My gf is going on a date with another dude

She told me she wants to slow things down after around a month and a half of dating and I found texts from him while changing the music.
I have his number now too.

What would you do user, especially given I may have to see her semi-regularly?

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Man up , Beat this motherfucker. ( I'd beat them 2)

You gon' watch yo bitch jumping on other dick ?

and how the fuck she still your ' gf' is she go with other dude ?

Sorry OP but you misunderstood, she is not your gf and never was. So, since you want a relationship and its clear she doesn't you should find a girl that does.

I'd say just lose the girl man. As long as you can handle being around her after breaking it off then why should you give a fuck what she thinks? She clearly doesn't feel the same for you.

Have you even agreed to being exclusive?
A month and a half is not a very long time, I hardly would call her your girlfriend even.

Its not so much that, I'm asking because it feels to me like she wants me as a back up. And she did commit quite strongly (we have known each other before hooking up romatically). Am I entitled to be pissed and share this to our friends group?

I wouldn't share problems with the friend group but I don't think she's into you. Cut your losses and move on.

If you were friends before maybe you will hook up one day, but fir now she doesn't seem to be interested

Dump her in front of her friends, saying "I found the texts, you cheating bitch. We're done." Walk away, ignoring her no matter what.
Then call him up once you're away from them, let him know he's with a cheating whore and that you hope he enjoys being cheated on next.

How about you, oh I don't know, confront her about it?
Communication is key user. You can either face your fears or you can let her slip away. Do what you think is best.

If you're 100% sure that she is doing that and you're not misinterpreting the situation, then drop her of course. It's common knowledge that staying with cheaters almost never ends well.

> Am I entitled to be pissed and share this to our friends group?
Don't start being a dick about it yourself. You don't have to keep it a secret of course but don't make more noise than you need to either.

Technically it's not cheating if they never had a conversation about exclusivity and expectations within the relationship (IE: The Talk.) OP indicates here that she 'committed quite strongly' but that sounds like it's something short of a mature, adult conversation about relationships and fidelity. For all we know, she just jumped one of her beta-orbiters after a break-up, and now she's done and wants to move on, but OP misinterpreted the behavior as love.

IMO too close to call. The important thing is that OP is upset with the situation and he either has to resolve it by talking to her, or by rethinking his relationship with her. Or he can split his friend-group in half whatever.

is she your girlfriend or she's just dating you?

being serious here OP but you thought it was a relationship and she never did. She went out on a handful of dates over 6 weeks and you started pushing her for a relationship and she gets that now, doesn't want it, so will date other guys. She hasn't broken anything and if you go crying to all your friends they will see this too.

>Technically it's not cheating if they never had a conversation about exclusivity

take her phone casually, show the texts
>lieing bitch
>2 slaps on her pretty cheeks

In modern society, it's expected to be with one partner at a time.

I was definitely an orbiter at the stage before we got together, she said she had a crush on me when she first met me and I didnt act like one to her but as we got to know each other she got lonely and so did I and we hung out a lot together without actually fucking. She had one bf during that time but after had virtually nothing.

So then when we did get together she introduced me to her parents and shit and definitely as a public boyfriend, although tried to keep on the downlow with some common friends. She also said that she wanted me to be an important part of her life.

I know I've been played and overcommitted myself, btu if she does shit like above can you blame me.

Not trying to be a contrarian but 6 weeks of dating isn't a partnership.

>keep on the downlow
file this away for future reference OP. This means a woman still considers herself single.

Lesson number two. If you were an orbiter she will always consider you an orbiter

it is, stop excusing lies and slander aka whores

Your relationship has no future, end it now or establish that it is now entirely a friends with benefits situation. The new guy that's cucking you represents nothing emotionally long lasting to your polyamerous gf, he's just another meat stick to her and is essentially interchangeable as it's likely that she'll find another boytoy/bull to satisfy her in the future. Tbh you should just end it now as she's going to compare you to her alternative means of sex and even if you wrap up before every fuck, you're substantially increasing the risk of contracting an std since she'll continue to keep you in the dark about the entirety of her sex life.

>file this away for future reference OP. This means a woman still considers herself single.
We intern at a place together. I can understand she doesn't want to be judged by a crowd.

>Lesson number two. If you were an orbiter she will always consider you an orbiter
Why does she even bother then. Just reject me. Game over. I can move on, so can she. Less drama. Why play me like a spinning top and go on dates with other guys without proper breaking up?

How does it feel to be a cuck? Will you be in the room recording it when they have sex too? If you're nice they might let you suck his dick to lube it up for her pussy.

>Why does she even bother then
Because you're easy.

