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it ain't that bad

I live in Stockholm and I want to book a time with a shrink where I basically tell him everything about me, all the skeletons in my closet out. Everything I suspect about myself.

And I need to know where to go from that point forward.

I have no game and can't practice because I'm not attractive to any women I find attractive.

It's a damn vicious cycle.

I want this thread to die. Time to move on.

......... LONG LIVE THE FIFTH COLUMN .........

I have to calm down.

Try talking to the whores at strip clubs and rub-n-tugs. Watch your Goddamm money though. No credit cards. No debit cards. Just take whatever cash you think you can afford. Also, find bars with hot bartenders, and make casual conversation. No expectations. Just use them for practice. Worked for me. Good luck.

I've been watching and masturbating to hardcore porn since I was 7 years old and it's messed up my perspective on relationships with women and sex. I literally cannot imagine myself fucking a girl. The worst part is that there have been very beautiful girls who have shown interest in me(I'm handsome and Jow Forums).

and Nobody...

Everybody knew something needed to be done. It was something anybody could do. But nobody wanted to do it. Everybody was waiting for somebody else to do it. Nobody was doing what anybody could do. Soon everybody was getting mad that nobody was doing what everybody could do. In the end, nobody did what anybody could have done.

I need to get real. You wouldn't want me anyway.

This morning meeting is severely impeding my morning coffee poop

I just want to fucking die, too bad I'm a coward

Today is the day I let you go. I have to.

Im very lonely and sexually as well as physically starved

Meeting: over
Coffee: drank
Poop: emerging

Fucking finally

A stranger whispered to me “he’s psycho”, as we massed by on the mountain.

I think my family on my estranged fathers side is setting me up, or at least has no love for me. My uncle it seems wants to parade my cousin for my lover in a “I can have what she doesn’t want” way, like a dog. They’re all the same.

I’ve had an overwhelming feeling they’re setting me up for a murder or some kind of scheme for over a year now, which I realize sounds insane and I have nobody to tell.

I feel so weird today. I hope coffee helps.


bb that does sound really messed up what makes you think that?

these posts are really creepy

I can't know what he thinks about me anymore. I suspect he hates me or doesn't care. He has all sorts of women throwing themselves at him as well. The logical decision is to try to forget him...I'm wasting my time and it all just hurts so much.

I must've done something horrible in a past life to get all this. My pain never ends. I should just be a horrible bitch to everyone because being good to people hasn't gotten me anything but plain misery.

Do it Sis. It will be horrible but then it will get better and you’ll be happier.

I have a very intelligent gentlemanly male friend that has always been good to me. I'm hoping that as I heal, my feelings with grow for him. I love him....I'm not in love with him but I think that could change.

will* grow

I usually browse x but for some reason I’m addicted to reading these confession threads. They’re weirder than x

Yeah, they are. I'm sure I contribute to that. I've been on confession threads since 2010...elsewhere.

I’m on day 2 of a break up. I started putting out feelers to guys I’ve talked to in the past, but now I think getting into something is a bad idea for me. It’s just a bandaid fix because I feel lonely and needy. I need to not look to a man for comfort.

Seriously? You can’t possibly think this low level of effort is enough. You don’t know me much...

and yes, this is for you and in this exact moment.

Yeah, I'll be honest, mom, I don't really have any other excuse for my smoking problem than the fact that it's a fucking addiction
And I've tried to quit, but going cold turkey only works for a week at most, then I'm back at square zero
Yeah, I know I should seek some help, but why don't you seek help, too? You don't have an excuse to keep smoking, either, unless you mean to tell me that my presence is so stressful to you that you need a quick whiff of a death stick to keep that feeling at bay.
I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry for being a 21 year old disaster that can only bring shame and dishonor to his family.
My vent ends here.
Yeah, maybe I'm exaggerating, but I do intend to fix my shit, so, do you have any advice to quit the death sticks? I once read somewhere that putting cigarette butts and water in an airtight container, letting that sit a few days and then taking a good whiff when you feel like smoking, makes you repulsed and helps against it.

There are lots of yous here.

I’ve reached a state of perpetual disgust towards most other people. I feel like everyone around me is an absolute imbecile. I hate the way I feel about them but I can’t seem to help it.

I put all my efforts into this, you don't understand at all.

Yeah, I feel the same way. Most people aren't worth my time, I mean that too.

the forced isolation and poverty. a gun, which was passed around and has my fingerprints. a dna test that was taken out of my possession by them before it was sent off. precarious situations and verbiage. a separation but not divorce and a dying man. a silver bullet. little clues and secrets being released every so often. like everything is being orchestrated. everything seems fake.

I don't even know why I keep trying to go on dates when I know I'll just get ghosted right after and be right back at square one.

I wish someone cared about me, no matter what I do, no matter how much effort I put into it...I think I just wasn't meant to be happy

yeah right chill out don't be so hard on yourself, just gotta believe you got this

Efforts to what end?

