Gf's father died recently

>gf's father died recently
>have sex
>make her call me daddy
>she won't
>I force her to say daddy
>She calls me daddy
>She starts crying as we have sex
>I cum and she leaves
>It's been 30 mins and she's still crying in the bathroom
I fucked up, couldn't think cause of my dick, what the fuck do I do mates, I'm shit at saying sorry and consolation

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>I'm shit at saying sorry
Try anyway dipshit. Tell her you truly regret it. Or don't, she probably shouldn't stay with someone who does shit like this anyway so I almost want you to fuck it up so she breaks up with you.

you are absolutely retarded

Nice bait

Nigger it was an accident I was in the moment and all, not like the first time I forced her to call me daddy, she's just being overdramatic about it, it's not the first time.
Yeah this time is different cause of the death, sure, it's sad, but come on girl it's been a while already.
I'm thinking of getting some ice cream and chocolate and cuddle in bed maybe she'll calm down.

I know that, ok?

please be real

I told her to get out but she won't talk to me, her phone is with her and she read my messages telling her to come out. This is actually quite bad, breakup bad even.
Sadly it's true, only a retard as big as I could pull it off...

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Even a regard knows when to stop. Heat of the moment excuse doesn't fly when you're past 14. That's called rape you dip shit. You've done this kind of thing before, she should have left you then.I hope she leaves you now.

D o
I t
A g a i n

Keep doing it. Start to imitate her dad’s voice as you do it. There will come a point where she’ll subconsciously imprint on you and you can just get away with bending her over the kitchen counter and fucking her arse without warning and she won’t even protest, cos’ she’s with her daddy. Daddy will always be there.

Top tier thread

This is nice bait


Tell her you're helping her get over the death of her father. You're her new daddy now.

Very nice image Kaijibro

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What the fuck dude.

>what the fuck do I do mates

This is like absolutely blowing an explosive, liquid shit all over your friend's leather couch, flatscreen, and cat when he's due home in 10 minutes.
I don't fucking know, man. Grovel? We're not miracle workers.

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I like how the girlfriend's obviously in emotional and mental distress and the only thing OP can think about is his penis.

You're cancer, OP.

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Little update, she's next to me in bed, it's all ok, she's still not talking but she's holding me like a spoon and fell asleep, I think it will be fine.
She broke this cup I had in the bathroom, made a mess, fucking bitch.

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You're the bitch.
Take your head out of your ass now and then, if you want to keep her.

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Eh I had similar experience
>bipolar gf
>super hot holy shit
>we're hanging out one day
>her mood starts to nosedive
>she's literally sobbing and writhing on the bed next to me
>god damn, she's so hot
>pull her over to me and start playing with her sexually
>doesn't resist
>have great sex
>she's quiet for a few minutes
>starts crying again
>get horny again
>sex again

We fucked three times that night. I feel so ashamed at that night but she was so hot.

Seconing this. I’ve had bitches try to instigate bad feelings in me, but never to the degree that OP is confessing. Hopefully this is just bait.

If this isn't bait, you have to talk to her about it tomorrow and apologize of what you said. Women dont forget incidents that made them angry or sad, she will keep using this against you. If you never talk about it, she will resent you and use this everytime you two get to an argument.

"You made me call you daddy"
Strong argument! We never fought before, 2 months in, she gets emotional sometimes but it's never that bad.
I don't want to keep her so it's fine

>>gf's father died recently
>>have sex
>>make her call me daddy
>>she won't
>>I force her to say daddy
>>She calls me daddy
Congratulations, this is the stupidiest shit I've ever read in 11 years of Jow Forums.

Do you guys live in Illinois? I'll treat her like a sweetheart, if you're going to be a faceless fat guy about it.

What a loser.
No, eastern Europe,

>lives in shit-eating commie bloc
>men with their heads screwed on straight are losers
Hope she cucks you, you dickless clown.

My house is most likely bigger than yours

You could be shacked up in the Krimlin, and you'd still be garbage.
Can't make a housewife out of a hooker.

Based and Redpilled

>I'm shit at saying sorry
Well you better unshit yourself my man