Get her to do something really kinky, then dump her like the cheating slut she is

How am I a cuck dude? There's no way the relationship continues. I came on here for advice on
>how to end it properly?
>whether or not she did wrong?

>how to end it properly?

Cut contact, be friends. Find a nice grill to date. One that doesn't date other people preferably at the same time. You don't owe anybody any explanation. At this point by not trying to find some other grill you are wasting time while she's screwing the other guy

I'd continue to see her just to use her for her body. Fuck it.

Or if I'm adamant about monogamy, I'd do something like this

>Have you even agreed to being exclusive?
Wtf, it is not normal to date more than one person.

kek, i forgot we live in a world without tinder

yes I would say it's normal.
Just because I have been on a few dates with someone doesn't make them my girlfriend/boyfriend.
There are others in the running until we are in an actual relationship.

If she is going on a date with another dude, she ain't your gf m8

Just straight up ask her "What am I to you", and you will know what to do from there user...and ofc. do it in person.

>guy takes girl out for dinners and gives her attention
>he assumes they're dating

Oh boy

Same thing here also.
>3 months or steamy romance
>realize that she also made out with others
>realize that I took this whole thing too seriously
>she never thought this was a thing we had
>I told her
>she held her ground
>thought it was over completely
>she came back twice to do stuff with me
>then left again
>we are good friends
>I feel like we are just lingering there
>I want
>she wants
>we can't be together

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So what is dating nowadays? Do you wait for her to explicit say to you that you are together?
Tinder has truly ruined the world, people make out with multiple people before they decide. Women are not supposed to have these many options on their plates since they can't take decisions easily.

That's right good fella, those women are getting hysterical!
Nothing a good smacking can't resolve.
These lasses are cruisin' for a bruisin'!
Show that hussy what for, and you'll be living the swell life in no time!

>without proper breaking up
She never saw you two as a real couple OP, thats the bottom line. I know you did and considered her agreeing to date and introduction to family as confirmation but you are her support guy when she has no other options.

My point about orbiter is exactly that, you are there spinning around, she's at a low point and agrees to date. You get your hopes up, push for more but she sees this as temporary and she meets another guy she likes so on the bench you go. I just hope you don't just sit there and wait any longer because its not going to happen and for her feeling bad about this she doesn't.

Its rare from the first date a girl will only date you. They usually date multiple guys concurrently so you need to bake that in as you decide if you want to spend more time with her. She might even like you best but still enjoy the attention from other men or she meets a guy and she wants to include him as she does her comparison shopping. She'll even have sex with other men right up till the minute she finally decides she wants to be with you.

But then you have to be prepared, she'll remain open for other men to approach and even encourage some of them.

>>she wants
no she doesn't she just tells you that and she tells the other guys whatever it takes to keep them hanging on.

>My gf


women are awful

You fell for the semantics trap OP. You see 'dating' doesn't mean she is your girlfriend. She let you believe that she was your gf in order to lock you down. But now that she found someone she likes better, she has downgraded you to 'just dating'. It was a short relationship, you haven't wasted a significant amount of time, you shouldn't be attached at this point, just cut your losses and find someone else.

>Its rare from the first date a girl will only date you. They usually date multiple guys concurrently so you need to bake that in as you decide if you want to spend more time with her. She might even like you best but still enjoy the attention from other men or she meets a guy and she wants to include him as she does her comparison shopping. She'll even have sex with other men right up till the minute she finally decides she wants to be with you.
how common is this guys?

I'd say it's extremely prevalent among sought after women and men. Relationships are like business transactions. High value people know that they are high value. If you had something of value to sell, you wouldn't take the first offer. You would try to find the best deal. It's disappointing but reality is nothing like the stories we are told growing up. People are cold and love doesn't exist after childhood.

Real life dating isn't like your Japanese Animes. With millennials it's the norm to be seeing tons of people at once. I've been on dates with girls where they would swipe on tinder right in front of me. If you meet on a dating app it's pretty much guaranteed they have a casual attitude towards sex and relationships and are banging other guys while talking to you. And the thing is, almost every young girl is on dating apps so this applies to pretty much the entire millennial population.

This should have been end of thread. There's very little more to this than that.

Well OP, you gotta decide what YOU want. What do YOU get outta this arrangement?

There are a lot of people out there who like being in a cuckold relationship. If that's your fetish, then there's not much you can do but hang on and enjoy the ride. (You pathetic sick fuck.)

If this isn't your fetish and you're genuinely upset by this, then you need to hit the pause button and really evaluate if this relationship is serving you in a positive way or if it's more negative and detrimental to you and your happiness.

