Honesty in couneslling

Off to go see a counsellor tomorrow about my gordian knot of a life.
Is it a bad idea to be completely honest in my first session? For example, that I self-harmed as a young teenager and that I occasionally binge alcohol with weed as an anxiety relief (illegal/stigmatised here)? The alternative being a rougher outline of what I want to change in my life. I want help and to become a stronger person, but I don't want to be put on some 'crazy list' that my university will use to harass me. I haven't considered self-harm since then (6 years ago now) and I have no plans on becoming Mr. Kill Myself. Also, is it worth mentioning (or not) that my mum is depressed and on medication for it? It's relevant probably, and I don't look down on people who choose to take anti-depressants, but I don't want to.

Thanks everybody, much love to you all, keep on keeping on :)

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There's no point in paying for therapy if you're going to try and game the system by lying about your life. They are trained professionals and have a pretty good grasp on mental health, and they know the difference between self-harm, and suicidal ideation, so I hardly think they'll be calling in the White Coats because you used to cut a while ago. Yes it's relevant about your mother, but I think you'll find the first session will be a fact-finding mission for the therapist, and you'll get asked all of those questions, so you won't need to worry about what to tell them.

Thanks, user. It's a free service that my university provides (free if you ignore the time it takes to get through the waiting list) but I want to get the most out of it.

Ah right, are they a proper psychologist or just someone who stumbled into counselling? Because if it's the latter, I probably would be more guarded.

>my gordian knot of a life.

The only way they describe them on the website is "professional counsellors." So I'm guessing it's the latter. That's another reason I'm worried to be honest, what if I show up and it's just some geezer who wants to pat me on the back? I have good support networks, this is more about venting my emotional state in a completeness that I'd feel bad burdening my family and friends with.

Play it by ear, then. What country are you in? USA? I think most Commonwealth countries have a program where a doctor can refer you to a real psychologist for X free sessions a year (it's 10 in Australia.) That might be more worthwhile than whatever the university offers.

This made me laugh

UK. Alright, I'll do that! Thanks again man.

Looks like it's even easier in the UK. Fuck the NHS is nice, it puts our Medicare to shame.

>Psychological therapies, sometimes called talking therapies, can help with common mental problems like stress, anxiety and depression.
>You don't need a referral from your GP.

WHAT THE FUCK, I could have SWORN I looked for this kind of shit. And it's right there on the NHS? Thanks for the third time. Feel like if I keep replying it'll get to the point where you reach through the internet and just magic my neurosis away.

np mate, I guess we should just be thankful we don't live in a country where even the most necessary of medical consultations requires you to go into lifelong debt. Happy travels.

I wouldn't say it's better in Australia, at least there you can get access to any kind of drug even if it's expensive and the government refuses to pay for it, and at least if a doctor decapitates a baby during delivery there they get fired unlike in the UK.

Australia actually has a better system than the UK and way better than Canada. You all are quite lucky even if you pay a bit more.

Better *than Australia, I mean to say

just fyi medicare is also used in america (old people healthcare). that guy might be talking about aus or the us.

>Is it a bad idea to be completely honest in my first session?
Counselling is great because you can talk about just about anything you like, over share in your first session if you feel the need to, talk about whether your car is a front or rear wheel drive, if flavours should be assigned colours or about how much you hated your teacher in year 6.
Talk about whatever you want or need to, getting things off your chest feels great, the counsellor can't share with anyone unless you state that you are about to harm/kill yourself/someone else.
It's better to get it off your chest now than to need to medicate further down the line.

>over share in your first session if you feel the need to

not op but I just started therapy/counseling and I did this and felt so bad about it. I told her the next time I went there and she said it was ok. I was literally walking down the hallway leaving the building and still talking to her.

Be honest but don't tell her that you killed someone

who's the girl

The only thing they can do is turn you in if you have plans to kill yourself or someone else or if you plan to do something sexual with a child.

While in THIS situation this advice may be sound, there are things you simply do not ever, under any circumstance tell a shrink. Use common sense and don't say anything more than you have to.

i pretty much tell my therapist most horribly sad details of my life.