Been trying to get to know a girl better and it turns out she's scary

I've joined uni recently and I noticed this girl who's very shy and keeps to herself, always sits alone. She only talked to me once before to ask if I'm a part of her group (we're divided into groups for certain school activities, this isn't important), she introduced herself and she instantly caught my attention. She seemed like EXACTLY my type.
Got to know her better, took her to two (I think?) dates and got to find out some personal information on her and wow she's an enigma. I'm just going to paste what I've got here, you figure this one out because I'm seriously scared of what I got myself into.
>her father's been dead for over 8 years
>lives with single mother
>she's the youngest of three siblings at 19
>her older sister is FOURTY (40)
>she also has an older brother (age yet to be determined by me, younger than her sister though) with whom she stays in contact with
>she's not sure what exactly he does for a living despite of this
>lives in a rather poor (though not ghetto-level) part of the city
Here's the important part
>keeps spending money on clothes and eating out
>addmited to have spent hundreds on an MMO
>once every two weeks we have to travel to a different city for school, instead of taking a train she pays for s taxi each time
>I ask where she gets the money for this
>she stumbles and says it's a secret akwardly
>in another conversation some days later she says she helps pay for rent "otherwise it might not get payed" (the implication being her mother is rather poor)
>"so you have a job?"
>she just looked away and stated at the floor for like 2-3 seconds trying to think of a response before changing the subject to something that happened in the room

Should I bail? Neither of us has officially declared romantic intentions as of now, it was my plan originally but now I'm honestly scared. What the hell am I getting myself into?

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Don't be an asshole about it, it's not her fault for being poor. But if you are not okay with dating a prostitute that is totally understandable, just don't give her shit for it. You and I got it pretty good and shouldn't judge what other people do when in need.

she's a hooker, or more likely a cam girl.

I'm not judging her for being poor, don't get me wrong, just sounds like she's got connections with organised crime and that scares me shitless.

>organised crime
If a woman was in organized crime, she'd just be a prostitute. Which she very likely is.

>her older sister is FOURTY (40)
That's not a big deal (imagine a couple who met in high school and got empty nest syndrome when their first kids moved out), but she's obviously doing something shady that she doesn't think you'll like hearing. Selling her body is probably one of the better things it could be.

Fortunately it's more likely disorganized crime.

>It's not her fault for being poor

>keeps spending money on clothes and eating out
>addmited to have spent hundreds on an MMO
>once every two weeks we have to travel to a different city for school, instead of taking a train she pays for s taxi each time

Being poor sounds like a lot of fun.

I'd just ask her up front. When you date someone I feel like you kinda have the right to know if she's a prostitute. I agree you shouldn't give her shit, though, even if it is a dealbreaker (which it would be for me).

If a woman is good looking but doesn’t seem to have any friends it’s because she is APESHIT CRAZY

>shy women don't exist
This and OP never stated she looks good.

I'll have to think this over and obviously ask her about it but assuming I go for it anyway and she accepts, will I be in danger?

Shy girls have friends

Mentally ill girls have NO friends because nobody could tolerate her madness

>Shy girls have friends
Not always. I guess you could argue it's a form of mental illness, but that's not really what people mean.

Prostitution sounds more realistic than some kinda mafia shit.
But, from my experience with escorts (it's legal and regulated in my country) they're usually on the opposite side. Usually they're outgoing party girls and sluts than realise they might get some money out of their sluttiness.

Mate, Id get out quick before something else comes to the surface and it seems like you're just leaving for that

OP THIS IS A RED ALERT YOU HAVE YOUR SELF A CASE GET. OUT!!! ABORT!!! I don't want see you in one of my law in order binges pls stay safe OP

Go for it. Experiences like this are what life are.

STD test though lel


More low key whores can be pretty introverted and think they’re 2deep4u

would you fuckin get a grip. you have no reasonable basis for being as afraid as you're saying you are. you are peeing your pants because she is being cagey about her source of income. it wouldn't make sense for you to feel threatened even if she was doing something illegal.


I like her

I don't think she is scary at all

>>her older sister is FOURTY (40)
There's nothing scary about this. I have an older bother who's 56 and I'm 23.

>with whom she stays in contact with
That's just positive, right? Not keeping in touch with relatives is usually seen as a bad sign.

dude there's more to that post than this two

Red flags. Theres more women out there with way less problems. And there are even more problems you dont know about

Shes either a cam whore or escort. Thats the whole mystery...

She’s either been sleeping around to make extra money or she’s embarrassed that she uses her mothers money but knowing her financial situation and her not working is embarrassing.
Maybe that’s why she doesn’t want to tell you.
She’s embarrassed of the situation she is in , of not having a job but yet wasting money that she should be saving just in case.
Her mom probably gives her an allowance, yes before someone tells me they’re poor but trust me if a mother loves her children enough she’ll give them what she can and more.
Those are the two things she might be doing, hopefully for you OP it’s the ladder and you can try to control her spending.

A lot of poor people spend big sums on useless things.
If I was OP I'd really try to find out more.
Also organised crime is not what you think.


Maybe she has a sugar daddy kek

Shes a criminal, nice
Keeper def

fuck tons of cash make life easier. The only way to get real answers would be to ask her.

not so bad