Femanon with advice

As a woman I have a valuable advice to give you guys who are having trouble finding cute chicks.

Go after them on Instagram.
Tinder sucks.

The lack of men with a decent insta account is alarming, all I see are women.

But make sure to build a good profile with good pictures, you start following girls nonstop, and if you want to approach slowly you watch their insta story and give small comments/compliments etc. If they show some sign of interest they will talk to you.

I been wanting some guys on insta but they simply don't exist.

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Delet this

I don't want more competition

>Go after them on Instagram.
But how? Aren't the odds of that around 1 to 1000?
>you start following girls nonstop
Most girls I know think this is disgusting/needy behavior.
>if you want to approach slowly you watch their insta story and give small comments/compliments etc
No offense, but this doesn't sound like good advice. Besides, I know guys who do everything mentioned above. They still get nothing.

No. You get OFF Instagram. Come hang out IRL.
Fuck -all- social networks desu. It's all run by the government.

Is it even legal anymore to approach a woman in real life? Like, without hiding behind cellphones or some i-look-cooler-than-i-really-am picture based app?

>you start following girls nonstop, and if you want to approach slowly you watch their insta story and give small comments/compliments etc
Beta bait.

People who post pictures of themselves online constantly are the ones who have to worry about being promiscuous, moving on to something better when the chance arrives and leaving someone heart broken, etc etc.

If a girl sees my followers are low, wont she not like me? i dont have more than 2 friends...

Dumb advice. Girls don’t respond to DMs even if you shoot your shot

just follow everyone from the Jow Forums discords fake Instagram accounts

This is not bait btw

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Let me correct your OP then:
>As a woman I have a valuable advice to give you guys who are having trouble finding cute chicks.
>Go after them on Instagram.
>Get a new face.

Post it sweetheart. I just started my page. I'm a southern boy so lots of pics of nature and off roading will go up.

this advice isn't worth anything to average looking guys on adv

I made an insta and this girl who I kind of knew in hs and saw randomly at a party a few months ago started following me. She's like my 10th follower. Does she want the d? She's hot as fuck

Girls are shit at giving advice on how to get girls. Ask guys instead.

Probably she does. Interact with her.

Am I supposed to post selfies or just cool things I find during my adventures?


selfies are a bit more important but you have to vary it with cool places so your feed doesn't look like just your face

What's ur ig

Is it wise to post it on Jow Forums?

The best thing you can do is post videos of yourself hanging out and having fun with other girls. The rich get richer.

Probably not lol

Alright good stuff. This is why I come back to Jow Forums

No thanks. I date real women, no digital sluts.

Every woman I know with an active Instagram is not worth dating

Dated a girl I met on tumblr once. What a terrible 4 years that was.

Uhm, is that sarcasm?

I just can't meet girls online other than sex. I prefer meeting flesh with the social warmth of human interaction.

See girl who went to a school I went to on there I want to message her but im sure she has 100's of dms from guys anyways.

Funny cuz they're literally all on it

You lost me when you actually typed out "uhm."

What world do you guys live in?

Literally all women are on ig.

>Femanon with advice
Femanon(male) you mean
"Please disrupt their day by hitting on them over a picture of breakfast" is some of the most ass-backwards advice I've ever seen here

Funny, I dont see 3.5billion registered accounts.

Would this work if I'm 29. I currently have no forms of social media and I haven't gotten laid in 2 years. I make a lot of money though.

Anecdotal evidence: the cousin of my gf got his gf because he just tried his luck with her on insta. Its been like 3 years theyre going to marry soon. Just go for it guys

whys it so important to me to have an Insta? Why cant I just ask you out in person, like a decent human being?

but I dont use that

Everywhere you go , restaurants, mall, public transit, girls aren't even paying attention to what's in front of them. They're all staring at their phones. They're all staring at instagram. If youre looking for girls and you aren't on there you're being a gigantic idiot.


this is only good advice if u wanna date another shallow person who judges ppl off staged photos.

That is every woman, user. Every woman.

Instagram is for self-obsessed teenagers, pass

>They're all staring at their phones

Nice, so I'll be the man that stands out and entertains her in real life rather than on that vapid normie app. Do you ever wonder WHY they're always staring down at their phones? Cause they're bored as fuck because no men will approach them

The only thing I have on my IG is pics of my cat sleeping. I don't get out much.

also FUCK, I was on a work staff day where we walked around the city and did shit. I have some pictures from it, how weird would it be to post some of them? I was the only guy in a group of 4 ladies, 2 pretty young and 2 older. Should I post them all on one day, or spread them out?

men dont approach because no amount of jestering competes for womens' attention more than infinite vanity pics and constant envy of others with superficially better lives
stop blaming men you cuck

Post it mayn

>tries to stand out
>comes to Jow Forums wondering why he's a virgin

I guess, it kind of makes me look weak though, I'm in the background peeking my head trying to get in a selfie with 5 people.

ah well they're literally the only pictures I have of myself. and my only I literally mean the only pictures I have of myself in the past probably 10 years. I think I have one when I was like 14 and I look like a greasy fucking teen though.

To catch fish I wouldnt ask them, Id ask the fisherman. This advice is honestly terrible, every single guy on IG does this, do you think they all get laid? I havent heard a single person that met with a girl IRL and dated her after meeting for the first time on IG.

Spread them out or post only one pic of the set.

If the pics look similar don't post them all.