She obviously isn't thinking of your feelings, only hers. She's looking for greener pastures while she keeps one foot in "safe" territory with you. She wants what best for her. Not you. She doesn't give half a fuck about what you want, otherwise she'd sit down with you like a grown up and talk everything out and come clean with her intentions. (Spoilers: She won't. She's a self-serving manipulative sociopath.)

If you don't wanna be the cuck, I would suggest you muster as much self-respect and courage as you can and cut this tie before it gets any more tangled.

Somewhere out there is a person who's waiting for you and when you're ready and in a receptive place, you'll find each other. Let this skank go. You deserve better and she deserves all the bad karma that comes her way.

As far back as the 1950s, dating and being exclusive were understood as two different things. Our grandparents knew that going on a couple dates wasn’t serious.

Wait, so you're telling me this whole time I've been having sex with girls without explicitly stating that we're exclusive, I could have been having sex with other girls as well? Fuck, now I feel like a retard.

Something similar happened to me, OP. Went on a few dates, she wants to spend the night, tell her to spend 2 since she lives 1hr away and has shit to do the next day. Day 2 arrives and she makes last minute plans. Become cold and distant. She thinks she did nothing wrong

Totally common. After we broke up, my first girlfriend was telling me she was dating some guy and they even had sex, and she liked it, but she still fucked me like 10 minutes later and said she loved fucking me while I was plowing her. Then she somehow decided they were together after that and we stopped messing around.

I have plenty other examples, but I’m lazy. The point is, their minds are twisted and they justify all the evil shit they do.

>be me 23. 2 year relationship
>girfriend teacher. She s 27. Has a 21 year old student that gifted her an expesive scharf on cristmas. He obviously fancies her.
> gf says this makes me her unconfortable. Confronts him. He denies.
>my reason: o boy i can see this going down hill really fast
>stupid and insecurities: she wouldnt do that. I can trust her
>take a loan from the bank of 10.000 euros to help her finish buying an appartment. (Not full retard tough. Make a loaning contract)
>fast forward 7 moths: she moves into new house. Things start to fall appart.
>we live in different cities and she asks me to move with her. Decides against. Not really seeing this going anywhere.
>ff 2 more moths. Shit is bad. Want to break up. She cries. Makes me change my mind.
>another month later we stop talking on the phope for 3 weeks.
>user i want to come to set things clear. What will it happen if things go bad?
>me: yes i want that as well. Nothing will happen we cam stay friends. Spend time together normally.(hollydays vacation)
>she comes asks me what i want. Tell her i want it to end. Decide to have a frinds wih benefits rel. For a while untill one of us meets smbd else.
>cheked her mesaages and find she has arranged to meet with the kid i metiond earlier after she would go back to her city.
>i m pissed. But act nice so shell feel worse when she leaves. Sex is amazing tough. Best we ever had.
>3 days later she has second toughts. user i dont want to break up. Lets give it another chance. I agree.
>start tormenting her emotionally. Make jokes about her age and faults. That she should hurry up to find smbd while she is still young. That her time is thiking. Told her she suks at sex (aprently this hits her the most)
>a few days later ask her to show me the mesages with him. That that is the only way i can ever truat her again. She agrees after a while. Her humiliation looking at me while reading and making dun of both of them felt great.

>she panics gets all emotionall amd wants to leave. I convince her to stay. After each hit she qould cry and then have great sex
>i wont lie. It hurt me as well
>mean while higjack her whatsapp. I can see and write in her behalf from my pc.
>sit 2 more days. And we break up for good. She leaves crying. Asks me to chatge her phone so she has it on the train not to get bored
>ya sure. Do it anyway. 20 mins later she
Mesages him. 40 mins later they are together. I m raging.
>message her. Tell her i guesd what happend. That i can finally move on knowing for sure its over. Messege her a few more times getting in her head. I bet he told you this... i bet hi did this... trying to make it look like her relationahip is childiah and predictible (which it was)
>its working. She doesnt know what to do. In the morning. Start copy pasting random mesages from her whatsapp as a diversion to sending him her mesages with me.( he didnt know about me)
>she paniks but a few mesages later they were back on track. The kid is living the dream. Hes gonna fuck his teacher.
>torment her some more the days after but its losing efect. Only so much i can play the guilt card.
>tell her i forgive her. That i want her to be happy am sorry for tormenting her.
>she beleives me. Start talking about him. This discusions make him look bad.
>after enough pilled. Coppy them. Alter them to make it look even worse and send them (asked her if we can still have sex while she dates him. Altered that answer as well). Delete all her history with me and him so she cant compare the message i sent with what she had actually wrote (hope this made her question her reality)
> she starts calling me. 9 times. Didnt answer. She mesages me. She tells me her phone has gone berserk and that she she's deperate. That she loves him and that she lost him. She asks me to help her.

