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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>I'm an insecure/suicidal/anxious person who doesn't leave home
Watch these and follow these channels:

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

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Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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What's could be the issue, in your opinion?

>tells me he doesn't have social media
>find secret facebook
>say i don't like instagram
>he makes a secret instagram
>he stops wanting sex every day
>doesn't tease me as much
>doesn't ask for nudes
>yells at me when he's frustrated instead of talking it out

>ask him about it
>he says everything is fine and he loves me
>he still cuddles and kisses me all the time
>still enjoys spending time with me
>still is kind and supportive

I don't understand what could be going on
Any insight?

I have a facebook I made 10 years ago. I say I don't have FB generally, but I still log in from time to time. Is he active on it?

Lies beget lies, is how I see it

How do I get a femanon gf?

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Women, what do you think of that weird but cute guy from work? I'm that guy, and I have a crush on a grill who I know is kind of interested in me on and off. She's really kind and I've known her for awhile now.

Thing is I'm a pretty weird 21 year old gut. Tl;dr I suffered from depression with some psychotic symptoms in hs. Its been over for a long time and I've had a chance to grow out of and learn how to deal with the PTSD like symptoms afterwards to the point that it's barely noticeable. Therapy and excercise has me looking pretty good honestly I just have a hard time trying to rejoin society. She seems to find my awkwardness kind of funny though so I'm hopeful something can happen.

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By buying into the loyalty scheme and completing 10 years of service. That's how I got mine.

He says he isn't active but keeps it for a few old friends

>the loyalty scheme and completing 10 years of service.
I don't know what that means.

That's pretty much what I do.
I'll have to look at your post again

Ok, if I have to be honest, I feel a lot similar to your guy. Is he hitting 30? I am and my sex drive has hit the dumpster. I mean, I like sex. A lot. But I've found myself going from one or more per day to just once every other day.
It's really surprised me. I thought I'd always love being horned up all the time, but now I'm just... tired, I guess.

If your only reasons to doubt him is a decreased sex drive and "hidden" social media, I'd not think he's cheating on you.
Maybe he is! I mean it could be true.
But what you describe is something like my own life if I've had a regular partner

He's early 20s, but he works a hard blue collar job, so he might be tired like you're saying
Your post is comforting, thank you

Anything in particular you'd enjoy a girl doing for you when you're tired but still might want a little something?
He enjoys getting head, but never cums from it.
I usually cook him dinner and get him a beer when he gets home tired, but there had to be more i can do

I have an insatiable sex drive and have had bad experiences in the past with a long term partner who stopped having sex with new regularly

Being that young... I don't know if what I said holds true for him. Not trying to make you worry, just trying to keep it real.
In my early 20s, I'd want it all the time. As much as I could.

But, I don't know him, so I won't condemn.
If he is like how I am now, I'd like to be held. And told that I am worth something.

Beer and dinner is more than I can ask for anyone regardless of what I do. Are you sure you aren't a parody?

I guess i am worried
He's insistent that nothing is wrong, he's not seeing someone else, and that he loves me but
It's really hard to feel that way, especially since i agree with you about the age and sex drive thing
It's killing me inside because I love him so much and I don't want to annoy him so much he leaves, but I really feel like there's something I don't know

No, this is a real person in a real situation.

So how do I get a girlfriend in college when I'm off campus

Maybe life at work isn't going well?
If he's supporting you like you imply, maybe he's stressed out that maybe he might lose his job or at least not being able to support you?
Stress impacts people different.
For me, I clam up and like to be alone. Maybe that's what he's doing?
Again, I am not him.

Have you tried just talking to him? Saying directly "I feel that we are separating at least physically"
Maybe phrase that better. Men can be sensitive about performance stuff.

I don't mean financially, i mean emotionally. I'm going through some legal stuff with my family and i've been a nervous wreck

I have talked to him about it a lot, honestly. It's always the same answer, but it just feels like such big changes that there's no way NOTHING happened.
If it's a hard time at work, I'd understand and be helpful
I try my best all the time and i don't know how to fix this

I mean I made some dummy FBs before and a real FB so when people look up my name, they find that.
But I say I don't have an FB because I'm not in the habit of checking it, can't seem to get into the habit of checking it (family wishes I was on it and it makes me feel bad...), and don't really care about it.
As for the other stuff, its hard to say. It could be so many things. From what you said, it seems relatively clear to me that something is bothering him.
Maybe he's ashamed of something? But at least it seems clear he cares about you.

