Make a solid amount of money

>Make a solid amount of money
>In a ltr relationship where she cucks me, and i pretend i don't know.
>Want to ask her to marry me.
What are some precautions i should take before marrying her? Embarrassed to go to a lawyer, should i just go to a lawyer?

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You actually will marry a girl who cheats on you? It is not cucking btw. Cucking requires knowledge that she will do she wants, you will know but you wont sleep with other people and dont/wont/cant stop her. It is a humiliation fetish.

You are flat out getting cheated on, and it is insulting to you, either your ability to catch what is going on or that you are a spineless coward who cant stand up for himself even when the person against you is a flat out cheater.

God damn i hope this is bait.

What the fuck. Leave this board, retard

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Not bait.
It`s cucking in a sense that i am turned on by it, and it is a humiliation fetish, but the way it's done is obvious she does it, and i know it, but we don't explicitly talk about it.

Ah ok than it is cucking. Still makes you a faggot. Cucking works in a way that it rewires your jealousy and anger into sexual pleasure. It is actually quite bad for you, since it requires constant reinforcement and it wouldnt have happened unless you consumed too much porn or /b/. People are not naturally cuckolds, it is not a thing.

But as i said you are a faggot, know that you can have a prenup. But most country/state laws will still fuck you over so bad. Considering you enjoy cuckolding tough, i bet you would get off when you loose half of your asssets in court. Dumbass.

does she fuck black guys?

This makes sense.
I am legit split between doing something rational, and doing things that maximize the humiliation and absurdity of it all.
I am wildly attracted to the risk factor involved.

We live in Brazil. Interracial cuckolding is a strictly american thing.
She has fucked black guys, but not because they were black, just because.

Wow op, you’re pathetic. You’re less than scum. You’re less than the shadow of scum. You’re worse than the ground beneath the shadow of scum. A true degenerate.

Seek therapy.

Not OP but shut up faggot, I'm perfectly happy with my cuck fetish. Stop psychoanalyzing everything, there doesn't have to be a complex psychological background for every sex fetish, I just like it. If anything it's healthier, seeing as some guys have their entire mind fucked when they become overly clingy to their girlfriend and she cheats on him. Enjoy being miserable over the endless possibilities for unfaithfulness every time your girlfriend goes out with her friends.

Yeah, thats not ok. You need to bring it down. Just leave her, take a vocation to a whoremongering place like mexico or thailand or germany if you like eastern Europeans. Spend a week or two fucking everything that moves and get it out of your system. Hell if you are super rich hire an expensive escort so she just fucks your brains out 24/7 for a week.

After reaching this apex it will come down. Cucking is literally a retarded fetish. It is a rich persons fetish for a reason, you are so lost in your ivory tower that you dont know what is what anymore. They are usually well educated man who cant fuck well, get cheated on but try to rationalise it, they just have better words than normal degenerates so it sounds nice.

Getting cheated=/= getting cucked. I hate the recent change of this in common lingo. You giving your trust to somebody but getting betrayed on should fucking hurt. It is not about gf or wife. Getying betrayed is a bad fucking thing.

Cucking is not betraying tough, jesus you both enjoy it how can it be? You would still feel bad if she secretly move assets to her and divorced you leaving nothing behind? Or would you consider that cucking?

I hate cucks for that very reason, they have this stupid idea where betrayal=consented action when it literally isnt. I am fine with the fetish, if it floats your boat go nuts. But the mental gymnastics fall fkat on its face on the first flip.

>Cucking is literally a retarded fetish.
This is so stupid. How are you gonna tell someone they're wrong for being sexually turned on by something? That's like telling someone they're wrong for thinking something you don't like tastes good, or thinking a book you don't like is a good book, or thinking a painting you don't like is a good painting, etc. People have all sorts of preferences. Just because cucking doesn't go along with your religion-inspired view of what a health relationship is you're gonna shit on it?

As someone with a cuck fetish who has never actually been cucked, the way it developed is as simple as this. I was so overly attached to my girlfriend that every time she went out with her friends to do things I would be insecure and think of the possibilities she was cheating on me. When I started to actually visualize her and another guy having sex I was surprised to find it actually gave me a boner, so I started to jack off. Eventually the negative energy turned into positive energy and now whenever I date a girl I no longer care if she cheats on me. It has no effect on my life aside from the fact that I'm no longer insecure in my relationships and get more sexual satisfaction out of them.

Wow, just as i said you rewired your brain. Congrats on making my point. Look it is a fine fetish. But most people who try to dwell in it are just retards who cant follow step a to b.

Also there are people who have fetishes of getting their digits removed or going blind. You cant tell me these are fine as well, an extreme example maybe but it is a thing.

You should just commit sudoku user, sorry.

