How do I improve processing speed

>have super slow processing speed
>can't think quickly or under pressure
>forget words in the middle of sentences
>find it difficult to form thoughts and transfer them into words and coherent fluid sentences.

>work as a TA
>get bullied by the kids
>processing speed is so slow I can't think on my feet in order to discipline them
>try to assert myself
>get laughed at

>want to work in filmmaking
>processing speed is so slow that I can't accurately communicate what I want to cast/crew/potential investors
>come across like a clueless moron
>perhaps I am

>processing speed is so slow I can't develop a rapport and flirt without coming across as a total autist.
I've tried nootropics, meditation, exercise and [insert meme solution to all life's problems here)
How do I become a proper human being?

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I abused ecstacy alot in my. Later teens and developed a similiar issue.

Sometimes mid sentence I'll forget a word and stand there stuttering for a second. Or ill just forget the name of something and stand there trying to remember what it's called.

Play it off as a joke on yourself. It shows you aren't insecure about it and its just a problem you have. You can't control it. Don't let others dictate.

Read more. If your natural reading speed gets faster your natural thinking speed will get faster, and reading makes you smart.
Play a game like minecraft and try to make big things from just your brain. Visualizing more complex stuff is always a good skill.
Try reading essay writing advice like PEEL or ALARM. Explaining ideas in that format helps give structure to your thoughts, which makes communication clearer and saves brainpower.
Hope this helps!

I already read a lot - more than most people, I'd say.
I'm dyspraxic, so I find things like Minecraft and Lego really difficult.

is it a hand-eye coordination problem or a spatial reasoning problem?


Well if you think its a dead end, try reading some entry level philosophy or political theory stuff and try to criticize it/read criticisms of it. Show your brain what structured thoughts and ctiticisms look like so you can copy the patterns

I suffer the same problem as you. Mainly that shit were i can't transfer my thoughts into words quick enough, making me stutter a lot.

I learned to laugh to either, laugh at it and blame it to dyslexia or just use simpler/short sentences to express myself. It sucks but, you gotta adapt man.

Funny enough, i've been under some live/death moments where i have to act fast, and managed to do the right thing each time.

>How do I become a proper human being?
Look for another quality of yours and try to exploit that instead. Normally, this type of people, have what is called "hyper focus" where you can do better if you concentrate in only one thing at the time.

not OP
I developed a similar problem after smoking weed quite regularly for the past 2 years. Did your symptoms get any better? I've even developed some eyesight issues, my eyes won't hold still anymore, not even when closed. I'm seeing a doc about it tomorrow.

Quick and witty responses are a skill which you can develop with practice.

I read that too user. I can comprehend, I just can't replicate. Thanks for the suggestions though.


It really sucks. People just don't seem to respect you if you aren't quick on the ball.

Sound like me when I worked in fast food. Had to check the screens and do basic addition. Couldn't do it under pressure so I guess my coworkers thought I was stupid. Can do calculus though, so I'm guessing it's definitely a problem in the way anxiety interferes with my thinking.

There's no way to improve iq

As user mentioned, reducing your anxiety can help you to think more clearly on high pressure situations, so meditation could help in that regard

Nope haven't gott3n better really.

Since then I realixed I had severe depr3ssion and anxiety as well as ADHD. I thought those things were normal for everyone until someone told me my symptoms were definitely not normal

It's better on the meds im on but still happens multiple times a day.

>Vitamin D
All helps with cognitive function

My IQ is 130 though, as measured by a psychologist. I'm not stupid, I'm just not quick.

>woo-woo supplement meme
For shame user

This thread makes me wanna cry, sorry OP no advice because I struggle with the same thing

I wanna off myself because everyday is a reminder I'm cant function normally, embarrass myself constantly and I can't take the shame anymore, the older I get the heavier the shame hits me

In my case, ADD, depression and anxiety and perhaps a history of multiple head concussions could be a main culprit and it leads to a vicious cycle, of course. I'm considered a smart person and my IQ is almost 130 too so it's fucking absurd. My mind is either blank or thoughts race and jump ahead before I can even articulate half of a sentence and I'm already on to the next thing or mentally wandering off. Sometimes, after both mental and physical exercise (mental, like reading or calculating a lot to th epoint I feel my brain tired) my thoughts slow down a bit, or I feel confident in my abilities because of the workout, I don't know. It doesn't last though.
Does bumping my head into a wall help?

