I’m a racist in my HS now

About a month ago this happened,
After gym I was eating at a rather popular table and this negro chad showed up
Football star, popular, six pack that type of guy
Is annoying and cocky but since I was with the football group most of them just dealt with it.
After a bunch of nonsense he points to me
“Nah this guy, I don’t know him. But I don’t like him.”
Other Kneegro I knew said
“Oh yeah he’s hella racist, calls me nigger all the time”
First off I say nigger but never called him that, also this guy generally hated me and could’ve easily beaten my ass if he wanted to but never did
Other negero goes ape mode and puts me in a headlock.
Choking me out infront of everybody telling me to say “sorry dad”
I’d rather die than be a bitch
He asks some white dude if he should let go, he doesn’t say anything
Eventually let’s go of me.

People recorded and shit, hella people saw

Black dudes won’t give me high fives anymore and friends kept that video of me. I don’t associate with the niggers anymore

What can I possibly do to clear my newfound persona of “that racist guy” anons?

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stop being 14

Just don't say the n word and you should be good

>How are you going to beat that image
I mean you're clearly ethnocentric im not sure why you'd want change your image. If that's who you are then it's who you are.

If they're going to act like violent pieces of shit then don't associate with them anyways.

>Black dudes won’t give me high fives anymore
Why do you even want to touch them at this point? Own it man. Hit the gym, roid up, and start curbstomping.

>First off I say nigger but
Don't say the nigger, nigga, or negro if you're not black, makes people uncomfortable. Yeah you're in high school but you should know better. Your phrasing and klan pepe in this post clearly demonstrate you really are more racist than your average dude. Recognize that and rehabilitate yourself or live with the reputation. At least it's honest.

enjoy being a social reject for the rest of your schooling life thanks to trying to impress epic Jow Forums


Youre too young minded. That being said, dont try to interact or impress any of them. Manifest your rejection into hatred and start lifting. Focus entirely on yourself and dont think of school/outside factors. Just lift abd worry about yourself. This will carry you FAR in life and way past high school. Ontop of that bitches will come.

stop saying the n word. How old are you lmao, only edgy kids say nigger or negro in public unironically

but why?
the final realization is that everybody without exception is fucked up in some way or another.
OP's fucked upness just makes people (mostly white virtue signaling people) angrier than other traits.

you've never been impressionable? the best most well behaved kids in school were maybe just trying to impress their family when it comes down to it. impressionability is a natural human thing.

This is literally false. OP go work manual labor in some shithole white trash town, everyone says nigger

does OP want to end up in a shithole white trash town? If so he's on the right track

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>Muh Jow Forums

I'm not OP but I say plenty of slurs around friends in public , I won't yell it out at strangers but it's whatever. I get called a spic a lot by my friends and honestly its never bothered me.

Some people are just so anxious about any kind of conflict that they convince themselves racism is the root of all evil and "how dare you say off color things to people". Fucking prudes desu. Some people just can't handle banter

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>Of course only the poor white people are racist against black people
That's pretty racist to say in itself m8

your Jow Forums is leaking, it's not even racism it's just general kindness. I doubt OP is going to be considered "kind" by his future employer for calling blacks niggers.

I don't buy it.

No, your tumblr is leaking. In different places being intentionally abrasive is seen as a form of kindness. Sensitive manchildren like yourself just wouldn't understand.

>Well if we just threaten to harass anyone who behaves in x manner
Topkek, like I said it's always just authoritarian prudes. You're the same kind of shithead who would shame women for wearing a kind of skirt that ended above the knees in the 20's.

>Oh no, not a racist joke
>Police , please help!

nice bait

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Comment on how good Brockhampton is and how deeply you connect with the predominantly black characters. Merlyn is a good example, he represents the wildness of the blacks. JOBA you'll probably identify with, but kind of just toss him as not one of your favorites because he doesn't get around that hard as the others. And yeah be pg you fucking cracker.

It's not b8, every generation is filled with garbage cultural hall monitors. You're no different from the Victorian prudery of another era.

If you even bothered to read OP's story it's clear he didn't call black people niggers to their faces and a black guy randomly played the racist card to start some shit. Fuck off with your moral pandering

I'm also known as the racist but I'm also genuinely a kind person so they also know that of me. I never had to deal with enriched people like that, the only friends of them I had were whitewashed. I say nigger sometimes and now my friends say it, and even some their parents already said it before hand. It helps that Mexicans already don't like blackies
Get your friends to say nigger too and don't hang around the blacks
Also, take self defense classes, get Jow Forums and if you're free get into guns. Pick who you are around with

If the problem is your vocabulary, that's on you. Imagine shitposting irl amongst a bunch of shitposters instead of just being blatant that you like racist jokes and don't hold any prejudices OP.

They have started a war
Report atleast one of them, don't say nigger, call those who sided with that one guy racists if it ever comes up again (that's what they are), and stick to your guns. Focus on lifting, and schooling, game every system you can think of and do something to hurt them monetarily, i'm saying go after thier jobs(anonymous tips whatever), dealings, however they make money. And get the fuck off of Jow Forums(unless it's for ideas or some shit to get them) it's making you angrier. Angry is not something you ever want to be seen as. Just disapointed.

>Meant for op but idgaf

IMO if you can successfully lift you can successfully subversively destroy those who've wronged you

Why do you stupid white fucks socialize with them in the first place? Fucking idiot white boys

I had an incident with Mexians at my HS

I was with the skater kids and we sat next to them on one table and the Mexican Gangster kids sat at another table.

