So girls actually want to have sex?

So girls actually want to have sex?

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Yes just not with you

If you're attractive, yes. If you're not attractive, no.

But I want to

Become more attractive

I am attractive, I just am not sure how to talk women into sexy times

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Came here to post this.

Fuck women.
Seriously. Fuck women.
In the pussy. In the mouth. In the ass. In the ear.
Fuck women.

This, seriously how do you get from talking to woman in public to fucking said woman in your bed?

Dude, first step is getting her number (or email).

In my experience, getting a number means fuck all.
They give you their number just to get rid of you.

Or you could just drag her into the bathroom at Walmart and rape her pussy.

I do but don't want a bf who is always jealous and possessive and wants me to only do things he wants and rarely what I do.

We’ll call that Plan B.

True. Chicks are fucked.
That’s why there’s strip clubs and rub-n-tug’s. Watch your money though.

But what happens after that? She just agrees to have sex with u at some point?

You get to know her, keep hanging out with her and eventually sex will happen.
I have no idea how chads go around just fucking women whenever they want.
I truly can't fathom how to do that, but I suppose that's the difference between them and us.

It’s hard to say with women these days. But the first step is communication. Start with short calls / texts. Be careful not to get sucked into the “friend zone”. Always leave her wanting more. Then try to set up a date. Wing it. Remember, there’s no rule book or formula. Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.

Thanks bro's, it's difficult for me to understand how relationships and sex with girls work in real life(I've been masturbating and watching hardore porn since I was seven, also have never talked romantically with a girl. I always wondered how people in real life had sex.

Honestly, most people don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. Real life is not like porn at all. In porn, every guy seems like a stallion, every woman seems like a hot horny nympho who’ll do anything. Yeah, of course, ‘cause they’re being paid thousands of $$$. Like Hollywood. Writers spend months or years writing incredible scripts to make Brad Pitt seem like the coolest guy on earth. But talk to him in person, without a script, and he’s just another schmuck. Fact is, most people need to get drunk or high just to have the nerve to take their clothes off. Don’t confuse fantasy with reality bro.

>don't confuse fantasy with reality
It's hard not to after watching so many BBC anal videos, sex just seems disgustingly pleasant.

>girls want to have sex with me
>I am afraid of letting them
wat do?

conquer your fear.
I wish I was in your position you faggot, women make it a point to always keep me at arms length, like I'm some sort of goblin monster.

You have a fear of intimacy with women. Something must've happened to you during your psycho-sexual development that you would fear a woman's touch.

I'm a pretty well adjusted guy with a decent personality, looks, and some friends. I even had a couple girlfriends, one even lasting a few months.

But I have never had someone want to have sex with me. I always had to take the initiative.

I hear about women being horny and wanting to fuck and I'm like: Where? Did I do something wrong or...?
It's a baffling mystery to me. Maybe I've only dated prudes.

Women will almost never initiate. Very few extremely slutty exceptions.
They will be sopping wet and trembling with lust and still wait for you to make a move.

only up to the age of 21. sometimes that extends to the age of 23. past that, sex is a tool for them to manipulate men. sure, they still enjoy it, kinda like popping a pimple is enjoyable, but they'd rather just not have a pimple to pop to begin with.


It's female nature to be passive (submissive) and wait for the man to escalate sexually. But i also believe there is a cultural side to it. Women don't want to be seen as sluts. A woman doesn't want to be seen actively chasing after a guy's dick because she doesn't want to be judged as a slut. If she lets the guy chase her down and they end up having sex, she can always fall back on the ''it just happened'' plausible deniability. It saves them from hurting their self-image.

I don't buy the whole slut shaming thing. I mean sure, there's a lot of promiscuous women out there, but I don't buy the fact they're all just ouncing to pounce on some dick. Sexual impulses are normal and I don't think there's anything wrong with someone, male or female, to sleep around a bunch. It's their life and their decisions, you know?

In any case, that's not the type of slutty I'm talking about, it's that she's slutty FOR YOU, if that makes sense.
It's just never happened to me.

I'm not judging or qualifying by using that word, just like when I call someone on here a retard, I don't mean clinically retarded.
Girls that initiate sex with men are somewhat slutty, that's just how it is.
I don't judge that, hell, I like a sexually liberated woman. Much better than the stuck up bitches around me.

I understand and I agree.
A monogamous slut is still a slut, after all.

You've never met one either then? Are they like unicorns or something?

I am good friends with massive one but she would never touch me, I know her from WAY back and I have had sex with another.
I still had to initiate though, but really all I had to do was ask after chatting with her for like 10 minutes. "You wanna fuck" "Yeah!", so we fucked.


That's how most people initiate, except there's a lot of rejection involved because the head hurts, or they're tired, or they don't feel like it.

I guess I'll make it a point to look for a slut, then. Not one that sleeps around a bunch, but one that is open about their sexual urges.

I think most sex happens just in the heat of the moment kind of.
Like, how beta is it to ask "can I kiss you?" you just go for the kiss.
Same goes for sex, you are just sitting on a couch and then you are making out and one thing leads to another.

He probably thinks the woman will use their intercourse to black mail him and throw him into jail, or he probably fears that he might not be good enough to have sex with

Wait wait wait, you're supposed to get to know her *after* you ask her out?

Generally yes
Unless it's one of those situations where you've fallen for a friend

Better to make romantic intentions clear from the get go.
The guys that complain about being "friendzoned" they don't understand this simple fact.
Also, that way you will never end up a beta orbiter, cause the woman will either give you an earnest shot or outright reject/ignore you.
No ambiguity.

