How do you know if you're out of someone league or not?

Ill send pictures of the guy & me if you drop ur kik below and you can answer the question personally if you want to. I just dont want to post here because Jow Forums is harsh. lol any insight is useful though so please help me out thank you !

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Leagues don't really exist, the only way to find out is prod them subtly about if they like you, ask them stuff like how well of friends you are and also just things in general and see how well they respond, if someone does like you a lot they'll typically give you a lot of their attention on questions and requests. That's only if they really like you though, if they might maybe think about dating or fucking you and such vague stuff it's a real mixxed bag of hints and tells. General stuff like being comfortable close up, being OK with physical contact, or very shy and embarrassed about it, also ask their friends casually if they're into you for example.
>Do you think I'm decent looking, like do you think Reilly or someone would be into me.

You're so helpful thx baby girl / boy. Lol just kidding with that last part. but desu im just insecure as fuck i need the validation that i need to be confident enough to act on it. Ffs

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Just toughen up and ask what you want to ask, just don't be too vague and wishy-washy but also try not to force your way into blurting out "Hey cute stuff let's fuck" like an assertive creep.

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I am keeping this thread alive because little miss OP might have done goofed.

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