I've accepted this is a problem I need to finally address
But doc keeps trying to push stimulants on me
They dont work very well and I can't deal with the side effects
Is there other ways to deal with adhd other than effectively taking speed?

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yes, but the most effective is medication, so I suggest you keep trying it until you have a medication that works for you.

I've already gone through two stimulant meds

Which meds

Focalin XR and adderal xr


Focalin worked a little but disrupted my sleep
Adderal disrupted my sleep less but worked less to the point being a negative , also worsened my anxiety which is a comorbid issue I have.

At the very least is their a resource I can use to compare reported side effects of medications?

Hiw long should that take?

If you can afford it I would try vyvanse. If that still doesn't work then ask for Strattera or generic Atomoxetine. It's a non stimulant non controlled substance. It will not work for like 2 weeks however. It's kind of like an SSRI in how it works, nothing will happen for a while, then things just fall into place. It's even theorized to have anti anxiety properties.

Also ask about Guanfacine.

also also, what subtype are you? adhd-c or pi?

>adhd-c or pi?
I have no idea what those are?

>If you can afford it I would try vyvanse
So far my insurance has not rejected any of my claims
How much does it cost full ?

>It's kind of like an SSRI
I have not have good experience with ssri

Just search ADHD-C or ADHD-PI and you'll see that there are different presentations.

expensive, like $300 for 30 capsules uninsured/below deductible.

I only brought it up because it's similar in that way. It takes a while to ramp up to actually do something. Atomoxetine is an NRI. Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor. Don't let that scare you, norepinephrine and serotonin are completely different molecules and these drugs do completely different things.

If stimulants aren't working for you then seriously consider atomoxetine and after that guanfacine. Tell your doctor stimulants aren't working.

also you might want to ask about Bupropion/Wellbutrin. It's used as a third line treatment for ADHD. (after stimulants and atomoxetine). Though it's far far weaker than those meds.

Yes. You can look up these methods in Google. You can also take a test to confirm whether or not you’re classified as ADHD.

I should clarify, this test is done in a doctor’s office. You might have recieved it already, right?

I would go back on adderall at a reduced dosage if I were you.
t. former severe ADHD child
I quit it when I was 18 because it was making 5 hour shifts at toys-r-us feel like 12 and I didn't need the impulse control anymore but I'm considering seeing a doctor about going back on at a very low dosage to help rebuild my focus after 10 years of focusing on literally nothing.

Does a lower dosage increase effectiveness?
Cause currently not only does it not help it makes things worse
I've at least confirmed on my own with lumonisity tests that it impairs my memory.

Yeah I got testes by a psychologist ,

>effectively speed
Just so you know OP, ritalin doesn't have the same effect on people with ADHD ad normal people.
Its almost the complete opposite effect.

>Does a lower dosage increase effectiveness?
I thought you said it was effective to a fault.

I forgot to bring this up earlier OP but you might want to try a really really small dose of ritalin. like 5mg a day. There are some studies that show that some people have good results at like 5mg but once it goes up to like 20mg the positive effects go away.

Well "normal" people. But any way, its not what it seems.
In any case, if its not working, sure try different things, but don't arbitrarily pick on stimulatants for no real reason but not medication generally.

But I don't know. If its not working for you, then whatever.

I think he accidentally replied to me.

Honestly either way, looking into how you treat ADHD without meds can be super beneficial regardless of whether you take meds or not and it will help for days when you happen to forget to take it or whatever.
Getting in the habit of using a planner, chained wallet... really not bad things.
Honestly, as I grow up, I feel like my ADHD symptoms are continuously diminishing. I don't know if they will go away, but they're getting better and I've learned a lot. So don't be too hard on yourself.
Its like having weak muscles. Maybe you won't ever be as strong as someone that started out with good musculature, but you can get better. Just don't push too hard and accept your faults. Don't rhink of it as a "condition" or a type of thing that you are. Its just a piece of your complex self.

Furthermore, I think it's important for people with ADHD to understand that neurological science is still in its infancy. Don't fall for the people advocating for it as a horrible disorder so they can get proper accommodations for us, but also don't fall for the muh special identity meme.
Both are dangerous. Take care of yourself OP.

Who the fuck drew this? It's like a reflection of my soul.