I wouldn't think too much about the social media thing. If he's not cheating, which by no means would I say you should immediately jump to and I feel bad that I even brought it up but have no better way of wording, at worst you might just end up finding something out about his romantic/sex life before you met him or something. Like maybe he thought about going onto tinder but gave it up or some shit like that...
I think it might be best to stay out of his dummy accounts; I probably have hundreds of them and they mean nothing other than, like, I was suspicious of a site or trying something out.
Not really a great... way to explain it, but I feel like it could just make you uncomfortable for silly reasons.
Does that make sense?

But besides that, I think there is something bothering him.
If you haven't specifically asked, I would consider pressing him a little bit about the frustrated yelling and not seeming to have as much libido.

Actually ignore that entire middle portion. I don't know anything about...

Just look at the first and last paragraph.
Everything else I said is shit out my ass. I know nothing about relationships, just that dummy accounts don't mean much and something's bothering your bf despite him still being caring and supportive.

.I feel your frustration and I don't know how to fix it.
I don't want to give bad advice since things are very obviously complicated. But you seem rational and able to express yourself.
If he's not able to recognize that, then maybe he isn't the one to be with.

In my subjective personal opinion, if a person made dinner for me, I'd tell them to stop a while before breaking up with them. I'd be a parasite otherwise.

He might not necessarily know what the issue is himself. There's a lot of possibilities. Unfortunately, I don't think this is enough information.

Did he lose a job? Did he mess up in his career? Does he owe reptilian coin to the illuminati? Is there something bothering him about sex for some obscure reason? Did he experience something horrible? Did someone die? Does he just feel bad generally? Does he wish he did more with this life? Is he jealous of people more successful than him? Does he have health issues he doesn't want to talk to you about? Does he...........

Thank you for your extensive insight, it's honestly brought me a lot of comfort. I'll try to approach it differently
To be honest, i didn't even find them myself, the notifications just popped up while we were watching stupid videos

I still don't know what's on or what isn't on them
I'll try to toss that worry aside and just try to comfort him and be an avenue for him to express his feelings when he's ready

This is especially comforting because you sound a lot like him

>be an avenue for him to express his feelings when he's ready

One of the things I struggle with is when women expect me to do this kind of thing. If it were me and I felt like you were waiting for me to come to you and pour my heart out it comes across more like a stressor than a nice gesture.

I don't experience emotion very strongly, and I am accustomed to dealing with it myself, and to have that feeling of anticipation in a girl makes me feel worse than her doing nothing at all. The more you tell him that you're there if he needs to talk, or asking him to tell you what he feels, the less inclined he becomes to do either of those things.

>I'll try to toss that worry aside
Don't totally
If you really believe he's cheating, then get him out

>This is especially comforting because you sound a lot like him
More reason why you should doubt us.

I hate cheaters. Never may they prosper

>One of the things I struggle with is when women expect me to do this kind of thing. If it were me and I felt like you were waiting for me to come to you and pour my heart out it comes across more like a stressor than a nice gesture.
You and me mate are the same
I learned this just a few years ago. When you can reasonable assure that the person you're talking to loves you, then be honest about your feelings.
I first started with me mum .And that was fucking hard.

You sound paranoid. I'd rather solve the issue than leave due to my emotional issues

Noted, and i'll take this into consideration. I won't remind him anymore, i'll just be sweet. I might bake him something this weekend

>You sound paranoid
When you're my age, you'll change your mind
Don't pretend you're too pretty to be cheated on

This is a lot to think about, but he definitely has some stressors right now. I'm hoping that's all and eventually, he'll either talk about it or we'll move past it
I'm grateful for the perspective everyone has given me

Saging, because you're obviously an angry incel
Being pretty has nothing to do with the dynamic of a healthy relationship

>Being pretty has nothing to do with the dynamic of a healthy relationship
Wrong, I mean that honestly
How else did Amber Heard get with Elon Musk after literally shitting on his bed?

