Virgin invited to 3some, not a clue what to do, help

19, virgin male, two friends (both women) invited me to a 3some with them. Both hot so no way I'm turning them down.

They know I'm a virgin but I still dont wanna be a shit lay, any help?

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Run and never look back, threesomes are terrible

> they know you're a virgin
> invited you to a 3-some
you absolute bastard. Get some viagra

just relax, be honest and let the girs teach you

Not happening senpai. Who knows when I'll get a chance like this again.

stop making this thread over and over

Autocorrect making ne look like a next level web I stg

I get that and I'm not too worried about it. But itd still be nice if I had some knowledge.

>They know I'm a virgin but I still dont wanna be a shit lay, any help?
Take Viagra then stick it in any hole opposite or not occupied by the other dude's dick.
You're welcome.

Made it once b4 but got no replies

OP said MFF, not MMF.

they know ur a virgin, prob want to give u a good time and ease you into it.

Yeah that's probably the plan for them. Tbh I'm not ruling out me being clueless being a bonus for them in a weird way.
That basically

This. Viagra is magic. You can get generic versions too. In the US you can get generic viagra at May be prescription-only though. I managed to get some from a friend
who had leftovers from a prescription. Apart from that, two doctor buddies said they could sort something out for me.

How useful is it really? I thought that stuff was for people who had real issues getting it up/the elderly?


Wow, you lucky bastard. Tell us your secret, tell it now! ( insert GoT where whores dont charge the squire )

For real though, at age 19 starting with a threesome, thats the dream user. They know you are a virgin so they will act accordingly, in the meantime some practical suggestions.

>get more condoms than you think you will need.
>dont drink much alcohol, a glass of wine or two TOPS. Whiskey dicks aint cool
>have a general idea of what you want, which positions and so on. But dont try to folllow a script. Real life isnt porn
>dont masturbate for several days before
>dont worry if you cum too soon, thats actually the better outcome than not cumming at all. Trust me i was left confused and pissed after 2 hours. It was the 3rd time i had sex i was actually able to cum, and even than i sort of had to finish myself.
>viagra helps as other anons said, it will allow you to bounce back up faster after you are done for second servings. Or will flat out help out with getting hard in the first place if you are nervous in general.
>try to try out stuff you want as the moment allows it, going down on a girl, fingering, anal if they allow it.
>relax, this is the most important part. Try to relax and just enjoy the moment. You might never have another threesome in your life ever.

I know right, i am jealous of the bastard. Pic related.

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Honest to God not a clue how I'm in this situation. I wish I knew so I could give the rest of you anons advice but I guess it's just the kind of friends I accisoate with that are casual about this sorta stuff.
Also that's some g advice. Whiskey dick wasn't something I'd thought of

Also I'm one of the only dudes in the entire friend group. Like, 4 dudes out of 20 people.

Some female heavy uni departmen like architecture or design or nursing or teaching?

Got into the group through a mutual friend. They pretty do theatre including the 2 involved

*pretty much all

Ah artsy types, cool cool. As i said relax and enjoy the moment. Let them take charge at start, eventually you will get into the mood as well.

Just loose yourself in the moment user, dont overthink stuff. Savour the moment and all that gay shit.

Happy for you, also jealous, lucky bastard.

Put benis in bagina x 2

My only advice would be, you lucky bastard, take your time and tease them both, a lot -foreplay goes a long way

Don't think about it too much, let it happen.
Good luck!