She really don't care lol

she really doesn't man
that feels so bad haha what the fuck
she does not give a fuck about me
i think about her all the time and I probably never even cross her damn mind

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Do you talk to her?

No, not in months. I thought she would hit me up or something but she hasn't. I'm not going after her because she walked away. I don't chase people like that, it's dumb. She obviously just doesn't even care. Or like even if she like, "cares" like "I care about you user", she doesn't fucking want me, ergo she doesn't think about me very often. I bet. If at all, at this point.

Idk why the fuck I'm still so fucking hung up. I feel like such a bitch.

Maybe you just don't hit her hobbies or something.

Are you sure you have enough thing in common?

Does she appreciate your presence around?

And BTW you should stop being obsessed with how she cares about you or not because you won't make progress where it matters that way.

We were together, she moved like 40 minutes away and I could tell it was ending. She didn't even tell me it was over she just left. I had to text her like, "So that's it then?" and she sent me like 5 paragraphs of shit just to basically try to let me down easy. All it really meant was "I don't want you". Then I was like "welp" or something and she sent 5 more paragraphs like "I don't know what that means" blah blah "I'm just not ready for this" blah blah.


With woman (or men) you can't never look back. Just keep going forward. There are just too many damn people in the world. If you find someone good then enjoy while it last. But never try to go back. What's donde is done. focus on future things.

Ye chasing feelings is pointless.

Try talking to her dumbass. Like a normal person. Stay strong. Be who you want to be. If it's with her, pull yourself together and make her yours.

You think you have it bad, nigger? Mine told me that she cares about me too much and that's why we need to stop our affair, then I went all clingy and now she blocked me... She said that talking to me hurts, since she loves me and ended our relationship.

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I went to a party in her city, we talked, I gave her some blow, she gave me some adderall, i blacked out, that was the last time I saw her. She hit me up on FB the day after (my birthday). I asked her out again, she said "next time I'm around I will hit you up". A month went by, she never did.

I don't think it's worth chasing anymore. She's obviously done with it. She even went on a date and she posted about it on fucking snapchat. Idek how long she was seeing the guy. Or if she's even seeing him now or what.

God that shit gets so old. "I really do like you user but" BUT. So you don't fucking like me... got it. I don't turn you on anymore. ahasdlkjf

I guess to be fair I fucked a different girl too, but I don't know why I get fucking stuck mentally on bitches. And it's only some of them... It's been a while and I just do not know how to get her out of my head.

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>"I really do like you user but"
It's not even that. We had fun for three weeks, then she all of a sudden went cold on social media and wrote to me that I shouldn't come on the night we planned our date. I came anyway and she ended up crying in my lap, because she loves me and shit, but has to leave me. Then we spent hours in bed and went to city together. I left with a good feeling, but the next morning she started ignoring me online. So I went clingy and she told me that she loves me too much and blocked me

And I was fucking ready to leave my wife for her....

this shit blows i don't want to care anymore

You probably wont care in a year or two. Give it some time.


Okay, so just shoot her a text without being a passive aggressive edgelord and maybe you'll get some more realistic feedback

that's such a long time though
can you just like make me feel better right now instead, thanks

I'm blocked and I don't know how to be a passive aggressive edgelord

Just go down a fith of gin and youll cheer rught yp bruh

Besides, I kinda fucked up with 20 "MISS YOU'' and "LOVE YOU" messages during the week, so I doubt that I have any chance

why are you telling a girl you love her in the span of 3 weeks?

Because I do love her. I know how sappy hat sounds, but I fell in love stronger than ever.
I know that I'm a stupid faggot, by the way, but I can't help it

yeah but you still don't tell her that so soon even if it's true

She said it first and I know. I know the fucking game, had luck with bitches all my life. It's just this girl blindsided me like a motherfucker

that's rough

Hours in bed huh can we get some details on this steamy affair

For educational purposes only

>be me
>work at a looney bin
>suddenly find a cute girl as my parent
>she gets better
>leaves me her email before leaving
>half a year later still can't get her out of my head
>decided to ask how is she doing
>she a good girl, taking meds and doing better and better
>decide to meet for a coffee
>she Is visibly shaking when she sees me
>cute, funny and pleasant to be around
>have a great evening
>meet a couple of more times
>she gets comfy around me
>finally decided to get to the bar
>drink all night
>impress her with my people reading skills
>guess everything about her, even the fetishes
>jokingly say that she should call me daddy and make fun of her daddy issues
>by the end of the night kiss her mid sentence because hormones
>decide to stop
>can't stop
>get invited to her place to talk
>she lives with a beta orbiter roommate
>great, we'll have to behave
>enter her place
>instead of talking we start kissing and I throw her to the bed
>"We can't do that"
>"Daddy please fuck me"
>end up banging her, while she moans "yes daddy"
>her roommate is in the other room, lol
>end up cuddling
>decided to fuck it, I'm plowing that hie as much as I can
>she down to everything
>on our third date understand that falling for her

>she does as well
>que the long talks about not hurting anyone
>she becomes cold on our messaging
>decided to go to her place to ask wtf
>she melts in my arms
>back to bed
>next day she cold again
>a new date approaching
>"user, I made a decision, don't come we need to stop"
>come anyway
>we drink wine
>I hug her
>she cries
>I pull her to the bed
>we snuggle and kiss
>no sex
>still have a great time
>leave the house together and fool around on the bus
>leave with a good feeling
>next day she ignoring me
>and the day after that
>send her beta messages "I love you/miss you"
>she answers with sad anime girls
>call her and get ignored
>she tells me that she needs space
>last two days and write her again
>she blocks me
And here we are

fuck bro why should i even bother with girls?