>whenever I date a girl I no longer care if she cheats on me.
please be bait

I don't think you can compare this to that though. The whole concept of being cheated on being this awful thing is a social construct. We view it as extremely heinous because that's how it's depicted in media. Going blind is objectively bad, it's something that will negatively impact almost all aspects of your life. Logically speaking, being cheated on only has a negative effect on your life if you've built it up in your head to be a terrible thing.

I am not arguing over if the fetish is right or wrong, degenerate or not.
I AM doing this. I am getting married to her. I am risking losing half my shit. Financial domination is a giant component of our relationship, i am not even rationalizing it it will happen.

I am asking if anyone who already did this, in a similar boat, a lawyer, knows if there are precautions to take before doing this.

I am at a doctors office asking him how much cocaine to sniff that will get me a giant high without overdosing.

You know i'd almost take you degenerates seriously but then i browse /b/ and adult gifs, and it's 99% shemale and traps. What moral high ground do you idiots have to talk about?

Nope , dont bring me this post modernist bs where everything is subjective. They arent. How can you say going blind is objectively bad? It is all in your head...

Try to actually read my following paragraph.

Cucking is not being betrayed. Being cheated on =/= getting cucked. This is a very important difference. Trust lost should not be turned into sexual pleasure, you can rewire your brsin to anything but what we are talking here is not being cucked. It is literally a coping mechanism for being cheated/betrayed upon.

Cause there is an objective truth, and in your heart of hearts you know i am right.

I already told you, prenup. But know that it can also be thrown away by many courts. So you can try to reign it in, make dure it happens i your house, make sure she doesnt bring disease into the marriage. Essentially treat her as a grown up child. She wants to go outside and play? She has to wash her hands and wipe her feet before she gets back home.

>What moral high ground do you idiots have to talk about?
oooo look at me I think all of Jow Forums is the same person

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Everyone with sexual desire is prone to cheating on their SO if the correct opportunity arises. For that reason, investing your mental well being in the faithfulness of your partner is far more dangerous than having a cuck fetish. There are threads every day here on Jow Forums about being cheated on and how they feel suicidal / whatever because of it. The way I see it, being a cuck is about embracing suffering and channeling it into something bittersweet. I don't expect everyone to find it aesthetically pleasing but at the very least you should see that there's nothing inherently unhealthy about it.

Lol i never said it wasnt pleasing, i know how the fetish works first fucking hand faggot. I know from personal experience how it changes you on a core level. But in the core it is sitll just a coping mechanism for cheating. So it is not real cuckoldry. Real cuckoldry would be you going out as a couple and she leaving you in the middld to go to a guys house without permission. That wouldnt breach your trust cause she already has it. Cucking is effectively a poly relationship where one part is monogamous. But it requires consent.

Or it is just like bdsm where retards think jt js just wailing on their partners.

Also fucking no, believe it that not everybody will cheat. There are some people who just wont, shocker...

I agree with you that it does rewire you and changes you at a core level.
Why is that a bad thing?
I'm still having sex with an insanely hot woman who i could previously never dream of, at the exchange of having to accept the fact that she has different needs and drives that i do not satisfy. It's a matter of respect for the lifestyle she demands.

Are you OP? Cause OP is different, he ignores what is going on.

Actual cucking would need to have the conversation done between you two about your two latest sentences. You actually had that convo? She said i need this and you cant satisfy me, or did she just go behind your back and you changed your idea that when it was cheating it suddenly became not cheating. It is literally like a feminist changing her mind a ONS was a rape after the fact.

Yes i am OP
We didn't have the convo, because it's not needed.
If she is fucking someone else, she doesn't need to tell me otherwise it's her body.
And the fact that she is fucking others simply explains that she has more needs and drives that i can't solve.

There's 7.5 billion people on earth. You honestly believe there's not a single guy on earth who would be capable of triggering the sexual desire response from your SO at a much higher degree than you possibly can? You're naive if you believe that.

I wouldn't say a cuck fetish is the same as a simple poly relationship, because generally in a poly relationship there isn't a psychological aspect to it. The guy has to chase the feeling of being jealous and betrayed in order for it to be a cuckold relationship. He has mixed emotions, he simultaneously doesn't want to be cheated on and yet he does. I wouldn't say it's merely a coping mechanism for me, since I have the best orgasms from thinking of my gf fucking other guys. When I watch porn nowadays it's usually amateur porn of a guy recording his wife getting fucked, and if he's crying while it happens it's the hottest thing ever. The intense negative emotions create this visceral sort of orgasm that you feel all throughout your body.

You are getting cheated on, you are not getting cuckolded. You just took a close by ideological proxy as a coping mechanism. Have fun

I told you what to do tough, i gave you pretty good suggestions. But here is one very very important one.

