Sup faggots...

Sup faggots. There's this girl I met in one of my classes who I've been studying with on the weekends and I can tell she's DTF. I asked my gf if she was down for an open relationship because I didn't want to cheat but she started crying and I had to lie and say I was just testing her. I really love my gf and her tight pussy but I also really wanna fuck this other girl. Decided I'm gonna cheat on her because she's left me no other option. You guys got any advice on not getting caught? I'm thinking of getting a prepaid phone for other girls. Thoughts?

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What a catch you are.

Go to hell

>You guys got any advice on not getting caught?
not cheating

Did I ask for your opinion? Fuck off.

yes, you did

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>I can tell she's DTF
How do you know?

You’re an insecure little faggot with a tiny dick, fuck off and burn in Hell

SAGE and B& for underage, also your thread sucks. Fuck you, you have to be 18 to post. Go back to /b/ twinkle toes

I can't believe people took this bait


She's texting me daily and every time we hang out she's super handsy. Sends me selfies of herself asking what I think of outfits etc. Asked me if I wanted to go to her place. I would have fucked her by now if I didn't try to go the honest route and ask my girlfriend for an open relationship but we set up a plan to meet at her place tomorrow so we'll see how it goes.

As a guy who's cheated before, let me tell you it is piss easy to hide your infidelity if you are careful and have some common sense. But I also gotta say it is not worth it. I probably can't stop you, but trust me the guilt will eat you up inside.

Go cheat
Just don’t get caught

Nah I genuinely don't care about my gf. We've only been together for 2 years and I basically just keep her around for convenient sex. She's only like a 7/10 and boring af, definitely not wife material. Once I meet "the one" I won't cheat on her but she ain't it.

Just break up with her. Don't be a psychopath.

I did that with the last gf, ended up regretting it. I can't go without sex for more than a couple days without getting hella depressed.

8 inches is tiny? Also why are you so mad? Are you capable of communicating like an adult or are you just gonna continue this tantrum?

OP sounds like either a shitty troll or a total psychopath.

Either way, don't respond too much to bait threads. People like OP get their comeuppance and it will be far worse than anything we can say in this thread. And unlike anything we could say in this thread, those experiences might be enough to dissuade him next time.

But probably not, once a cheater always a cheater and OP will be doomed to ruin every relationship he'll ever be in until one day he's old and alone and full of nothing but regret. I know so many men who started out in their youth like you, and I will say that where they ended up was always quite terrible and sad. Have fun there OP.

This doesn't seem real. It seems like a troll post that started with something controversial and then replied with another post to spark more replies but it doesn't add up if you read it.

Someone intending to cheat wants to justify it by finding people to agree and gets mad when people are saying not to cheat. But then keeps posting anyway asking for advice and saying he hates his gf when he originally said he loved her. Huh?

Just dump her, wtf

You're a pussy boy, still young ruining emotion for physical. You're feel worthless sooner or later.

It's just sex, calm the fuck down self righteous asshole.
I don't hate my gf, I'm neutral to her. I love having a wet hole always available for me to fuck but I don't have any emotional attachment to her, if that makes sense?
Like I said, I want to keep her around for the sex. If this new girl is looking for something more than a ONS I might dump my current girl but we'll see, I just don't want to dump my current girlfriend and end up not having anyone to have sex with

Get gud at lying or break up with her. Only 2 ways not to get caught.

>Decided I'm gonna cheat on her because she's left me no other option.
You're so fucking stupid

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Move along everyone.

If you're serious, you're a sociopath.

What makes you qualified to diagnose me like that? I have feelings for lots of people, just not my gf in particular. If you met her you'd understand, she's the epitome of an NPC, probably one of the most boring people I've met. Literally her only only redeeming qualities is that she fucks good and has a tight pussy.

Everyone please report this and don't reply anymore.

Ignore the thread if you don't like it asshole, I did nothing against the rules by asking for advice here. Freedom of speech, bitch.

Jow Forums isn't the same Jow Forums bro, lots of incels here who will reee at you for trying to cheat.

Are you stoned? This bait is bad.
Fuck you for making such shitty bait and killing some lame overly complicated thread.