Why is this picture so special?
Why do I find that these girls are so extremely beautiful? Especially the two in the front?
Is it because I am equally fucked up? Is it because it shows some sort of fragility?
I think it captures such a unique moment.
Unbelievable. I'm so captured by this picture. I could look at it for hours.

Your thoughts?

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What barber royally fucked up all of their hair? Look at the one middle left. Is she homeless?

You need to up your standards dude.

Get some meds you Van Gogh motherfucker. I mean they look like the kind of chicks you could fuck all at once if you handed them a bottle of Xanax , thats kind of interesting

>wannabe hipster druggie girls

No thanks.

They look sad and depressed. Maybe you want to take care of them. Maybe you feel they wouldn't judge you if you're sad or depressed. Maybe there was an important person in your life who was sad or depressed and you want to recreate that somehow. I don't know but deep down, you do.

they look like they smell like unwashed pussy

While I do not share the same feelings about this image and find it rather mundane, that's okay. Everything is subjective. You probably don't get exposed to girls that look like this often? I live in a city that is full of them. Other things stand out to me that perhaps you find mundane.

>Get some meds you Van Gogh motherfucker.
lol'd. Good line.

They are russian. See that bottle? It says moloko. Which means milk. I don't think they are hippsters nor that they have a lot of cash. But yes they are probably druggies. And still they look so god damn beautiful. No make up. Just raw beauty. Clear skin, natural appeal.
I don't fucking know. I see that rarely.

Thank you for that response. Actually helps.
Yeah maybe I'm looking for someone who is just like me emotionally. I don't think they are depressed. I think they laugh, and cry, that they see the beauty but also the ugliness, that they try to see the world as it is, that they are looking for truth.
I think they have chill moments, but also aggravated moments. That they live life with an emotional intensity.

Maybe yes, I am looking for someone on the same level as I am. So that finally we can do things right.

They all have allure

They're very fertile, ready and talen care of. Their social signals indicate an overshelming readiness for sex.

These females are beautiful and high worth, but they display that they are very cheap. There is a conflict of sexual vale against their demanded value.

It looks like a good deal, good bang-for-your-buck.

As for their expressions, it's just lies. The front two are putting up a depressed facade to invite your pity. To get love (anntention) from you for free.

this.....for reals

Also very true. They look like they would actually put up with me. Like they wouldn't just look down on me. Like they could accept me as I am.
Yeah if I believe the facial expressions, I feel emotional closeness. I kind of see myself in them. Or at least a part of me or how I once was. Or maybe how I would like to be. To just be able to let go for a moment.

Fuck I haven't let go in such a long time. I've been pulling myself together so hard. Fuck. I want to go on until I just can't anymore, until I just break down and finally relax. But it seems like I can just go on and on, no end in sight.

Maybe I am looking for someone who I can trust enough to finally let go for a moment.

Everyone, if you want to, please help me understand myself.

These are russian hookers

It looks like they are sort of hung over to me. All those cigarettes imply they have been at that table for a long time smoking copiously. It reminds me of when I did extasis with some friends and we stayed up all night talking and smoking.

Terrible for your health. Don’t do it kids.

The fuck? Yes the one with pink hair has shit hair. But the others look pretty good desu?

I reverse image searched that pic.

Why do I find this unhappiness and confusion that clearly led to this pic so beautiful? Sexual attraction is a little different. I believe.

I see myself. She's an outcast, just as I was. Fights with other girls/children. Has no place with them.

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They look like a bunch of slav girls who are done with your shit

>tfw it's just neoteny

>Fuck I haven't let go in such a long time. I've been pulling myself together so hard. Fuck. I want to go on until I just can't anymore, until I just break down and finally relax. But it seems like I can just go on and on, no end in sight.

I get like this too. Try unironically getting high one day once in a while. Helps me switch gears and doesn't fuck up my life as long as I do it sparingly.

They look like damaged goods and therefore look more attainable

Looks like a bunch of edgy teens to me desu. Used to hang out with loads of girls like this. They're cute for sure, sometimes really alluring. Not really my jam anymore tho

>I don't think they are hipsters
Am Russian, can tell you with 100% certainty that's a hipster clique, likely they're from St. Petersburg or Moscow. We have a moniker for this type, veeneeshko-tan, "wine-tan". They wear chokers, smoke, dye their hair, have piercings and/or tattoos, a head full of issues and, well, they drink wine. I dunno, maybe that's mainstream fashion in the west but it stands out here.

Case in point.

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Sometimes you can learn things about yourself from the outside. You can reach deeper parts of your mind using experiences instead of thoughts.

This picture is causing you to feel something. You are thinking about this. Your thinking mind is trying to scuba dive into your feeling mind. It's like an iceberg. Your thinking mind is just the tip and that is all you can control. Rationally, you can svuba dive underwater and try to figure yourself out by looking around, but only as long as you have oxygen in your tanks. Then you have to relax and surface again.

