I'm a 23 year old software engineer that takes the metro to work. I have $40,000 in my savings right now...

I'm a 23 year old software engineer that takes the metro to work. I have $40,000 in my savings right now, live with my parents, BS in Comp sci, no debt, have my driving license but I dont have my own car. I feel like life has been pretty easy for me, but it's made me pretty retarded in other places of my life.

I'm trying to move out from my abusive parents.
How the fuck do I even move out?
I have no idea how that shit works. I've just been looking at places on Zillow and doing the mental math a bit based on my income(about $5,500 a month before taxes) but I don't know shit about how real estate works and tax season and all that "adult" money math.

I haven't been able to drive often and I'm still scared to drive on the freeway but everything has been so accessible from the metro over here(southern california) and I've taken it all life through high-school and college but it's made me a drivelet now. I -can- drive but especially not at the skill level and confidence for someone my age.

Should I get a car first or should I move out and then get a car. And when I move out, how the fuck does all that shit work. Do I just get a realtor to solve all that shit for me?

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There are quick tutorials on taxes you can look up on online, and consultant accountants you can make appointments with if you like. Moving out when you have that much in your savings and monthly income should be easy if you just want to rent an appartment and get uses to daily living away from your parent.

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pls help

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>Moving out when you have that much in your savings and monthly income should be easy if you just want to rent an appartment
see I've been hearing this a lot too.
I'm very good with saving my money and living very minimal and ideally id get a place on my own, and eventually move in with my gf or something but I'm keeping her out of the picture for now until I build up my own independence first.
But starting that whole process doesn't seem very direct at all.
Should I get a realtor? Should I just get a car first even?

It seems like both of these steps are huge attack surfaces for insane amounts of money to go to waste

I feel you OP. I like to live humble too. I may have quite the career and make alot, but I don't flex at all. Just riding my bike, vacation, and paying taxes.

>I may have quite the career and make alot, but I don't flex at all. Just riding my bike, vacation, and paying taxes.
These are my goals at the moment. I'm just trying to secure my independence to reach that point.

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take a decent driving course.
start driving around looking at places.

seems like with that money u could get mortgage rent house make investment sell it.etc

car is first step. independent. >>

Well, If you have any family friends who are realtors I might talk to them to see what the general business of your area is like and see who you can and cannot trust. If you just want to rent an apartment for a little while you just need to make sure your landlord isn't a cunt, your place is safe, and that the property management company isn't trying to scam you.

User reviews online can be inconsistent, some people are just petulent assholes about everything but if anything drops below 3 stars then there is cause for concern

Also, the car should come second. Independence at your age is far more important , and if you live in a decent city the public transport is something you should deal with a little more before investing in a car while trying to move from your parents

i dont get why u havn't bought car yet.

because I'm a dumb fuck and the metro has treated me too well

see another factor is the fact that I am escaping my abusive parents, so being in "arms length" of my parents by being too-local is kind of something I dont want to do either so I'm in a lot more foreign state with this with no real "perks" or benefits to soften the blow

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wat kind of car u want?

Listen OP keep your savings. Find a place to rent if you think that you’re going to move to a different city. Buy a house if you think you’ll stay there forever. Idk how big your city is but you should look for a place that’s $1000-2000 (2000 if you live in like New York). In most USA states that will get you either a studio apartment up to even a multi bedroom house. Live simply and save the money for other things like travel or education or a car. For the car, don’t go crazy, just get something with good mileage
Google check lists for things to look at in apartments. If you need to move out now, just rent the cheapest apartment you can find to temporarily stay in until you find somewhere better. Look at the rent agreements and see how long the contract is for

As far as real estate location, it doesn’t matter so much because you don’t have kids, but you should think proximity to public transport and to your job. I would still try to stick in the $1000-1500 range for rent

something that fucking moves and has aux. I don't care much for appearance i'm for anything that is as performant as can be and it can be pink with "i'm gay" on it for all I care.

I had a terrible first-car experience where my grandmother gave me a car for my 19th birthday but it was absolute shit. a 1991 toyota-something that I used to drive maybe a mile out and wouldn't start sometimes and leave me stranded out for hours until it would randomly be able to start up again. Eventually it never started up again and I sold it.

i dont know shit about cars and it seems like everyone around me knows the names and brands of any car they see just as well as I can probably identify a good GPU or some shit but I just want:

a car that goes and can at least handle a 45 minute trip every once in a while.

an apartment where I won't wake up with missing kidneys(and ideally has fast internet and some sort of security for my multi-thousand dollars of equipment) but I'm too fucking much of a man-child in terms of developing my independence to know how to move out.