The next story involves legal mumbo-jumbo that I may not translate well into English, but I hope you get the gist of it:

>Be in a wholly legal theater association, as secretary, along with many colleagues whom I had studied with.
>For no reason, and despite all my hard work, people don't like me, and eventually get ignored and low-key booted from the group.
>Now, apparently, they want to dissolve the organization. They contacted me so I could send them my ID and legally hand over my position, for them to do so.
>I shouldn't have any problem with that, but I got mad and let time pass by.
>They urged me to do so, appealing to my legal position in the group, saying that I'll be held responsible at any sign of trouble.
>Got mad for real, refused to play their game and, after talking with my mom, agreed to let a paralegal take care of the matters.

I'm not suing or anything, I just want to make sure that these people don't try anything shady, given that I can't trust them. But I get the feeling that this whole deal will snowball and, eventually, burst in my face. At the very least, I'll be burning bridges with five or six people (not that I wanted to ever work with them again, but still).

Any advice? Didn't want to kill a thread for this.

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>I love him....I'm not in love
I love you but... or rather "but I love you"
I think I meant to say

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I don't even know who I am. I have no personality I have no set emotions, I can twist them to my will. But its not like I'm taking them, one week I'll be crying over a child who broke their crayon and the next I'll be searching up suicide live streams for entertainment and just laugh and criticise them. I don't even know anymore and I'm probubly just forcing myself to either feel or not feel at all.

My friends and I sit near this girl in class that has an interesting smell. It's definitely her ass, but it doesn't smell bad to me. It smells... earthy?

They rip on her and I do too, saying it smells bad, but holy shit does it turn me on. Would never tell them that but dayum negro

I'm so afraid my business will get hacked, or I'll get sued, or it just won't work out. I'll survive if it doesn't, but I want to escape this fucking rat race as soon as I can. I have no mentors, no other help, just me looking at a screen all fucking day working.

I haven't been attracted to my girlfriend for 5 months. She's a very highly sensitive person, and because her dad died, she clung to me as a male role model or something. She's suicidal, and I got her counseling, but I'm afraid of leaving her alone.
It's an eggshell relationship where anything negative I say could make her depressed and suicidal in an instant. I still love her as a person, and I want her alive, but she's taking a toll on me, and I want something new, but I haven't been in the game for a year.

Ever since my ex came back into my life 4 months ago after two years, I think about her everyday. I mean, I thought about her everyday before we reconnected but now it's more often. She got me a gift, still talks to me, but I always have to initiate it, and she has a shitty beta male boyfriend she clings too because she herself is also a mentally fucked up person. Valentine's day is going to hurt. The whole situation makes me feel like a beta cuck.

In fact, every girl I've been with except one has mental issues. I don't know if it's me, or if women in general are like this. I don't think I've even met a girl that doesn't have issues.

Besides that, I'm aligned with my life purpose, and have a major drive to improve everyday, but shit's getting tougher.


I’ve really have hit rock bottom. I wish I could die. I love him but fml so much.

Roommate left the door unlocked.
Fucking faggot.

I said...


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i miss the intimacy i had with my first girlfriend.. that feeling of being so close to someone, the warm, the soft touches. i loved being sensual with her. i can only hope i meet someone new that i can click with soon. for fuck's sake, i'm a young person so i should be doing this somewhat regularly.. at least in my mind that's like that. it's funny how the things you want the most are things you can't have. we all gotta deal with that one i suppose. if you're reading this may you find some good intimacy this year.

Sorry, this happens every time I drink. I'm normally a lot more respectful.

please god please god please god don't toss me aside. i was good to you, you could at least tell me what's going on. please don't leave without warning. i hope you're okay. what did i do?!

I have someone who makes me feel this way quite often. You’ll grow to resent them.

i feel kinda bad, but i also dont. i feel bad because her man cheated on her by sending me pics while i had no idea he was seeing someone. i dont feel that bad because looking at her social media, she's a hoe, she sells pics of herself, is one of those insufferable feminists and also has a child. she's almost 30, has a kid, but acts like a teen-it's gross. it wasnt until i unfollowed and ghosted him that he finally puts up a pic of him and his gf on his social. i ghosted him because he was playing mind games. i just wanted to be friends with him, but he also has to try to take it to the next level. "ok we can try to be friends" then a couple days later he will give me nonstop compliments and tries to get sexual with me. it's like, do you want to be friends or do you want more? i dont want more because i know he's a scumbag. always pretending to be a feminist, but will cheat and lie to his girlfriends. the only one i really feel sorry for is his gf's child: his mom is a cam girl or something and mommy's bf is a condescending lying slut. there's no reason to tell her he cheated either because she looks like the type to believe his lies. it's only a matter of time until they break up and he tries to contact me again. if you do contact me your ass is getting blocked.

So when a person says "I typically don't date [Race/ethnicity], but I really like you." How am I supposed to take that? As a complement? Or just be happy they can see past what I am?