I can’t figure this girl out. She basically invites me over today. She cooked for me and her. She was playing me all her favorite music. When we talked she was playing with her hair and all that jazz. Idk. She seems interested in me.

But like I was sitting on her couch and she was sitting in a different chair talking to me. Like why wouldn’t she come sit by me. And when I arrived she was texting some guy. She pretty much put her phone away and focused on me the rest of the while tho.

I don’t get her.

Elon Musk hasn't had a healthy relationship

Last response to this incel and saged again

Personally, yeah I think patience is a good idea here. If there is any issue, I think it will manifest in some form and then you can talk to him.

Don't completely toss out observing his behaviour; you might notice what's bothering him that he's having trouble expressing.


Just don't like spy on him or something.

Shit bro it doesn’t matter how we see you, it matters how she sees you. Ask her the fuck out, man, I’m rooting for you

Yea. I guess so. There’s just been times in the past where she’s acted clearly interested in me. At that time I didn’t jump at it, because my previous relationship had just ended and I was a mess.

Idk. I caught feelings for her. Should I have a talk with her? Should I try to cut contact with her until I’m over her?

Guys please help I messed up. A guy I've known for a couple of years and I started talking. We went out a few times. Not on official dates or anything but it was pretty clear they were dates, we were holding hands and we've kissed and stuff. I told him I wanted to take things slow and he has been totally on board with that.

Last night we went out again and at the end of the night he tried to escalate just a little. I don't think he was angling for sex, and he wouldn't have gotten it, but he was trying to take it up a notch and I've been waiting for him to do it but it still took me by surprise and I fucking froze instead of getting on board.

I saw the hurt and confused look on his face and now he is being super luke warm with me. I tried to tell him that I was surprised and not uninterested but I don't think he believed me.

What do I do? I am not ready to sleep with him but I do want to show him that I froze in the moment and that I am very definitely into him.

What do you do if your partner is obese to the point of where you're concerned about their health? I wouldn't leave her regardless, but I'd be much more satisfyed in a relationship where my partner is healthy

Oh well. I think there's your answer for now.

>What do you do
Leave her.

You talk to her about it and help her get Jow Forums.
If she doesn't, you improve your own self esteem enough that you can leave her

how can i steer a conversation away from just exchanging stories and jokes n shit to talking about more serious stuff without forcing it

... Its okay user. I was like you once. Its hard.

Talk about it, but as a (very real) health issue not a relationship issue.

Sometimes this girl I've known for a while and who I've been texting will have dry spells of responses because she's a busy individual and her sleep schedule is shit. To avoid double texting, would it be a good idea to call her so I can ask her out.

I love getting phone calls so that I can watch them ring out and then text the person asking what they want.

All right

I was with this girl I was dating and just wanted to “play” with her (she wanted to). But I didn’t want to have sex in the moment. Is this common?

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Why do girls stop texting me randomly? Like am I just boring or something? This happens pretty often and it always bothers me.

>I wanted to play with her but this wasn't sexual playing of some kind

What like a card game? The fuck you on about it? People cuddle and there's a whole set of fetishes dedicated to locking up genitals in cages.
I don't really understand how you would think this is unusual in any way?

Ever been in love with someone who just wants sex?

>Be in love with girl I've known a long time
>She's tall with blonde hair and blue eyes and glasses
>We share all the same friends and hobbies
>She's amazing and perfect for me in every way
>Eventually we become friends with benefits
>First time was a bit awkward but we grew into it
>Ended up having sex at least twice a week
>Find out recently that she's been sleeping with others as well
>Can't help but feel betrayed even though we're not dating
>One day after sex we're laying in bed together
>She asks me flat out if I love her and want to be with her
>Confess that I do love her and care about her greatly
>And that I want to be with her
>"I don't want you falling in love with me, I don't want to hurt you" she says
>"I'll be blunt user, I just want sex from you, nothing more" she said as she got dressed
>She says she doesn't like relationships and wants to just be free to do what she wants

So she keeps texting for sex but I keep telling her I'm busy with something important, I love her so of course I want to sleep with her but I feel like shit knowing she's sleeping around with other people and pretty much just using me, how do I fix this?

