love you so much...I haven't felt that for so fucking long. I missed you my love.

recently got pushed into a relationship with a girl I've been friends with for a few years. confessed that she had feelings for me for about a year and shes really clingy. i dont have any feelings for her and i want to back out and say i just want to be friends but dont want to fuck her over. how tf do i do this. i also still have feelings for my ex who im on good terms with and i want to get back with her again.

Just be honest with her and also you should have never entered the relationship in the first place if you knew you didn't have feelings for her.

I can't wait for my future with you....the bliss, the joy I feel with you is indescribable. You've made me the happiest woman alive. Thank you

I was pretty much shoved into it and didn't have much of a choice. and I didn't realize i had no feelings for her until a day or two later.

I think I fucking hate you. You're a useless woman and would make for a terrible fucking wife or friend. Thanks for not letting me get close, I guess, so I can find someone worth spending the rest of my life with.

Thank you for waiting for me. I'll never make you sad again.

Life can be this perfect, who would've known? I was so miserable with him but you, you changed my world completely. I want to be with you forever.

hey amelia, do you want to hang out after class?

I feel so much better and... free, and ready for something real, and you're still here being fucking retarded and wasting time. All you did was waste your and my time.

There’s no special recipe. You learn to live with it and as the time passes, it hurts less. Eventually you’ll meet someone and you will feel happiness again. As for the time being - live, take walks, read books, go to the cinema or visit some exhibitions. Just fill your time with activities. That way you’re not persistently thinking about them.

You're here too thinking theyre here dumbass. Can't be that free kek

I mean, I still think you should tell her.
It's gonna suck but you need to explain what happened concisely.

I had a very intense and very gay dream where I intimately fucked one of my friends who cross-dresses for his cosplay, but is otherwise completely straight.
Being otherwise completely straight myself, this dream scared the shit out of me, and I haven't been able to get it out of my head. Is there a better way to deal with this than just dwelling on it?

How long have you been with her? If it’s long then break it to her gently at least. Just be honest but I wouldn’t mention that you have feelings for the ex.

Don't worry, that long distance will drive you both apart soon enough. He could be calling you baby while he's deep in another woman.

Did age cheat or reject you?

You have the most depth of feeling I've ever seen in any guy I've ever known. You can love as strongly as I can. I hear it in your sighs and between your words, in your're the one and I love you so much. I thank God (who you love) for bringing you into my life and walk in them and you love me in them. You also know what I'm thinking, without me telling you. You were right when you said, this love was extraordinary.

He isn't long distance, he is with me.

Imagine being this bitter everyone. This is what not to do in life.

Reject but she's hopeless and doesn't know what she wants. I won't be her little backup beta provider (for lack of a better term).

Please get off your high horse sweetheart.


He has loved me for so long, you have no idea. He waited for me for years. There is no high horse but he is heavenly, he is beautiful.

Checking your Hitler dubs. Wir müssen Sieg für Deutschland haben.

Thank you. When I’m out everything reminds me of him because I’ve known him so long. I really want to get my head straight and try to remain friends. I think I can’t though because I’ve been trying that for a while.

I love how he when he was angry with me, his face was all red but he smiled and laughed when was talking about how furious he was with me.

I'll set you straight since he can't do it: fuck you.

You wanted my love all this time.

We've talked about it in person but nice try.

It’s true. I thought you knew.

I second this.

I've never been so drawn into anyone before...his eyes drew me into him. He said something affectionate and I replied with a trite answer from self-consciousness, rather than anything genuine. I heard his disappointment in my answer and I knew he would wait for me.

You don't understand the humor or romance in it.

My ex would get angry and abuse the fuck out of me. I never was amused by his anger. Nice you had that luxury.

Stop leading him on; stop making him wait.