So, uhm, my girlfriend freaked when I told her the number of sexual partners I had. I'm 25...

So, uhm, my girlfriend freaked when I told her the number of sexual partners I had. I'm 25, and been sexually active for 10 years now. My number is a little high (over 80) from the past, but I've been committed to her entirely. I've tried explaining to her that it was only like eight girls a year, and none of them meant anything to me, but she's not talking to me.

Any advice?

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find a fellow roastie to stick your std dick in

She's either going to come around or she's not. You can't force her to be with you.

Find a chick that you like that doesn't give a shit about your past. Surprisingly enough I'm about the same (26 and 70ish women) and I've never had an issue.. One ex used to call me a manwhore but das about it.


so you've never been in a committed relationship before or are able to maintain one is what you are saying.

You know sexual addiction is a real thing right?

The main character of the film is like you. Can't hold a relationship with a woman and when he finds one he actually wants later in life he can't get it up cause he doesn't know how to think without lust.

The future looks dim for you


I stopped seeing the last guy after finding out he had slept with 20+

>and none of them meant anything to me

Saying that likely made it worse. It went from "user has trouble being in a relationship for a long time" to "user has no respect for women and his current is the next in line to mean nothing to him."

80 holy shit, the chances you have an std are like, really high

I mean I can tell you that if I heard my boyfriend had that many sexual encounters my primary concern would be STDs. HPV and HIV aren't even commonly tested for on some standard STD panels so you might not even know if you have them unless you requested tests for them. So I would immediately refuse to have any more sexual contact with you until you had extensive medical testing AND I saw the paperwork for the test results myself. The second issue would be what motivates someone to seek out that many intimate sexual partners without relationships, it would make me concerned that you don't place much meaning or value on sexual contact in relation to bonding. It would make me worried about if you even had the capacity to bond romantically through a sexual act, if you placed any value or meaning on the act at all after those kinds of experiences. I don't know if there is any compelling and scientifically sound research on this, but as sex and bonding are closely linked, I'd worry that someone who could so casually share sex with soany people without bonding would have some kind of inability to bond with me and therefore would make a bad choice for a lifelong partner.

Tbh I would most likely break up with you whether or not you had diseases. But that's just me. Your girlfriend might have issues with it for completely different reasons than I would. You gotta ask her directly about her concerns and then try to address them if you want to keep her.

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dont push it OP. The more you push it on her to come back to you, the more she's going to be wary of you

proof that the only people that say this shit are literal retarded sluts regardless of gender

She went from from being somewhat special to being "over 80"+1, don't sweat it, not like you care, soon you'll over 90 and probably forget about her like you did the other 80

yeah, stop fucking around and get serious.

That many partners indicates your inability to have meaningful long lasting relationships with people.
If you've had 8 failed relationships per year for 10 years, what are the chances of this one succeeding?
There's also a jealousy component as well.

You can't really do much.
Just try to explain and if she doesn't listen, tough shit.

80 is really high, if your gf is even remotely smart she will dump you.

This OP. Get tested

>your girlfriend tells you shes.slept with 80 men
How u feel?
Shoulda lied dude.
Women cut their real number in half and guys double it
I'm a loser and only slept with 7 people at 27
My girlfriends banged 13(26) at 19.
She got around and even if she said 7 thats still an insane ratio
One of mine said i was 24. I instantly was disgusted.

Yeah also you have HPV for sure but thankfully it only ruins womens lives.

I have a similar count and I don't know why you guys are talking about them as if they're relationships. I didn't even know the name of half the girls I've slept with they're just one night stands from when I wasn't in a proper relationship.

My anons can't be this dense

Men have gotten oral and anal and penis and throat cancers from HPV infections transmitted by women before though. Not to mention some strains cause genital warts that never go away on both men and women. The cancer rate is not as high as the rate of HPV caused female cancers yes but fewer than 2000 women die from those every year so it's not like it's that high to begin with.

But yes long story short men can get cancer and other shit from HPV too. Just don't fuck sluts and whores no matter what gender you or they are. You can catch so many different things it's crazy.