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Is it possible to become friends with benefits with a girl?

no, only two men can be fwb

>Go to party
>Get two girls numbers
Could've been three but I fucked up the last one, even if these go nowhere, it means I can make it. This years my year boys.

Stop fucking her. Only option you have.

Ladies, how important for you is it that the guy have his own place and car?

>Go to party
>Get two girls numbers
I did good today. Coulda been 3 but I fucked the last one up.

Is it pathetic to go to lunch with a woman I work with? (Purely platonically)

We're quite close friends and speak a lot. She invited me out.

no it's normal

If she constantly just plays with my hair is it safe to say she's into me

your hair dresser does not want to have sex with you

Only if you want her.
Otherwise no, what the fuck.

Not a hair dresser nigga

I'm interested in a girl with a long distance boyfriend.
How should I approach her? Like I would for any other girl or what exactly? Or should I just not bother?

then yea I'd say it's a pretty safe bet

This one goes out to gals

What would it take for you to be up for a long-term serious relationship with a borderline-hikkikomori guy?

I'm very introverted and self-conscious.
The only thing I do outside of my house is go to work without forming connections with anyone there, and sometimes go to some museum expo that really interests me, infrequently as hell (I'm talking once a month maybe).
I'm reasonably satisfied with my life at the moment, but one big thing I lack is a person who appreciates me to form deep connections with and "be myself" with, so to speak. I have this nagging wish and dream to form a functional family and raise children eventually, too, but I simply can't imagine growing into a father figure without someone to encourage me along the way. Frankly, the whole "self-sufficiency" thing used to ring true to me for a few years, but now I realize that I'm practically hollow inside without having someone to care for and love. Like, I can live alone and be alone and do the stuff I like no problem, but it feels like there's something missing, and I'm just... I dunno, I have this air of sadness cloud everything because of it, I guess. I used to volunteer at a homeless shelter for a few months about a year ago to try and satisfy that desire, but it wasn't quite what I needed and couldn't handle the social pressure in the end, some of the people I helped there were quite vile and aggressive and it broke me down eventually.
I desire to make someone truly special to me happy and have it be mutual, but have no idea what kind of traits I could cultivate to attract a partner who'd like to be with me. I'm willing to change up my lifestyle if that's what it takes, but being social is very exhausting for me, so I'd like to go into it prepared. I'm 23 years old, if that matters.

Alright my g thanks

if she cheats on her boyfriend with you what's to stop her doing it again with you

How do I have hope when I'm the opposite of everything a woman wants to date?

>Only 5'11
>Poor, shit job, living in a bedsit in a crappy apartment
>Skinny (have a lot of medical issues that mean lifting isn't really possible so I'm always just gonna be skinny :/)
>Receding Hairline
>Bad teeth
>Mental Health Issues
>No self-esteem
>Small social circle
>Nerdy interests
>Beta personality

I don't drive either, I forgot that one

>No self-esteem
these are your real problems, sort these and the rest will follow

I'm 5'6 in a country where 6'1 is average and I'm in the middle of getting a girlfriend. Don't take the easy way out blaming your genes.

I forgot to add I have very pale skin and I've never had a girlfriend so my inexperience is a big turn off too

Is telling a 21 year I'd girl she looks like a milf rude?

She has a baby glow.

I don't know if it's "rude" but it's not the done thing.

is it cheating to subscribe to a twitch thot?

I just discovered alinity and have a light crush on her. I kind of want to get into donating randomly and sending fanmail/gifts. nothing big. just a few dollars here and there for fun.

would you you girls be mad if you found out your bf had an innocent crush on a twitch streamer?

I mean, it's not really different to having a celebrity/actress crush right?

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You must be baiting right?

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the attraction to her wouldn't bother me.
sending money and gifts would.
just watch and write a nice comment on her stream.