TALK WITH HER!!!! Let her know that you know, you want a healthy long term cuckolding relationship? Thats how you get it. Also stash secret assets and hide your income and prepare for a moments notice divorce.

Sexual desire response=/= having sex with him. Nice try to conflate two. Even i will desire some women more than my SO sometimes. It doesnt i will cheat oh her.

For second part, as you said you rewired your brain. You do you boo, you do you. I am as previously stated will never do anything to stop you since i am big L liberterian whe it comes to this stuff, whatever floats your boat. Doesnt prevent me from thinking you are an idiot but each to its own.

And you still think i dont know the cuckolding thing from personal experience, oh sweer summer child...

Well statistically speaking, the majority of people of people have cheated in their marriage, and it's safe to assume the rest that haven't cheated probably aren't very attractive or have lifestyles where they don't meet that many people. Sure, most people will say they would never cheat on their partner, but as soon as they hit a rough patch in the relationship they'll justify it in their head and start chasing that hot piece of ass they've been trying not to think about. That's just human nature.

Need source on that kiddo.
>"In a 1991 study, sex researcher Shere Hite found that 70 percent of married women have cheated on their partners; a 1993 follow-up study found that 72 percent of married men have as well."

Even in the article two studies differ from 70% to 25%. Also that number is disputed.

Have fun again trying to rationalise the fucking absurd number of SEVENTY PERCENT.

Can someone please explain the cuck fetish, how can love someone whi bangs other people, how can they love u if your fetish is to be a weak useless pussy.

Cheating is different than getting off to watching your partner cheat


Love is not the same as sex. People have different sexual needs. Its about Accepting that your rythym is slower or you cant offer something she wants, although she does want you as well.

O hey, a racist. Took longer than expected.

living the dream OP. I'm jealous

Being betabux to a woman that looks like that is making it in 2019.
Well done OP we all salute you.
Unironically the pinnicle of betahood.

don't marry her holy shit dude. Seriously don't do it.

Cucks don't love. They view their partner as a sex object and because of porn addiction they like to watch instead of participate.

>We live in Brazil
Oh, how my nation has fallen. vsf, btw.

What I have found is every friendship and relationship I've had with someone who cheated on their girlfriend or SO was a friendship or relationship I regretted and by the end of it, I can make a very strong argument that I didn't need that person and would've been better off without them. Those relationships have been disastrous enough that, in retrospect, I shouldn't have gotten into them in the first place.

A lot of it has to do with a narcissistic mindset; fathers of soldiers and men engaged in highly physical and dangerous jobs tend to require the ability to manage their confidence and remain confident in the face of adversity. Soldiers have to believe, going into combat, they are superior in order to fight. They take that home and when they raise their kids, they can often instill a belief of the child that they are better than everyone else just because, and what the kid does is become self-centered which causes them to always misjudge their worth to the world. If someone had zero self-worth, they would also misjudge their value just as badly, with similar results.

The suggestion I have for you is to get her out of your life carefully and in a way you don't have to pay for anything. E.G. If you are living with her, get the valuable into a storage locker before you kick her out or leave. Do it suddenly and without notice, and move on to someone else.

I was raised in a community with tons of bombastic women; you end up ignoring the pretty ones and looking for the sane ones because of so much unbelievable stupid and drama.

Over ten years of corruption and feminism did this to our country. These fucking idiots have no values and incentivize these whores to be like this because they know they will find an idiot to pay for everything.
Let's play a game op. I'll describe this whore and you tell me if i'm right.
> she either didin't finish college or has a degree in physical education, nutrition or education
>she has daddy issues
>she made you give her a credit card in 6 months of the relationship
>the guy she fucks are gym guys
>she has an instagram account she spends hours on everyday. Go to that account right now. In the last 30 photos there will be one or less of you with her, and 25+ where we can see her ass and boobs.
>she gets some type of asthethic thing done to her 3 times a week with your money.
>she either doesnt work or has some bulshit job that doesnt pay her for real like digital influencer or model for some whore clothes brand.

Tell me i'm wrong.

Getting married based off a fetish of being cucked kekekekkekekekekekekek
Have fun taking care of Tyrone’s kids and killing yourself in your late 50s after reflecting on what an idiot you were

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Disgusting cucks.

WTF are you talking about? None of that made sense.
This type of public opinion just makes me want to do it more.
WTF does corruption and feminism have to do with this?
1. Nutrition, didn't finish
2. Father was absent.
3. Yes
4. Yes, from what i know.
5. 2 with me, 15 boobs/ass, rest random food, views.
6. Yes
7. "Nutrition coach"
Right, point proven, she is a piriguete, the fact that people can easily identify this only makes me want to marry her more. Cuck fuel right here.

TY guys hopefully you'll make it as well!

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