I asked my boyfriend if he thought we’d always be together. He said “Statistically speaking? No...

I asked my boyfriend if he thought we’d always be together. He said “Statistically speaking? No. Humans are wired to get sick of each other after a certain time period. It’s better to appreciate the magnitude of the love you shared with someone rather than the duration. But if it makes you feel better I could also just tell you what you wanna hear.”. Then he booped me on the nose.

That wasn’t exactly the answer I was expecting. Should I be worried?

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Yeah, he sounds like a faggot

yes literally what the fuck

red flag

unless he says quirky shit like this a lot and this isn’t out of the norm for him

tell him he's not properly adjusting for relevant covariates in his survival analysis

He sounds turbo autistic, so yes.

I mean, why are you asking that kinda question in the first place? Take it day by day, don’t go into relationships expecting anything like marriage or kids to come of it.

Lol tell him you've thought about what he said and he's right. You got sick of him and it's over. And thank him. Then block and never talk again.

He deserves it.

What did he do wrong

See the first part is sort of ok. I mean, maybe he just doesn't go in for gushy shit and is too dense to realize what's going on. The boop part is weird. It's diminutive.

He is literally autistic.

I was expecting a tender moment

No don’t be worried he’s just a Ben Shapiro facts and logic machine

He's one of those one foot in one foot out non committal kinds and you should look elsewhere for your happily ever after guy.

I like feeling cute and small with him

Oh, never mind then. It still sounds like kind of a dense expression. He's probably trying to remain realistic rather than fully considering why you might ask a question like that. Does he say things like that often? If he does, it's probably just a character thing. If not, it's kind of a red flag.

If my girl browsed 4channel i’d tell her we’re unlikely to stay together too.

I don’t that would be very helpful. He hasn’t done anything bad to me. We do love each other after all. But he’s not the type to feel sad when a relationship comes to an end anyway. He said in life nothing is ever really gained or lost.

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>Does he say things like that often?
Not all the time. But his worldview is very “Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust”. He’s not apathetic but calm and detached. I’ve never even heard him raise his voice in anger before.

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Sounds like that’s just how he is. He may have said a little too much, and could’ve worded it better, but if that’s how he normally is, then you kinda set yourself up for that one.

Sounds like a smart, cool guy.

He's technically right, and you're bait is bad.

I probably wouldn't be so worried. It's a little inconsiderate to say things like that all the time. It makes you wonder if he actually values you or if he's just shielding himself against what he considers to be an eventual ending. This can cause problems later, as he will never move your relationship forward on his own.

He's either autistic, the middle school brand of wannabe brooding edgelord, or both.
Not that he's wrong, strictly speaking, but saying it makes him sound like he's trying WAY to hard to be clever and brooding.

He’s pretty amicable and bemused by stuff most of the time. Although it’s hard to get a real read on him.

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Lol all the feminist roasties ITT calling the bf autistic when OP is the one posting on 4channel and had a folder of minion reaction faces.

Minions aren't reaction faces.

the real problem here is that your bf is bad at statistics.

it sounds like he's considering the probability of relationship failure in an absolute sense. but in reality, the answer to your question is conditional: namely, on important factors like how long you've been together. most of these factors are latent and immeasurable, like "commitment", which adds a ton of variance to any prediction based off of approximations of these factors.

so unless he knows he's the 'problem' with respect to the relationship not surviving, he can't actually say much statistically.

A reaction face can be anything retard

Avatarfagging isn't posting reaction faces, dipshit.

Yes it is you butthurt loser. And even if it’s not my original point still stands that OP is as autistic if not more autistic than her bf for reaction faces or avatar posting. They’re perfect for each other.

Back to b with you.

How would you feel if he just said "I hope so."? Asking for a friend.

>lost the argument

>arguing on the internet

You’re the one that got mad over a small nuance you autist

I just like minions and cats m8. They’re not my avatar.

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>continues to argue about being an edgelord


>no u

but they aren't suitable as reactions to the posts she's replying to

It is literally up to you lol.
90% of relationships end in two ways:
The girl gets tired of the guy and dumps him
The girl gets tired of the guy and turns into a cunt so he will dump her, and then HE'S the bad guy while she goes out with the rebound she's been grooming


u first

>abloo abloo

I can empathize with the guy, i had a gf who from the first moment said stuff about being together forever and ever, and while i did love her and was seriously looking for a serious, long-term relationship, whenever i replied "Yes, we'll be together forever" i felt awkward inside, as if i was lying just to tell her what she wanted to hear, not because i was thinking of dumping her or didn't love her, but just because you never really know what would happen. A year after we btoke up and i still miss her and think about a future with her.
You can only really expect a positive and sincere answer to such a question when you marry someone

He sounds based as fuck
I am also worried of the possibility of human nature that I'd some day get sick of the person I love, but I do hope that doesn't happen

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>muh e-peen



What else could I post to that?

Yeah that sounds like pure, undiluted autism.
He could easily have said
>"Who knows? But I enjoy being with you right now"
Or if you two are more serious and long term
>"Of course!"
Even though you know you could be wrong in the future. There's a girl I talk to where we call each other soulmates. We don't even believe in soulmates, it's just flirting.

I mean he’s right lol. Don’t ask questions that you know aren’t possible

Tfw guy I'm borderline in love with thinks I'm not sexy and just says romantic shit to me for fun

He acted cold in what is supposed to be a warm relationship.

Logical is great, but you need emotion.

Yes you need to be worried, and he is very wrong, pair-bond is a serious thing.

This. Go find someone who lies to make you feel good.

And what exactly does that solve, genius?
This is the kind of immature shit I expect from a high schooler. For fuck's sake grow up and get some perspective.

He sounds pessimistic as fuck. I can't say I haven't been as pessimistic at one point or another in my life, thinking that I'm "realistic", but honestly unless you're retarded... You should understand that relationships are subjective and based on feelings therefore what you say is what's gonna happen. So if I say to my girl of course we'll be with each other forever, as long as nothing bad happens between us. That would be the appropriate answer and leave us both satisfied and we can feel sure in us and in the relationship and make out, it feels great :)

stale and lazy
2/10 because it will still get (You)'s

Did you ever consider, that he might just have been trying to be funny? I defenitely know some people, who would say something like this as a joke and not give it any deeper meaning. If the relationship is going well, then don't worry about this too much.

Diffrent femanon but to me thats a perfect response

Sweet. I'm not hopelessly autistic.

He sounds like a fag trying to be 'edgy- style' in front of a girl

wouldn't have been my answer but he's right to be objective at the very least
i doubt that you would give a good answer to that question if he asked it to you, OP

Sounds hilarious. Do you have a sense of humor, OP? The extremely dry, unromantic comment paired with the nose boop is very comedic. Maybe you just don't get his sense of humor?

Never knew fedora tippers could get a gf. Maybe there's hope for me.