I would never seriously consider any man who buys gifts for any internet personality or celebrity, to me getting into a fandom is a sign of bad character and low self esteem. the same guys who buy things for streamers are like the fangirls of boy bands. both are nuts.

I'd dump you out of embarrassment if nothing else

I'm not into baby a grown man.
Since you are young you have time to grow and change. Going outside is good for your health, you don't have to be extroverted or outgpijg to be a good partner. But you are expecting too much of a savior girlfriend and that is a complex women don't want to deal with. You need to have a backbone and a personality.

no why would I be? what's wrong with alinity? she's pretty cute imo.

she is literally the only twitch streamer I have watched for longer than 5mins besides this black starcraft 2 guy (who I too have given donations to in the past)

I dunno I just find her entertaining and like her voice.

Yes, because "milf" generally refers to older women (40+), not 20-somethings with young children.

You disgust me

Dude, she hid her husband so people kept donating to her.
She threw a tantrum because Pewdiepie said thot
You're actually braindead

Every since my bf stopped using condoms and I started letting him finish inside me he's been much more affectionate and emotionally open with me, like he'll randomly put his arms around my belly and kiss my neck when he never would before. Anyone else had their bf act like this or know why he would?

lol I'm not expecting her to be my gf for donating to her or anything. I already have one.

I just think it'll be fun to do plus I like helping people out

More intimacy is a good thing.
Guys notice the difference a lot more and mentally it's huge, at least for me.

Probably a hormone thing. He's pairbonding to you.

I don't fuck clean fwb's without a condom, even if they're on birth control, for this reason.

You show him a lot of trust by allowing him to cum inside you. He seems to appreciate this trust, which further improved his affection and trust to you. That's a good thing!

Should I just go hermit mode for the next 6 months as I work on my body, life and mind?

I keep being hit with the "I just want to be friends" line which would be fine with me if it didn't actually mean "I don't want to talk to you any more". I've met 7 different girls over the past year through Tinder/PoF and other dating sites and it always end sup with them saying they only want to be friends and then not replying to me or shooting down wanting to hang out.

I'm losing weight and getting Jow Forums, but still going out to be social and it's really doing a number on me getting shot down even for friendship and makes me want to give up on meeting people.

What I want to do is just go hermit mode for 6 months. Go to work, the gym and home. I'm buying a house in March, learning a language and reading more. Just keep doing this and then emerge in the summer and try dating/friendship again.

As an example pic related is the convo with one of the girls I met. She said she met someone else but wanted to be friends, fine by me as she was interesting and we went to the museum together. Then she started taking 2 weeks - 1 month to reply to my messages so I gave up on that. She messaged me out of the blue after nothnig for 1 month, then saw my reply and has been silent for a month. 3rd time it happened.

>not a weeb, just very interested in history as well as Far Eastern history

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why are you having conversations on tinder?

He wants to get you pregnant.

The conversation is form WhatsApp, this girl in question I matched with on Tinder. Tinder isn't just a hook-up app, most of my friends found their GFs that way

>Tinder isn't just a hook-up app
[x] doubt


I'm gonna hazard a guess. You didn't fuck any of those girls, or at least not more than once or twice.

Nope, none of them. I went through the whole casual sex thing when I was younger and it's not my thing any more. I'm also not in a position to have GF/fuck as I'm not happy with my body and I'm living at home to save some extra money for my deposit.

That's why I'm honestly happy just being friends, but apparently "I just want to be friends" doesn't mean that. I haven't even met all these girls through Tinder, some have been through real life and it's clear we both just wanted to friends.

I'm not complaining that I don't have GF, more than they say they want to be friends but their actions say otherwise.

>I went through the whole casual sex thing when I was younger and it's not my thing any more
don't use tinder then you fucking idiot

As Is aid to the other chap, Tinder isn't a hook-up app anymore. Evidently I've come to the wrong place for advice.

Thanks anyway

Tinder is a dating app. People using Tinder are looking for a sexual partner. It's obvious why you're getting ghosted, they aren't looking for friends, they want a partner. You aren't making that happen and they are getting plenty of interest elsewhere I guarantee it. You are literally doing it wrong.