Please i need help

Please i need help
I live in a third world country and i worked as a waiter for 300 dollars a month and i quit my job today.
The owner of the place (some shady guy that's probably connected to crime organisations like everything here) threatened me because he was surprised that a worker working 16h a day for 5 days of the week is unhappy. I'm legitimately scarred and don't know what to do.

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can you get a gun?

come to america before the wall gets built, hurry

Might be able to get into contact with some Mujahedeen
I have a pocket knife for now

Pfffttt, he won't do shit.

Me too, citizen of a 3rd world country.. just tell them that you quit because you focus on your study/family, not because you're unhappy.. not all of your emotion should be expressed, sometimes you should just hide it..
If you're a legitimate worker, then you're protected by the labour law or something like it..

Not a legitimate worker
Also i didn't say that i was unhappy, said that i had some health problems.

Someone please help

Hes just pissed he has to hire and train new people.

Yes but he threatened me
"This ain't over boy, I'll make sure of that, we ain't through with you"
That's the best English translation i can think of. This dude really has it out for me it seems.

Find a way to move to capitals or more populated cities. I think at least it is safer from smug gangsters than rural area.

You're just afraid. He won't do anything.

Then you’re leaving something out...
Confess the truth.
It doesnt make sense that he has some revenge planned if you just dont want to work there anymore especially if its a legitimate reason like health.

Idk i just said i quit. They lost some workers before and made me work 16 hours a day almost every day. I guess they have to find someone else but i couldn't take it anymore there. They don't really have anyone else working there rn but that's they're problem. I worked for a while like that yet they didn't want to find new people for some reason. I don't think I did anything wrong.



He's got no interest in doing anything except maybe blocking you from finding a job.

kill him with pocket knife

Then he ain’t gonna do shit. Ego is one of the most destructive human traits, especially with Dune Coons. Tell em’ “no” and they tantrum like a baby.

You told him you have health problems, if he starts at you again, say that you’re no use to him if you collapse in front of his customers and they all run out, you need time to get your health in check, then you’ll hit him up for work when you can work to his standard.

This can go 2 ways: His ego is sated and you are free with his blessing, or he says “No way are you having a job with me afterwards if you leave now!” at which point you’ve got your wish and am out of there anyway, and it makes it seem like it’s HIS decision, which again preserves ego.

Do that and you’ll be fine. Don’t blow up (pun not intended) at him, just be firm and slightly sad about it.

Good luck Jawabro.

Thanks for the advice
I hope i can resolve this without having to resort to violence

Pretend youre having a mental crisis and need some time to clear your mind. If anything talk about dreams following you and voices. People leave crazy people alone and don't think they're fully guilty

Post a means to contact and I’ll send you 20 USD

I don't really need money
Just want him to leave me alone