But why would you ask a girl out if you don't know if you're attracted to her?

If you talk to someone, and you find them physically attractive, and you enjoy talking to them and you notice chemistry, then you go out with them to see if you might like like them.
What do you think what dating is?

>What do you think what dating is?
I dunno, you hang out with someone and if you like them enough you ask them out, then if the first date goes well you ask them on another. I don't really know what to do after that but I imagine you put your pp in her vagina at some point.

The hanging out together is called "date".
But only if romantic intentions are clear.
If you hang out with a girl without that pretext, you are on your way to the friendzone

So how do you "notice chemistry" if you don't hang out with them?

Yeah, you're definitely right.
>he probably fears that he might not be good enough to have sex with
Pretty sure this is also true.

I wish I was mentally and emotionally ready for sexual contact

You notice chemistry almost immediately.
Chemistry is really just that, pheromones and shit that signal mutual interest.

I had a random girl drag me out of a club on the weekend, like I had not even spoken to her or approached her. I did see her kiss another guy beforehand. She told me should suck my dick and I should go home with her. I refused because I thought it was too weird. I'm not a virgin and not that desperate.

She was at least 6/10. Does this mean I'm chad?

My tinder has been doing really bad for a while, I'm struggling to even get matches now. But people have often told me out of the blue that I'm good looking/handsome/cute etc.

I don't get much sex with girls I want to sex.

How do i get the sex with the hot girls?

Not my wife.

Practice your game on the low hanging fruit you idiot
A amateur boxer doesn't say "How do I go about fighting heavyweight champions?"
You're not fucking owed something just because you want it. You gotta be worth getting that shit. And if you're just gonna be "But mummy I want iiiit!" You ain't getting shit.
Now start chatting up those 6s until you can get any single one of them without even thinking. Then you'll find more success.

anyway if any of you freaks are interested in my battle plan when it comes to tricking women to have sex with me, I can write it out for y'all

They want money money money and status

what exactly is game? just 'banter?

and post your shit

Game isn't banter, but banter is part of game.
Game is your ability to maintain focus of the end goal and navigate all the pitfalls towards it. It's about reading your opponent and playing chess against them with your mind. If you don't know how to play chess, learn how to play chess. It'll change the way you think. There's so much going on in plain site, but even more going on behind the scenes. Knowledge that is built up in positioning and common moves. The same is true for dating. You understand that duality, you understand the level the game is being played on.

The first step you need to do is check level of interest. If the chick ain't interested, stop wasting your time and stop wasting hers. Now you don't go and ask her if she's interested, because she's not interested in that. You gotta figure that shit out.

I find out what she likes, and I talk about that. I talk about stuff that I've done that is similar in topic and, more importantly stuff I want to do in the future. How she responds to you telling her that will tell you everything. If she talks about how she's also interested in doing that stuff, it means you're on. If she tells you that sounds really cool and to pursue it, you're at a dead end. It's all about reading which doors open and close without ever actually looking and talking about the doors.

I don't interact with enough women for all this. Almost all of my interactions with new women these days are from bars/clubs or tinder.

70% of the leg work is done via text/whatsapp/facebook messenger

I don't have a popular instagram profile with cool photos? Is this a setback?

How do I get more matches on tinder? I'm not trying to brag but I've literally been told so many times that I'm good looking that I must be, at least 7.5+. Maybe my photos are not flattering? I have put on maybe 2-3% bodyfat since bulking which I am cutting back down now. Should I wait until I am more lean, get some good photos and try then?

user, that's not "game", that's just having a conversation.

bro it's the precursor to game you moron.
Game includes the early stages where you gather if they're interested or not
you know what if you don't think that having game is the underlying layers of the conversation and moving it towards a point where you can start to reap the benefits, I got know hope for you. Tell me what you think game is smart guy, I'm all ears

I don't have an instagram or a tinder, so no it's not a set back. those apps are just for ego boost anyway. If you want to do online then I'd reccomend okc. Other than that just talk to people in person and move the conversation online if you get a chance before the moment expires in person

I don't think you should use the term game for what is clearly just interacting normally, and not even very boldly I might add. That's just having a conversation, that's literally what every single guy is doing right now.
"Game" is what those creepy PUA guys do, you know, get a woman to make out with you within minutes or manipulate women into sex with various tactics on the same evening that you met them, within minutes even.
What you are describing is just how things normally work for everyone.
Also this is just nonsense.
Texting, Facebook and the like is for setting up dates and other than that keep texting minimal.
Endless texting is a surefire way to kill attraction, as people with actual experience can all tell you.
It leads nowhere and is fucking boring.
Talking should be done in person, where you can touch, read body language, laugh and smile.
You are clearly not nearly as well versed as you think you are, this is really basic shit.

This is having game for regular people, not red pill creeps. Having game is being a normal person and having an enjoyable conversation. The easier you can do that, the more game you have. You can disagree but that's my opinion.

I dunno man, pretty much every time I get on a date with a girl we bang. Seems from my shoes that getting them in person is the difficult part. I ain't saying that you should spend the entire fucking time texting her, it's not 70% of time, it's 70% of effort. Once you're in person that's the fun part and you can show off more of your personality, it's more natural and less effort. Do you follow where I'm going with this.
Yeah no shit this is basic shit, that's the fucking point, OP needs the basic shit because he obviously doesn't have it already.
Call me out all you want but you're an uncomfortable person to talk to already