Because there are no guys on IG. They're dumb

>Advice on getting a gf
>Become one of the thousands of creepers worshiping average thots through the internet

This might be the worst advice I've ever heard. Is this just a thinly veiled attempt to get more pay pigs to follow you?

What? There are, a lot, and most comments on girls' pictures are dudes looking for pussy. Granted, I dont have IG myseld but I ocassionally check insta on my friends phone or through our meme workplace IG account.

Wtf. Only if you follow social influencers.
There are regular girls who posts normal life stuff there too, where you can make friends.

you wouldn't ask neil armstrong how to get to the moon either, you'd ask an actual engineer
lots of dumb analogies can be made about women advice but the simple fact is that there is a dirth of single girls whose only social activity in life is browsing instagram, all you need to do is figure out how to score

You don't comment the picture, the key to interaction is reacting to their insta stories. And make sure they are not a famous blogger.

>woman giving advice to get women
get lost cunt

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Most of those dudes aren't putting in any effort though. They are just on there with a few shitty pics so they can creep on girls.

>"I don't know why I can't get girls"
>women talking? Get lost cunt


They post shitty pics or no pics of them at all.

t. incel

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You fuckers do realize that women give pretty shit advice right? I'm sorry that you were raised by single mothers

I would assume that women can give fairly good advice to what they like in someone.

I dont want a thot

women tend to want the opposite of what they say. You're aware of the "nice guy" shit right?

The only women I trust for advice are my sisters and my mother. I had a fucking awesome biology professor one time though, took her academic advice and now things rule. But yeah, you're a man, and you should pave your own path.

they say that because they imagine Drake or Messi hitting on them. When Drake or Messi hits on them, they dont want them to be doucehbags, tehy want them to act like "nice guys" to them. When they talk about what they want, it is within the context of their ideal man- which is most likely someone rich and famous and good looking.

Women don't want "nice guys" because that's all they have to offer a woman. Just being nice to someone isn't a very sexy thing.

Is what I've been told. And I think I agree with it. If you're just "nice" to someone with nothing else going on then why should anyone be interested in you.

I have no idea what a story is.
Alright, Im convinced. I'll open IG, take some good pictures and comment on stories. Ive been planning in this for a while now anyway.

You're committing a huge fallacy. Just because a source is unreliable sometimes, doesn't mean everything they say is automatically wrong.

But the problem is, if she does not follow you back - she most probably will not read your messages, as they simply land under "requests" alongside with countless advertisements and spambots.
Besides, I do try to keep my "followed" count under 100, and alongside with models and photography magazines, I have little space to just randomly follow some girls in hope that they might follow back only to allow me send a message.


I wouldn't want a gf who has instagram.

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So are you saying you are not interested in women at all? I do not know a single girl without Instagram. Of course, except for those hideously fat and ugly girls, to whom the whole app is a constant stream of humiliation. And truth be told, they probably do have fake stalker accounts.
Oh well, stay a virgin then. Its not me who is wasting a life.

There are millions of women out there that cannot stand showboating or taking billions of pictures. I'll just date one of them instead since they're more likely to be loyal anyway.

My sister doesn't have one. I don't even know if she's interested in relationships because she's just as much a virgin as me. Even though she went to college and graduated while I sat at home all day.

No, of course. Over the age of 30.

How do you make a good instagram as a guy? I don't feel vain enough to take selfies and when I hang out with my friends they don't take pictures of what we're doing, so I just end up taking pictures of my hobbies which I'm sure only I find interesting.

Just get used to taking some pictures when you're with friends

If they call you out explain that you're doing it for the ladies

>slowly you watch their insta story and give small comments/compliments etc
I feel my balls shrink every time I do this. Bad advice and just no.

Does this actually work? I rather try to talk to girls in school than try this, I just don't like using social media at all.

>Femanon with advice

Any female that gives you her instagram before her phone number is a fucking thot

I love when incels disqualify 98% of women right off the bat and then wonder why they're alone

>Implying Ad Hominems mean he's wrong

Imagine defending sluts who just want you to ogle their Instagram photos

Oh, be quiet. I'm just looking for a hookup and I'm not going to put bells and whistles on that.

It's not ad hom if it's literally related to the topic of conversation, retard (that's ad hom).

>Young people who communicate in a way to which I am unaccustomed are immoral whores!
This has to be satire.

Not necessarily. I'm a woman and I don't have Instagram and won't ever have one. I'm not ugly or fat. I just have no need to be the centre of attention and I like to keep my life private. I'm sure I'm not the only woman who thinks like that too.

I understand you're doing this to help anons who are trying to get a gf, but this isn't the only way. I think it's better to meet someone in person than trying to flirt with them online. I dont have much say on this since I dont have a social media and never to do this approach since I just find it odd to created a social media just to try to impress others.

Don't do it anons

Bitches be gossiping like nobodies business

First they were the trading cards with nudes. Now you are as an orbiter

Where do you find a woman irl ? I'm 26 with no friends and i hate going clubbing alone and there most of the females are still hard to talk to because loud noises

Incest is wincest user.

Dancing lessons, gym, reading clubs, yoga, abortion clinic.

I've always wanted to attend a yoga class, but these are certainly full of women and I'm afraid to go there.

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What do you have to lose? Apart from virginity? You dont have any self respect anymore, do you?

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I'm afraid that they might try and talk to me.
>You dont have any self respect anymore, do you?
I never had any to begin with.