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I have the same problem

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My processing speed isn't slow, but polydrug abuse, of which I blame primarily Benadryl and Robitussin, has caused me to develop a number of health problems. Vision symptoms (thinking what I'm looking at is "unreal," seeing after-images, horizontal lines, bad depth perception, wiggling text), coginitive decline (I confused right, write, and wright all in the same sentence the other day), and an increase in blood pressure to the levels of hypertension stage 1 (of which my doctor won't prescribe me anything for), I'm basically in the same situation. My processing speed feels slow, but that's only due to racing thoughts and the fact that I can't pay attention. Those things of which also cost me my fucking job.

So yeah, we're all fucked. No one seems to get better and doctors won't take us seriously.

YOU ARE IMAGINING THIS. i can already deduce by the fact that you have this problem, (not just OP but everyone on ere) that you are an introvert by nature and dont go out much, dont talk to others and keep to your self.

you guys spend more time thinking and not enough time verbalizing. your mind is too use to thinking internally compared to expressing it verbally. its important to realise that each is a different skill and should be practiced in order to be maintained

i know this because i had the same problem and yea.. read a book/anything once in a while, it does help

>doctors won't take us seriously.

So much this.
'user everyone has this problem to a certain extent, now and then.' 'Oh user, you're such a space cadet/daydream/insert here'

But then
>you guys spend more time thinking and not enough time verbalizing. your mind is too use to thinking internally compared to expressing it verbally

This user also nails it. This is true but how can you assert that it's the cause for why we are or come across borderline retarded?! We want to believe, user.

Lion's mane (thats no drug) and psilocybin mushrooms to induce neruogenesis

I hope this is true. I find that ideas that are crystal clear in my head where they are loose primordial concepts become gibberish when I attempt to form them into speech. Writing is ok, because I have time but it seems the coordination required to move my damn mouth and tongue whilst still thinking what to say quickly shorts my little brain out. This might be down to the dyspraxia.

If it's, as you suggest, a matter of practice makes perfect then that's alright. But my mom has the exact same issue (she's the type of person to, if she wants the remote, say "pass the fernarshio" because she can't remember what the word for "remote" is, bless her) so I fear it may be genetic.

In any case, we would all be excellent case studies to determine the source of language in the brain.

Study mathematics 3 hours a day everyday

If it is a newer thing get checked for a stroke.
Otherwise, from experience I can say you just need experience (read years of consistency in putting yourself out there and making a fool of yourself) until you have a sort of familiarity with situations.
You might have low self esteem user, or you might been interrupted alot when trying to speak as a kid, who knows.

Only you can change yourself, the later in life you start the harder it gets.

Go to a GOOD (read usually taught by older former actors) improv classes for 12 months at a minium. It feels like an AA meeting because there is actually somekind of emotional support between colleagues, well a minium of it.

You might be surprised how different it's going to feel.


Maybe this will help some people here.
I have kind of the same problem. Pretty sure just average when it comes to intelligence, and I have no problem with processing speed that often. But I definitely fail at being quick witted with words and trying to reduce being an airhead. My protip, quit trying to be verbal and improve on physical skill, that's what I'm doing. When you're talking, talk slow or just generally basic, save the energy. Half of the stress you give yourself could also just be anxiety about your own abilities. I started to notice that a lot of people around me make just a tiny bit less speech errors as I do. The stutters or general errors in your behaviour might seem bigger to you than they actually are because you can consciously focus on them.

Oh and of course for general information speed, throw yourself into new things and improve on quick acting.

>when you pause for like 6 minutes because you can't think of the word you're looking for
I hate myself.

haha I got chucked out of my Uni improv society for being unable to improvise. Dropping myself into the deep end doesn't seem to work - I just drown.