>fuck of bitch. I hate you. You are a subhuman. You deserve everything. I dont want to have anything to do with you. I expect a messeage each month with the money you owe me.
> i havent seen her on whatsapp in 5 days. Dumb whore.
>i know i am a drama queen. And this was stupid and childish. And that they will probablly fuck and date for a while at least.
>but damn this felt good.

green text isn't for novels. you could have told the whole story in less than 10 lines

New fag here. Need to lurk more.

shut the fuck up incel

your spelling and grammar makes me "unconfortable".

thought i was missing out by not using tinder or dating in general. this thread has been a delightful confirmation that i made the right choice.

Just break up with her.

DTR: define the relationship, you have to very explicitly explain what both parties are getting out of the arrangement and expectations.

Ghost her. Wait a year or two. Then kidnap her and torture her to death.

lol Me Too

I was going to date this girl that is about to turn 30, but I friend zoned her instead.

It's rough out there right now. I'm glad I am single all things considered. Something happened around 2001 that stopped relationships dead in their tracks.

Nobody in my very prominent family is able to get married anymore. My sister did, but she is beautiful so it was easy for her. Then again her husband has to carry a CCW to keep the niggers at bay

I used tinder a long time ago, literally when the app first came out and you had unilinited swipes. My bio was literally "5'7" on a good day" and I was still swimming in puss and ultrathot culture hadn't set in yet, so if you had access at the start, yes you really missed out.

man, proto tinder sounds so nice, on the other hand, it's what ruined dating. We will never be able to go back.

im 20, so i guess i missed out given that ive been considering for about a year.
although that i didnt get to smash pussy like its on a black friday sale doesnt bug me too much, all things considered.

Wow, who hurt you? This isn’t true, always. Love brings us closer to Divinity, that is what it is. What this fellow is upset about is that lust doesn’t last forever, as the material corpse is but a temporary vessel.

>who hurt you?

> having a conversation about exclusivity
Seriously??? Shouldn't you assume that if she's your girlfriend it's already an exclusive relation?
Please tell me how often does this misunderstanding happen in your group of friends and how are you supposed to react. I'm genuinely curious.

is right.

She is not your girlfriend until you had that talk.
Also, after only 6 weeks of dating, she can hardly be considered your "girlfriend" anyway.
The girl from the OP very clearly did not consider it a relationship, OP is just naive.

Bottom fucking line in this is whatever shit OP's gf said to him shouldn't be believed. Come on OP, even though if she indeed said you are exclusive or not, her actions show otherwise. Dump her as soon as possible. You don't deserve that girl.

She's branch swinging user. She thinks she can do better but doesn't want to throw you away until she has another guy. She will only go back to you if things don't work out with this guy, but even if that happens she's just going to try again.
Leave her and find another woman who actually wants to be with you

Drop her like a hot potato.

I know it can be hard, especially if you feel for someone, but any woman that wants to take a “break” was never into it from the start.
Best thing you can do right now is tell her to fuck off and move on. The one for you just has not come along yet.

Solid advice right here for OP I sure hope she drop off that girl

OP, it is reasonable to expect some sort of exclusivity after going out for a month and a half, she should have broken it off with you or not done this. The other anons bagging on you for expecting exclusivity from someone after over a month of going out are, as much as I hate these buzzwords, whiteknights or some other weird strain of cuck.
My advice to you is to break it off with her. Tell her you do not want to see her anymore, and tell her why(because of she js dating other guys). Then leave her. Don't be friends, there is no point in that and it is always awkward, but don't trash talk her to her friend group or whatever. You told her your reasons for leaving, that is good enough.

>it is reasonable to expect some sort of exclusivity after going out for a month and a half
It is, but you have to have the conversation about it. You can’t just assume after a certain amount of time has passed that you’re exclusive without ever talking about it.

Sorry but she is not interested in you, not in a serious way.

Don't let her have cake and eat it to. She wants to see someone else, fine. But don't see her any more. Romantically you two are done.

>how common is this guys?
I once dated someone and I told her I don't mind her seeing other men, but tell me if they had sex at least. It was a trick on my part. Well, we hook up, then after I cum, literally 5 minutes later tells me she blew some guy last Friday. I was hoping she would tell BEFOREHAND. I didn't change my demeanour once she told me that but internally I was pretty fucking angry. Stopped hooking up with her after that.

I don't want to get herpes or anything worse, I don't know those guys. You could kiss a girl and get a cold sore just because she hooked up with someone on Tinder the week before. Like you could go on three or four dates, make out, everything is okay, then suddenly you're infected.


Get cucked

Block her and forget you ever knew her.

Shows over.