Because it's a fun gamble and if you won, you'll feel like a king?

You would never message me first. It took me six years to give up on you. Its hard to love somebody who just pushes you away

>be me


I know that I am scum. In my somewhat of a defense, I never ever cheated on anyone. It's just this new girl got me smitten

see being blocked as the final: GTFO of my live. Got blocked a week ago two. See it as a release.

Yeah, I feel you. Still sucks tho and I want to just fucking go to her place, but I know that nothing good will come of it

if you can, rather go to the beach

I mean, why all the "I love you too much" shit, why couldn't she just be upfront with "Don't you ever write to me again?"
It would've been much easier if she didn't give me some false hope...

women are a bit more hormonal and soft than men. Love is complex, maybe she meant it plutonically. to soften the blow. She is obviously bad at breaking up.

or she is confused and still has feelings for you, as she bangs the other guys. Fact is it is over, there is no point winning her back, to have her keep straying away. Unless you are a cuckold. There are too many people who would work out better in the longer run. move on.

Yeah but... you're the one who left. I told you all the time I wanted and cared about you.

The sad part is, that I still believe that I can win her over

Oh look it's this thread again

Almost didn't see it this time

me too man, but unless you accept all the cheating that will happen, you will always loose - and keep loosing. And for a fuck ton of effort.

I don't think that she'll cheat. Still, I know that I'm being dumb. Also in hindsight, I should have just asked her about what she wants, instead of talking about how much I miss her...


I'm with you. Strangely similar to my situation. Married, and 3 months not 3 weeks before the love thing, but head over heels, things were cash, then cold the next day. Got no explanation. I don't know how to move the fuck on. Did the 'miss you' shit for a few weeks, told her I loved her, etc. Looking to the future and being a bit more calm. Probably no hope but we never had a fight, or a bad time, just no defining what we had before it was gone..

Just ask her about what she wants. It's too late for me since I'm blocked, or at least I think that I should wait for a while, since I just did the clingy shit. Anyway, the fact that I had such a tunnel vision and didn't try to talk to her about what is happening and went full beta "miss you" rout is my biggest mistake.
But she has a birthday coming and I thought I send her some flowers with a card, the try talking to her again sometimes later.

What if
Stay with me here
What if she's not
This is gonna sound crazy
I mean what if the dude was her husband and she was just some lonely dumbass who happened to think you were the shit because you were the closest thing to a real (possibly gay?) guy friend she'd had in years and she felt absolutely fucking horrible for coming onto another married person despite her desire because she does have, like, convictions

But also, like, fuck you, literally, stop toying with my feels.

>has a birthday coming and I thought I send her some flowers with a card
You do know that this won't work?

If she doens't act like your gf, she's not your gf. If she doesn't act like she likes you, she doesn't like you. This is important to understand, and it's hard to accept when you're infatuated, but that's the cold, hard, truth. Ignore this at your own peril.

You get what you deserve. Karma. I feel bad for your wife.

I feel bad for her as well, but such is life

It's ok user, find someone to give your love to, don't make it about you. They will be happy and so will you.

I'm alone and I think maybe I need to deal with my shit alone, for now. Like this is probably the first time in my life I've legitimately been without anyone else or anyone's help. I'm 100% self sufficient, paying for all of my own shit, I barely know anyone around here.

I'm working out, I have a plan to get a job that's 60 - 100k / year, and get ripped, and I think if I'm just stronk enough to deal with this I'll be happy in like a year or two. Thanks for all the advice. Anyone have any tips for staying motivated and not looking backwards? I keep slipping up.

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Oh fuck me dude. I did the same. Now we both said I miss you prior to this cold show so I thought I was in the clear. You are me. (Minus the coke..) I sent flowers and a miss you card.. after about two-three weeks of silence, then later on a birthday gift (not expensive but memorable). Zero reply.

I'm actually making her a fucking GAME now lol..

I actually think similar is part of my situation. She knew I was married from day one. But I do think maybe she got feels too and despite telling me she was cool with it all, in the end, she WASN'T cool with it, because she DID actually want to be with me, and at the same time, didn't want to end a decade+ relationship (which I was ending regardless of her..)


This user is right, when a girl loses interest, if you frantically pursue her, it turns her off even more and she will lose respect for you. It's time to move on.

Not user but the other similar guy. Yeah I stopped. The game I am making is just silly shit. I might see if our situations are changed in 6-12 months.. whatever, but I did stop any contact a month ago. Shit sucks though, I gotta say that. I miss the simple affections and all. Fuck sex (lol), it was about just being really close friends and hand holding and all that beta shit.