Who should I see for sex? I have two options

Who should I see for sex? I have two options

>fat ass

>kind of small ass

I like big asses but I also have a raging milf fetish and find it so kinky fucking an older woman when I'm 26

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younger is better, user.

One after the other?

Gotta choose 1

Leaning towards milf since I love the age gap and kinkiness of it and I'm only young once


>Gotta choose 1

Why? Is the milf the mother of the younger girl?

Younger is tighter and plus fat ass

Going with milf as I cant get a hold of big ass girl will report back with details if thread up

It was alright she was drunk which I dont like and I went limp as I got blown and she was annoyed. Ate her out and got hard and banged doggy for about 10 mins. Tried to lie down and rest but she rushed me out. Probs should gone with big booty but alas she texted while I was in there

In France btw

And she was deeeeeeefinitely old, too old for my liking, I almost turned 360 degrees and walked out when I saw her face

I have no audience but I must share

Going to see booty girl will provide results after

As an user who engaged in the milf fetish with a 50 yr old woman at 20, don't do it. These women are DISGUSTING. Their pussies taste nasty and their titties are awful.

She was surprisingly clean, pussy tasted fine and her tits were nice. The face and drunkenness was only turn off

Lucky fucker. Most older women I find are nasty. It's the reason they're single

Ok well that's it.. she played some witchcraft and looked way uglier... sucked me with a fuckin condom... and didnt let me eat her which is what I wanted all along... it's for best cus when I was nailing her doggy she didnt smell good. And she buried her head in arm as I was banging it was a lil like rape and I tried to fantasize like that but the smell was too much... faked orgasm lol. O well

>tfw share lackluster sexual experiences in a desperate attempt for conversation
>barely any replies

Fml desu senpai baka


Wait. Is this OP with big booty story?