Am i ugly as fuck?

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Nah. I've seen worse m8

listen to him

You vaguely look like young Elon Musk

Why the fuck are you asking you others? Your lack of self confidence is so unattractive.

jesus chris I didn't need this before bed

Now my heart is racing and I wont sleep. Fucking scared the shit out of me mate, could you at least spoiler it next time? holy fuck

reported for gore/obscene
like wtf

not ugly but not hot either. if youre tall you can make it

No. Lose weight tho and do your hair.

I see it too, he just needs to grow his hair out some more.

>if youre tall you can make it
Not true. You can be tall, but if you’re face is ugly no one will want you.

>t. 6’3” with 4-6 face

So whats wrong with me?

your face looks generic as all hell from what i can tell. very forgettable.

You're above average, honestly
Smile more and be less autistic to get what you want

You look pretty average to me. Find a way to style your hair and you can move up.

yeah u look like the default/generic video game character, see pubg etc

Dude, grow a beard; Conor McGregor style n you'll look like a badass

Well fuck :(
I can only grow a goatie :(

You’re kinda average, not ugly as fuck but m8 honest u gottta work in your gaze, you have the gaze of a bored cow in this picture. Attraction is all in the eyes, don’t forget that

Nah. Style your hair. Grow a short beard if you can.

Nope. Just get a better haircut and you'll be pretty okay.


You look fine. Try to emote more; that's where a lot of decent looking guys fail.

Grow a beard, get a new fit, and look more confident nigga

Your fine, you look like the guy who voices TF2's Scout.

I know dudes ten times uglier than you and they are tripping over pussy. That's what you should be worried about.

Design your hair with some pomade

Nice bantz mate holy shit

Don't worry about how you look. I meet a lot of people thru my job. The people with the most attractive subservient spouses are generally making $350k a year plus. Focus on your career and making dough.

Or you could just smile and do a normal job and find a normal sexy girl and be happy that way but that would require the ability to socialize.

Do you look like a lanky dork or do you have some muscle Mr Eiffel tower

No,your'e just yummy enough.Hehi.

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Not at all.