The rest of the Cafeteria was empty in the mornings.

One day I heard them talk shit so I punched the leader in the back of the head.

They trashcanned me, but to be fair I deserved it.

They never talked shit again though and my group of skater kids got the Prime Real Estate of the school thereafter

You need a gang to fight another gang unfortunately loner

Just don't shoot up the school

I blame the lack of good rock n roll for this these days

To add

In a Mental Ward I called the eldest black guy dad and the black nurse mom

They just seemed like they needed a good son.

When I was on the phone with my real dad the black guy cried around the corner a bit cause of how well I treat my father.

He was like Idras Elba too. I respected the fuck out of that guy

Why didn't you report it to the polcie? There's even video evidence. That nigger would spend his best years in jail.

I mean I can't think of one good Black Male Role Model outside of Sports

Not one

Must be hell to raise a black son. Triple hell if he's pure black

meme band also jobas white

Hello OP,

Recovering racist here.

These two people sound like pricks. But they obviously have latched onto something. You probably sub-communicate alot of racist shit. I sure did, and outright talked about it with my mates.

First of, if you don't want to be seen as racist, you need a complete reality check and challenge your racist views. I had only done this when I called someone on a phone a slave (she was white) at work, and some black guy complained at work saying I was racist. I had a meeting and was going to be sacked, so I left before I was pushed.

You may be thinking it's illogical that situation, you never said anything racist, but that's not the point. I really liked that black guy, he was a good person. I said a bunch of shit about other races to him (he was a friend) and he clocked on about my attitude. I was hateful and ideologically warped, and he detected it. I then saw it in myself.

It was through reading Walt Whitman and the bible I learned compassion for all of man. Walt Whitman is famed for his line 'I am multitudes.' His poems speaks of love for, the farmers, the whores, the criminals, homosexuals, blacks. These are people, terribly flawed, mortal people at the end of the day, just like you and I.

You have to realise, if you lived in another time period, you would be in the KKK and you would enjoy killing black people. Soulful, good people with families. I knew I would've, and as I realised this, humiliated at work and outed, I confronted my thinking head on. At that place, I was geting along really well with a black girl aswell, alot of mutual attraction but my racist thoughts caused some issues with it. It was all aload of bullshit, and I knew it at the time. It's a bullshit ideology.

It's not easy OP. There are differences on a macro level between people of different races. This is unarguable fact many want to ignore. Black people, on average, are lower IQ, and more prone to aggression. will be continued...

I use nigger as an insult still

I am not afraid of hurting feelings if somebody deserves a good kick in the ass

That said I would not call myself a racist or ever being a racist although I've had other racists racistly call me a racist

...BUT there are exceptionally great black people, and they are good souled people. You know this.

Don't be edgy and immature, grow up. Don't say the N word anymore, delete those abhorred pepe's and fight your racisim. save this post on a word document if you want. Watch American History X - it's a magnificent film. It shows with absolute honesty why people become racist (black gangs in town, degeneracy) and how one man, a great, intelligent man sees how he was ideologically warped by his experiences and pays penance for it. It's an absolute work of genius, and will help guide you to finding the truth.


Godspeed user.

white kids use 'nigga' all the time now

It's common slang everywhere

It's time to accept the fact that nigger is now an acceptable word in common language

because the stupid little white fuckers listen to rap and are wanna be thugs. idiots

I'm gonna go hang out with my nigga

what up my nigga

nigga what the fuck

yo nigga

This is how interracial cultures talk now

Hispanics do it to. Hell, the whites only started doing it cause the Hispanics can't stop saying it

Don't use nigger as an insult. It's got a horrendous history attached to it, you are just being edgy.

As an insult, it was used to subjugate black people, demean and lower them. Think of Crooks when curly's wife says "Well, you keep your place then, Nigger. I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it ain't even funny." It's has seethingly evil and sad history. Read into Emmett Till. I bet no doubt he was called a nigger as a 14 year old boy when he was beaten to death and chucked into a lake for looking at white woman. This is why people think your racist using the word.

And answer me honestly, be truly open and honest with me. Don't troll or be insincere - I want to see your true being. Do you think you are a racist?

Nigger as camaraderie between friends is different, but be careful who hears you.

for some reason if an Asian says it. It's funny as hell and they are labeled retarded

>be white supremacist
>get called racist
>come to Jow Forums to whine about it
>What can I possibly do to clear my newfound persona of “that racist guy” anons?
it's too late for high school, you're a legit white supremacist and you won't be able to change enough to shake that rep. You should stop being a little neo-Nazi now, then after HS when you find new friends you can have another chance.

I think you should suck his dick, because that's what you like. Big black cock in your mouth you faggot.

You shouldn't crave to set things right for people who lied about you to begin with. Fuck them or change schools if you can't take it.

I have honestly learned that the best and easiest way to not be racist is to hang out with black people as little as possible.

Black people and white people simply act different (on average). There will always be those that imitate the others culture.

I don't think it is right to hate someone for their skin color. However if I am around a lot of blacks I find them super annoying and start being racist. Nothing personal. They just tend to be loud, boisterous, obnoxious and obscene. Not my scene.

Bring a gun to school

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>Other negero goes ape mode and puts me in a headlock
Police. Put criminal charges

Get gun. Anything like this happens you have right to pop him or anyone. Use intelligence not emotional responses. The negro did it because it was funny and for him powertrip.

get the fuck out OP.

Sounds like you got what was coming to you, cousin.

If you are white, you can't say the n word or any cute variation of it. Kansas, let this be a lesson to you.