I've started just leaving my bachelor's off my resume...

I've started just leaving my bachelor's off my resume . I do this so nobody asks me about it or expects me to know anything . My brother thinks I'm an idiot and could be make $100k or whatever.

I have a degree in Computer Science.

I can't code . I don't know networks. I don't know I.T. I don't know anything associated with the degree .

This is not imposter syndrome. This thread goes smoothly if you take what I say as 100% fact

>just learn to code
I've tried for 4 years while being personally mentored by very patient good phds. It doesn't click.

What should I do? How do I get a job?

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this is so fucking funny. You spent FOUR years doing this shit, and it didn't click that maybe you should bail?
You're fucked.

Why ...

This is a repost.

Yeah it is. By me. My thread died

That's a big oof. I think the best way to go about this is by learning in some capacity how to code. It might be the method you've used to learn or something else but try getting some research done or furthering your skills in this field so that your BA means something. Maybe coding games that get you to learn, maybe an app.
Besides that I would recommend learning a trade or getting an emt license so you could work in healthcare as usually jobs are open in those sorts of fields and you gain experience working there to see if you like it.
More important, what do you like OP, maybe you could try writing or some creative thing or look into going onto another field?

Try a good book,senpai or some coding pals.No teachers.Only self study will help.Try derek banas on youtube.

Go get your masters degree. Leave that off your resume too.

I like writing . I don't know if I'm good at it but I've enjoyed it. For many purposes.

Is there a language agnostic good book on algorithms and data structures ? I can't even do anything and barely know what a sort is

That is a good start. Considering you have an interest in that sort of thing perhaps you could gain something from working in a library or working as a secretary or something. Exposure to books and whatnot could prove pretty useful and you would have the chance to learn other skills as well. You could also look into tutoring or something else. Pursue what gives you joy OP, would probably be more fruitful than this cs thing.

Don’t beat yourself up about it too much OP. Explore hobbies and try out things that make you happy like writing. A lot of people have done what you’ve done and it all ends up okay in the end; you just have to keep moving forward and learn from your mistakes.

Ik that advice sounds cliché but it’s true.

Thanks guys. I really just don't like computer science and the thought if working for tech companies makes my blood boil . I don't know why but it's a huge philosophical and moral issue I guess.

I don't think I'm a good writer in terms of being an author . I've just recently gotten back into it. But I've been praised for my writing and that was my standout thing in the CS department.

I used to hate math. In high school, I would do very well in history classes but only mediocre-ly in math classes. In general, it was easier for me to understand the flow of events and people's motives throughout history than to understand what a mathematical equation represents. In college, there were times when I literally got the worst scores on exams in the whole class by a fairly big margin. I kept telling myself I have low IQ, and math isn't for me. It's a miracle I pushed myself to get a job in IT. My first few years were definitely rough. I would get anxiety attacks during work hours.

After a few years of that, something just clicked. My brain finally began to recognize patterns differently, and I realized I'd been trying to learn math the wrong way the whole time. Instead of trying to memorize equations and when to use what equation, I should've focused more on the basic intuition. And if I don't understand something, I should've tried to look up different resources (textbooks, youtube vids, etc.) that would paint the same picture in a different light. Because what matters is that you change your brain bit by bit to understand a pattern you previously could not recognize, and the best way to do so is by trying different angles.

What I mean to say is, I know you've had terrible experiences in the past in CS, but if you can learn to do fizzbuzz, you can learn to program. You just gotta be patient enough to actually go through with it, provided that you actually want to do so.

One good thing about tech field is that it's a HUGE field and not every company will ask you to go through leetcode style interview problems. I doubt that you literally have 0 knowledge of the things you mentioned when you have the degree. You will be met with a lot of disappointed faces in your interviews, but you need to push yourself through and find that one job that is willing to look over some of your shortcomings.

Do push yourself to put the degree on your resume.

Funnily enough history is what I wished I majored in.

>tfw only kindaknow two programming languages and both are useless to industry
>don't know any advanced algorithms atufd

wow dude

congratulations, retard
go for the masters and be sure to spend eight fucking hours a day to learn
describe me your learning process

Listen to him OP.

Also OP, how did you manage you finish your degree without knowing how to code? Surely you must be exaggerating

No way. I don't trust academia

How do I explain to someone that I don't know my own degree ...

Where the fuck did you go to get your degree then? Did they give you a participation degree or some shit?

Explain OP. We can give you better advice if you explain how you even got your degree in the first place

What does it matter

Stop questioning me you worthless prick.

What did I do

>the thought if working for tech companies makes my blood boil . I don't know why but it's a huge philosophical and moral issue I guess.

what about?

you realize maybe 75% of developer jobs aren't in tech companies, right?

just work at mcdonalds, it's clear you don't have the drive for any more advanced work.

>My brother thinks I'm an idiot and could be make $100k or whatever.

You could've if you didn't fuck it all up. You've gone ahead and fucked it all up, and don't want to fix it.

That's just not true

We get it user, you want people to tell you to give up on CS. You refuse to respond to questions and don't really take in any advice. This is pointless. You're going to have the same exact issue if you go back to undergrad and study something else. Because your aptitude is not the issue.

I really don't understand where you people are pulling this from . Why would I go back ? Nobody has asked anything and I don't understand how I gave that impression

Look. gave you a long ass advice that's honestly probably good but the only response you have is "yeah I wanted to major in history too."

Then there are all these people asking you what you actually did during undergrad because nobody here believes you actually managed to get a degree without knowing SOMETHING. But the only response you give is "what does it matter."

Well it matters user, because it would probably show whether your desire to run away from CS and consider yourself incompetent may stem from other issues like anxiety.

But what does it matter.

I appreciated the advice a lot what do you want ? I'm tearing get up here

We want an explanation on how you made it through your program without learning anything like you said. How did you not learn any coding and graduate? I’m about to be a senior and there’s no way I could’ve made it this far without knowing a fair amount.

This is just some retard user. Abandon this shit.

Just use your degree to get upper management jobs in the retail and service sector. Make it clear you have this degree but hate computing.

I genuinely don't see why it matters. This is my position and that's that.
How? I'm dumb as hell

How you got here can help determine your best path forward.

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