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I’m moving on, finally. You’ve made your point.

>girl tries to explain germanic rune tattoos
>I mention that two of her runic tattoos were used to indicate birth and death dates on waffen ss grave markers
Instagram sucks.

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this is called negging.

Red flag

This is true. It's my ex's birthday tomorrow, and I'm angry at myself for even remembering.

Is that your first run in with pagan wannabes or non-germanics who tattoo runes on themselves? Why even fraternize with them? That's your fault, hope you learned your lesson not to associate with false people

Good. Have fun

I won’t ;_; He’d say that. It’s not what I want. It’s not easy. You didn’t have to larp like him...

Aww lol I didn’t mean to trick u. Just saying have fun

I'm going through the same thing. You go from talking to and thinking about one person at all times, and then you're forced to just stop. It's not fun at all.


Try this:

(It helped me out)

I don't feel like masturbating anymore, ever since last week. This is good, right?

Will this help me get the stick out of my ass and stop being so defensive about everything? I want to let people who care into my life, but I'm like a snake ready to lash out. I want to change and be happy again.

My GF has a gambling problem. I caught her hiding it from me and now she wants to breakup. I know I'm better off without a lying, cheating bitch but the sex is epic and she's hot as fuck!

It may be a good start. The book explains why and how we loose calm and what to do to achieve tranquility.

So, did she cheat on you or does she have a gambling problem? Because if it's the latter, who cares, it's her money.

Meh. I still think about you. I still love you. Let's give it another shot in a few months when I've fixed my dumpster fire of a life and can be fully committed to you.. if that's what you want. I know I'll be a better person, and have my own life to live and not cling to yours.

She did cheat on me and she lost tens of thousands of dollars but she thinks she can win. You're right, it's her money but it's the lying and hiding her gambling that's upsetting.

Wish I had thought this way instead of having a month long burst of rage and totally burning down every bridge with her. Oh well.

I'm so tired

She's delusional if she thinks she can win long term. I'm trying to help her even though I do enable her.

I loved you. Wanted to spend my life with you.
I worked through every problem. Stuck through your depression. Your cutting, your suicide attempts. Your emotional cheating. You talked to someone else WHILE we were cuddling. I loved you so much I stuck through that. i broke my soul into pieces trying to give you love, care, tenderness, friendship, laughter, understanding. patience.

You told me you want me gone. That you're not in love with me anymore. That i make you happy, but the happiness you need is from fucking somebody else. That you've asked someone to move in that you've known for half a year online because its "your only hope".

I deserved you to be better. i dont want to love you. why is it so hard.

im scared bad things are going to happen to you. i want to be there to save you but you wont let me. why am i like this

Jesus Christ I'm depressed as fuck

9 years of relationship building and sacrifice down the toilet.

i hope one day your crazy wears off and you cry over me half the amount i cried over you

I'm gonna be super leet soon times

Nvm I just went and fapped

Anyone know how hard it is to work in shipping like fedex ups amazon for a guy that doesn't have much experience working? I've been actively avoiding those jobs because I'm not that strong so I don't know how I would fare picking up packages that may be really heavy for 8 hours a day.

You deserve better it seems. I’m sorry.

Meh here who are you
i dont mean this in a bad way but i genuinely have no idea who you could be

Your post has all the hallmarks of the after effects of a codependent/narcissist relationship; you being the codependent. You're not alone user and I know the pain you're going through, it hurts and it's going to hurt for a long time - but know that you're not alone. Learn what happened, learn your role in this relationship dynamic and learn to avoid this type of personality in the future. Good luck user.

i love you so much
i never knew love could cause so much heartache
i am a fool for loving you

Women ruined my ability to feel and to love, yet I still yearn to love and be loved by a woman. I just wish I wasn't me, just for a day. I know I'd be able to make it work. Everything in my head, every thought and idea, could be done if I just wasn't me. I just wish I wasn't me.

Tell them.


I sort of wish we'd despise eachother instead of these tidal waves of being happy to see one another and the next day walk giant circles around eachother. We agreed to talk, but you chickened out, still I'm unable to be angry about it. If only our breakup was a bad one

Once I get a GF I can look at you without longing for you then we're gonna be cool so help me get a GF and we're gonna be best friends after that believe me.

Why are you so mean?

I want to move on in the morning but at night i want her back

Can I ask where you're from?

yes, i need to finally get rejected,maybe then i will stop thinking about her so much.

Everyone here is mean. Someone just told me that my dad was in hell...he just passed away. He was a good man. A very good man. :(

I think I'm done with Jow Forums.

I guess I'm retarded but I can't fucking tell because all you do is insult me when politics come up, you don't tell me what's wrong you just say I'm vitriolic and stupid and uneducated but I don't know what the fuck I'm exactly doing wrong - and so I assume I'm wrong because I think of you as a friend and what you say means a lot to me and I take it to heart but this shit is fucking hurtful. Do you actually like me or do you think I'm just an idiot that you keep around for whatever reason?