What the fuck happened

>laying on bed with laptop
>gf sitting on edge of bed looking at her hair in the mirror
>hear her phone beep
>pick it up to see what it was
>notice alarm / reminder went off
>read the reminder
>some list of food she ate in the morning
>she tells me not to read it
>says its embarassing
>i tell her its not embarassing
>i tell her who cares its not a big deal
>was only curious why she does that
>know that when shes working and not on holiday she tries to lose weight
>i tell her when she come visits me i can show her some stuff to help her
>she starts raising her voice
>i try to calm her down by telling her im only trying to help and its not such a big drama
>she gets even more flustered and upset
>wahhh i dont need your help fuck offf etc
>starts insulting me
>i tell her to calm down and relax, i was only offering some advice
>shes getting hyper sensitive
>storms off on the verge of crying

wtf just happened

oh yeah and she got mad and told me to not look at her stuff in her phone because apparently im always allowed to look at it any time i want (she does the same with my phone) but SUDDENLY when it comes to her recording what she ate for breakfast its out of bounds/me crossing a privacy boundry...how even the fuck.

i didnt like being yelled at (funny if i raise my voice im a brute for yelling but when she screams at me she is "justified"). i threw my hands up and said she was fucking insane and to just leave so she went to the lounge room to go cry to her mother.

can someone explain this fucking behaviour to me, she often does this and acts like such a child over the most trivial of things. did i do something wrong or should i forget the relationship because no matter how delicate or patient iam with her any bit of conflict or disagreement or questioning sends her into a tantrum.

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Just let it blow over.

yeah until it happens again...i cant even discuss something with her without it resulting in her screaming and acting like a brat.

Probably bait because no one can be this dumb unless they are like 14
She told you she didn't want you to read it. Why do you care what she ate for breakfast anyways, calorie tracking is really fucking common, why would you even be curious. You invalidated her feelings and gave unsolicited advice about weight loss, a personal issue she already told you wasn't your concern.
>she starts raising her voice
>tell her to calm down
That's like the opposite thing to say to get someone to calm down, try "sorry it wasn't my business" next time. How can you be this stupid. Please be bait.

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i already told you kiddo, we go through each others phones all the time, neither of us cares or hides anything. she doesnt do calorie counting so i can tell youre already making some big assumptions. since ive known her shes only gotten fatter and fatter, she doesnt know what shes doing. im literally atheletic and she knows i know my shit when it comes to this subject yet if i offer a bit of advice she almost cries.

I get the feeling she doesn't feel truly comfortable around you.

Do you guys tend to avoid conversations on personal shit?

You're the child, OP. Based on your last paragraphs, it's clear you're very patronizing, and that can rub anyone off the wrong way.

Next time, try to consider her feelings before mansplaining about how you didn't do anything wrong.
She might have overreacted but you definitely weren't defusing things correctly.

"Sorry I looked at it. Good luck with your diet, babe. Let me know if you need any help with exercise or picking a meal."
There. Never bring it up again.

depends what you mean by personal...we know a lot about each other, i dont think its a comfort thing. were open about lots of stuff and been together for nearly 2 years. i was really suprised by how she reacted to this, i didnt see it coming at all.


opinion discarded.

ill bite a little though because its not "mansplaining" when one person is completely new to something and the other person has years of experience.

>this reply
Ok you've gotta be trolling
My bf and I go through each other's phones all the time, too, but I'm not up reading all his pm's and he's not looking at my notes because we're normal. You're being a weirdo and a snoop and basically threw a bunch of questions at your bf and needled her because she put up 1 boundary with you asking you not to read something. How controlling can you be? Why do you care so much? In a relationship you have to let shit go and just apologize, let it be sometimes, or you'll just piss each other off all the time. How would you feel if you told her to leave something alone and she kept asking about it and justifying herself asking and giving advice you didn't want? You'd get pissed, right? Have some empathy, retard
>she doesn't do calorie counting
>she's gotten fatter and fatter
>had alarm listing what she eats
durrr that means she's TRYING to start something, you must be all looks and no brains

"Let me know if you need any help with exercise or picking a meal."

which is quite literally what ive said already desu, maybe i didnt make that clear enough.

Once things have calmed down, apologise because you clearly struck a nerve, but explain that you really have no idea why what you said upset her so much. Ask if she wouldn't mind explaining why what you said got her so upset so you can avoid it next time.

kys roastie. i offer her help and she screams and cries like a child. of course only other cunts are defending cuntish behaviour lol.

>but explain that you really have no idea why what you said upset her so much. Ask if she wouldn't mind explaining why what you said got her so upset so you can avoid it next time.

mate, ive literally tried all that. its the same repeat of this nonsense every time we argue. i do it exactly as you described and it just ends up with her yelling again. if i raise my voice even slightly in these situations im being "a yelling brute asshole etc" but if she outright screams at me she calls it "justified".

Just because you're more experienced, doesn't mean she requires your help.

Also, you didn't apologize. Apologize and give her something nice, like a dinner date or a gift to make up for your patronizing attitude. Make sure you mean it, too.

Good luck, kid. Hopefully, you'll grow out of that arrogance.

this has to be bait.

Also, just because she's objectively fat and you're objectively fit and know more than her doesn't mean she is obligated to take your advice or that you are justified in giving it to her. Weight loss is a personal issue and unless she's asking for advice you should probably shut the fuck up with yours. If you don't like how fat she is by all means bring it up and get in more fights or just dump her and be done with it.
As for the yelling brute asshole vs her screaming at you thing, lol you're a pussy, who the fuck lets their gf just scream at them. Sounds like you guys are perfect for each other- clueless retard and a shrieking fatass. Maybe she'll train you to be a decent person with her shrieks like a whistle and a dog, the correlation to your actions/words will sink in eventually

It's not.
You want to mend things? That's what you do when you're wrong.

Just because you didn't get emotional, doesn't mean you didn't do anything wrong.

If you're not willing to admit you're wrong, you're never going to have a successful relationship.

this entire post is far more bratty than someone reacting normally to be interrogated about a personal issue you pressed her to reveal to you

assuming this is real anyway

>open about lots of stuff
examples please?

kys and make it snappy

She's probably intimidated because you are athletic or whatever. she probably thinks she Wouldn't be able to keep up with you.
Also, telling an upset girl to calm down is always a bad idea
If your girl screams at you every time you fight, try being calm and reasonable instead of fighting back, eventually it'll bring her down and you'll be able to talk about stuff

Chill the fuck out

She prolly has an eating disorder, I had one and make lists of ridiculous shit like the calories in 4 cheese its and a stick of gum and single grapes

>i tell her when she come visits me i can show her some stuff to help her
This is where you fucked up. She didn't want your help, she didn't want your advice, she didn't want your help on dieting. What a regular person would do is drop the issue and apologize. Your intentions sound good, but you came across as a know-it-all, overbearing prick.

Damn you tiny little bitch, this post exposes your baldness. I hope she leaves you