Why do women not only like to stare at you when (they think) you're not looking...

Why do women not only like to stare at you when (they think) you're not looking? But look at you rather uncomfortable; with these constipated, almost throat-stricken looks? And why do they sometimes like to (what seem like) take pictures of you with their phones before darting off?

At least to me, I've had this happen over the years. Not sure how many times for how long; but multiple instances. It's rather disconcerting.

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Dude I'm pretty sure this is some kind of severe social anxiety/mental illness.
Unless you look like Quasimodo, nobody is fucking doing this to you.
Get help.

You are extremely ugly. Sorry.

It's always fun, when you can read a post, and tell exactly how white the person who wrote it is.

Maybe they’re just trying to figure you out but then they see you’re paranoid and become affected by that? I don’t know. How can we guess what they’re doing?

How white am I?

You're probably a visible genetic dead end

>How can we guess what they’re doing?
Well, you guys always make generalisations on women based on very little evidence to support your assertions; so this is right up your guys' alley.

Shit then you're ugly like me nothing you can do about this crap.

To prove some womens are just broken and should be ignored anyway....

Okay, then. But why take pictures (or at least point their phones at you and tap them like you're taking a pic)? To warn people of you? That's cruel.

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I will personally cut off the hand of the next individual who takes a picture or video of me.

be like this user op, he doesn't afraid of anything

are you gothic, metalhead, or school
shooter aesthetic?

Nein, nein, und nein.

People are very shitty to ugly people

I don’t know but I would smack the camera out of their hand if they were in reach for snapping unwarranted pictures of me or ask them what the fuck they’re looking at.

I’m so sorry that these bitches don’t know how to treat you right. Alternatively it could be that you’re the hottest guy on the planet and they want to savor the moment. Do you think you’re that ugly?

>Do you think you’re that ugly?
I was mercilessly made fun for my ugliness in middle and high school. Don't know about nowadays, as I don't really talk to people anymore.

Had it happen to me over the years but AFAIK not that frequently, at least I would hope not. I have used mirrors and things like that to check and yeah I remember this girl walked right past me because we were walking toward each other and as soon as she passed she looked at my ass and then up and down again. It depends, but from what I notice women are more discrete than men are, usually. I try not to stare at women no matter how attractive they are but I won't be able to help myself to get a quick 1 second look at them and try hard not to do it again.

Oh, you're a nazi. That might be why

shit bro i feel you. i work in retail so we get a lot of young people. theres this one bratty girl who always records me on snapchat almost every shift we work together. i just want to bide my time and get out like everyone else, no need to make me feel more miserable than what i am

>theres this one bratty girl who always records me on snapchat almost every shift we work together.
For what reason...?

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she claims shes saving it to her phone. As for why im not entirely sure

Sorry bro. Ignore it and pursue what makes you happy.

Ask her, not us... lol

Weird girl.

Actually, that reminds me. One of the few friends I have, works at her mom-and-pop store on the edge of town that I'll sometimes pop in if I'm passing through. And half the time, she'll sneak a Snapchat of me and send it to her sister; which is weird, since her sis is getting married anyway. But I just assume it's one of their in-jokes, so I never really pay it much mind (though her sis has apologised to me for apparently being socially awkward -- but I generally don't talk to her because I always feel like I'm creeping her out).

But, girls these days (I swear) take so many pictures of things, they probably take pics of their own pics.

White enough

You're the mystery flavor in a pack of Airheads.

simplest solution:
a) Meet lots more people
b) Find people who you get along with and start paying more attention to them and less to others

You will become too busy being involved with others who appreciate you to worrying about those who don't.

Where can you meet them?
Facebook groups,meetup groups, council organised groups, seminars.

Sure the places are cliche, but thats the easiest way for people to meet others when you don't know how.

That's quite a story. Nobody can make sense of it.

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There are only 3 options here:

>You're incredibly hot
>You're incredibly ugly
>You're making this up in your head and it's not actually happening
Unless you are either extremely ugly or extremely hot, women really aren't taking pictures of you in secret lmao.

I wear all black + band shirts whenever I go out and I don't see any looks. OP may be skitz.

>amerilards LITERALLY compare everything in their day-to-day life with food

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my female work colleague took a picture of me working on my laptop and showed it to another male colleague.

Weird as fuck.