This week, I had a conflict I just couldn't solve. I recently moved to a new city and couldn't decide if I want to join a Synagogue or not. Well this girl I just started dating here, at the end of our second date today, she gives me her catholic beads. Something important to her. When she gave me that, I felt something. Just a feeling, I guess you could call it a sort of love. At that moment, I secretly realized that maybe I don't want to join a synagogue.

Also do you know how often cars honk? Here, a lot. Sometimes I think of an idea, and in the distance I hear a car honk. If I was uncertai about the idea, then that honk will make me think "no, stop, don't". Whereas normally it's just a honk and I ignore it. That is my deeper mind communicating with me. It's keeping me on-track and doing what I actually want to do.

These two examples are just personal for me, but if you defog your goggles, you will find odd ways of listening to your feeling brain. The effect this picture has on you is (in my opinion) this very phomenon. It has a special feeling for you-- so cherish it! Listen and know these things will happen again in other areas.

As for me, I feel nothing when I see that pic. Just a bunch of dumb girls.

No one else experiences what you do. And even if they "do" it's never identical.

Me again

Also, check out elliphant on youtube... Start with her song "could it be"

If you like that picture, you might like elliphant. You're welcome op ;)

are u retarded?
its literally just a pic of slav girls in one of the girl's home
do westerners find this amazing or something

I have a theory all women have men's voices but they hide them until marriage.

Because they have some personality unlike most girls. I mean sure there's probably a lot of girls like these, but they are not the average, the norm. Personality and uniqueness is sexy.
Now listen to me you edgelord wannabe, you are NOT fucked up and neither are they. Fucked up is a rapist, a murderer, someone who cheats on their spouse. You are NOT fucked up. And those girls are just pretending to be more fucked up than they are.

Lol I had a gf who was like these kind of girls. They are 99% certain to be horrible, narcissistic people who you should stay the fuck away from.

They're alluring as fuck, but you gotta stay away if you value your sanity.

>No make up
Are you blind?

>Why do I find girls to be beautiful?

Because you're a hetero man. Dumbass.

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They’re literally all wearing tons of makeup. Do you not actually know what women look like without makeup lmfao.

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They look miserable

because they're young, having fun with close friends, just chillin n drinkin, nothing bother them. While you're pathetic incel who don't have friends and any happines in your life

I also find this picture really interesting. Girl in the front left is real qt3.14. Table is cluttered with interesting stuff. Looks like a real candid, with real emotion. Tbh though, girl in the back right with hand on head kind of ruins it for me.

Thank you for your responses. I'll think about it.
Today I don't feel as strongly anymore. But yesterday I did. I slept just under six hours in the night to yesterday so yeah. I also had a 4h exam, and 1h later 4.5 hours of work, interacting with tourists and needing to smile all the time.
But I think there is still some truth to what I experienced. I just can't quite grasp it.

You know, I would really like to do that. However I overdid everything for some time and can't really enjoy it anymore right now.
(Everything, Heroin, Meth, Psychedelics, Weed, Benzos, Alcohol, RCs, you name it. Been sober for almost 3 years now, except for some excessive weed consumption during the holidays)
I always notice how I feel different when I'm high. And then I think it's not really what I'm looking for. It's not the warmth and closeness of another human, it's not that what I actually crave. Instead I just blunt my mind. It can't be good. Others, who have what I'm looking for (yes they might not have other things which I have, I know), would be looking down on me, at the miserable and weak thing I am, then turn around and have a good time, right in front of my eyes, not to punish me, not to make me feel bad, they just enjoy the moment. And I lay there wishing to be part of it and to enjoy the moment too. So close yet so far. At least that's how I feel when I take anything, or even drink. That's how I feel when I go out or meet with people who enjoy their time.
I can't even let go when I'm high.

Where can I find more pictures like this? Not explicitly Russian girls doing drugs, but dated looking pics of cute girls just doing shit and not overly smiling or posing for the camera.

I have this same kind of reaction to some photos so I know what you mean, even if I don't really feel the same way. Girl on the far right is a qt but I empathize with you OP.

Those look like the kind of girls who grow up to have those giant flappy bingo arms.

Why does people like girls smoking?
That room must be stanking to high hell with cig gunk.
Holy shit I hate the smell of it. Fuck everyone that smokes. Why the fuck would you inhale fucking tar and smoke and smell like shit? Are people that desperate to look hip and cool?

I'd give them my Vincent van COCK.

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bottom right is what women think they look like without makeup

Nah, you’re just delusional and no girl has shown you what she looks like without makeup - unless she’s had fillers or surgery done. Majority of women look horrid without makeup and work done to their face.