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Hmm... well you might just want to get to know the public transport of a certain where you move to or else stay with your parents then get yourself a car before moving. You have plenty of money for this desu

Few things need to be said here.

First, you will pay 80% of the interest on the first 50% of the principal of any loan. If you buy a 300k house on a 30 year mortgage, and pay 120k in interest, 100k of that will be paid on the first 150k of the loan.

By the way, nobody charges under the rate of interest for any loan, ever. So saving then buying is often a better route to go. The more you save, the more you have later. BTW, good job saving the dosh.

Second, that $40k is your "Fuck you" bank. Parents piss you off? Fuck you. Job sucks? Fuck you. Girlfriend cheats on you? Fuck you. Your aim right now is to stick half of it in a FDIC ensured savings account where you can get it quickly, and have the other half available to use.

Third, enroll in a driving school, get your license, then spend some dosh
on further car training\stunt training to really learn the car. Buy a car with a 5-star crash rating. I Find low-mileage, 5-ish year old 6-cylinder Accord Coupe's to be sweet spot; 5-star crash rating with enough speed to position you wherever you want to be in traffic and at around $12k used they are dirt cheap. If you are going to only drive it sometimes, get a civic. You only get used to the highways after a few months of driving on them.

Fourth and finally, you're in Socal. Property prices are astronomical. The way to look at California is you do your time there, bank a million bucks, move somewhere else and live the life. If your parents are a drag, find a cheap apartment and share it with your GF or someone else to make it even cheaper. If you are afraid of them showing up at your doorstep and being assholes, buy a shotgun for home defense, post a sign, and have the cops on speed dial and get a restraining order if needed.

By the way, if you're afraid of waking up without a kidney, you can install a dead-bolt in your door of your room, along with a floor trap. That, + Cops on speed dial, + Remmington 870 means a whole group of unsultry gentlemen could visit you in the middle of the night and the only tango that would be going on is you speed loading a remmy. Also concrete firewalls means you let loose with .223 Steel core penetrators out of an Ar15. Most gangbangers use 9mm, guess who wins that firefight? The guy who can speculatively shoot through walls and body armor and not kill their neighbors.

I find "debugging" the code at the range also to be a very, very stress-relieving experience.

If you're afraid of equipment theft, dead bolt your room door in the apartment and put up a camera. Go full cyberpunk.

sauce pls

fucking Jow Forums man

thanks for that i guess except for maybe the weapon stuff but I'll consider making my own home security system as I am already datahoarding a bunch of other content and can sustain 24/7 footage and such

that's the plan while i research places as a lot of places around here require you to individually rent a parking spot along with your place too for whatever reason


whats this im reading about an x3 x5 rent rule



Fuck dude, with 40K in the bank you're overthinking this, especially if you already have a job going.

Your biggest problem is doing research on where you want to live. Can't help you with that. You know what you want; find somewhere that fits the bill. Make sure the job covers rent, food and utilities at the very least.

Moving in with a buddy can help, or it can be a total trainwreck. If you're okay living alone, then go for it solo. I recommend going for an apartment first, purely to keep costs lower. Upgrade to a house when you're more settled in life.

Don't bring your GF along, especially if it's a newer relationship. If things go sideways you can really get screwed.

Aside from that, take your time to read through the legalese of tenant agreements and so on. Otherwise it's all common sense.

Good luck OP.

Same guy, also patrician taste in images my dude.

Thanks for the info.
Been with mt ldr gf for over 3 years now so the jump to move in together isn't so spontaneous or anything.
Dont wanna powerlevel my relationship but the idea of holding off on her coming over isn't anything new. And I can generally take as long as I can to settle in and ride out the money math for a few months before I fly her over.

My biggest thing IS research as the simple "get a house" task doesn't seem very clear cut but of course I should go for getting some driving in no matter what direction I go. So I'm looking for a car while also making sure I don't take a huge enough hit to my savings for when I move out.

For southern California type of traffic though, what kind of car should I get that gets me the fuck around without my chest being a crumple zone and doesn't cost 3 months rent to fix?

Also the most tolerable places I'm finding around here have rent that is $2,000 or above. Which is like $24,000 a year of purely just rent for these places.
Its fucked up out here.

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based koi wa poster

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Thanks for help