Horrified my gf

I was watching Deadpool with my gf. The scene comes up where his gf butt fucks him with an attached fake dick.

I laughed and said that is something new to do. She was horrified and interpreted that I was hinting we should do that. I told her no and I wasn’t serious but she wasn’t having that. She now thinks I’m a secret homo

Anyone else been on this situation ?

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No, im not a fag like u

Pls no bully

Be happy that she got that reaction instead of "I want to fuck you with strapon!" reaction. Also dont do homo stuff and himo jokes aro7nd her for some time.

That was nasty scene fo sure. My GF said that she would lose all respect for me if i did something like that. And thats understandable.

I would never do anything like that because I think it would be painful

>My GF said that she would lose all respect for me if i did something like that.

Why though? It is just another position. I don’t understand why people are so horrified

>I don’t understand why people are so horrified
This is why your gf suspects ....

There is nothing wrong with prostate stimulation user. A finger or two from the lady does wonderful for some men.

Oh boy, its no wonder you made this mistake. I hope youre a troll cause if youre not... your girl will be leaving your pathetic ass.

obvious troll is obvious

Nigga you so uptight maybe you need a good sphincter fingering to loosen up
Must be American

So you WERE serious about being fucked by your gf strapkn after all? She smels your submissivness i guess and thats okay, pussies like you dont deserve girls.

Low level bait, try harder next time

get a load of this guy

OP here

This is NOT me

>So you WERE serious about being fucked by your gf strapkn after all?

No I wasn’t. I just don’t understand why it is such a deal breaker though

Femanon here. Can confirm this, my prev. bf suggested that we try out fingering hes prostat, which was kinda neutral, then he asked if i could use strapon on him. I thought that it will be thrilling and something new/interesting. Well to be honest, he mooned like a bitch, never had i seen him so submissive and pathetic. Maybe its a turn on for dominatrix type of gals, but for majority of woman its a big no no. I just couldnt look in hes eyes the same anymore and we drifted a part. I would have the same reaction as OP gf had if my current bf said what OP said.

I am not OP yeah, and it is not bait. But hey when you are balls deep on some chick and she puts a finger on the stinky it does help me get going even more anons.

Thats like only 10% gay by my calculations. Which is neutralised by me being balls deep in some chick.

If you get penetrated in your ass and you like it then youre a fag. Theres no way around it, homo.

Well, a year ago my girl stuck her finger way up my butt while blowing me. We ended up never repeating or talking about it again. The first week was a case of should we talk about it, does she think I am gay etc. Eventually everyone will experience something gay in their relationship. The only way wrong answer is to make a big deal about it.

>girl stuck her finger way up my butt
Why? Did you ask her to do it?

A girl sticking a finger up your butt is not gay, the same way having a guy jerk you off is gay. It is not the action, but the gender of the person doing it

Nah, her finger wondered a bit, but I did not object

>A girl sticking a finger up your butt is not gay
Oh boy imagine how brainwashed you have to be to think like this.

Lol being this insecure about your heterosexuality...

What is your opinion on oral by the way? Giving and receiving..

She sounds like an idiot.

You sound like the type of guy who doesn't jerk off, because it involves touching a penis

Oh yeah cause youre only stright for real if you have been fucked in the ass. Damn youre mental case arent you.

You ever had a prostate orgasm? You seriously missed out on that one for sure.

>touching parts of my own body is gay
Yes, he's the mental one.

OP you should drop the subject but note it as a major red flag. Imagine if this actually was a fetish of yours and this is how she reacted. Your gf doesn't seem very open minded and her continued disbelief in you after rejecting this idea shows her distrust in you.